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 Updated 2-7-06, Interview with the Writers of House of the Dead 2




GVK:  What is the background and setting of the film and how much continuity does it have with the events in the games as well as the original film.?  

    HOUSE OF THE DEAD 2 is a completely different movie, which is not tied to the first movie. The only thing both movies have in common is the title - and zombies, of course ... Get the Rest-->



As if there were not better things in the world to be concerned with, protest has erupted over the new film, "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe". The film is based on the novel by C.S. Lewis and depicts the adventures of four siblings in a magical land called Narnia.

Groups have protested the films strog Christian themes such as the symbolic Jesus character portrayed by the heroic Lion Aslan, as well as the death and rebirth subplot to name but a few.

A member of a protesting group who did not wish to be named told me that to him "the film was little more than a "Christian recruiting film" and "undermines all other beliefs as secondary" Other members of the group also cited the notion that the story emphasises that only through accepting Jesus can one be saved and overcome obstacles and the if you are not with us, you are against us mentality.

Others have cited the film as a strong entertainment piece that emphasizes love, family, and the notion that all should live in harmony.

Lewis became a Christian late in life and authored his books with Christian references and metaphors, yet his tales were loved and appreciated by readers of all faiths and backgrounds.

POSTAL, the World's Most Outrageous Videogame to Become Major Motion Picture!
Infamous Film Director Uwe Boll Signs Suicide Pact with Game Developer Running With Scissors

Tucson, AZ  Start firing those AK-47s into the air because POSTAL (http://www.gopostal.com/), the game franchise that politicians, parents groups, countless cowardly reviewers and over a dozen sovereign nations don't want you to play has just become the latest game to make the
transition to the big screen.

Running with Scissors (RWS), the world's most dangerous software company, has signed an appropriately apocalyptic deal with renegade filmmaker Uwe Boll (http://www.boll-kg.de/) to bring the most controversial franchise in gaming history to the screen in all its blood-drenched, ironic glory.

Despite everyone from Steven Spielberg to Microsoft announcing big money deals involving films based on video games, this new partnership between controversial figures in the game and film industries is destined to become the most incendiary game-to-film deal yet.

"Uwe Boll is the perfect producer-director to make POSTAL," affirmed Running With Scissors' CEO Vince Desi. "He understands the subject matter and has an appreciation and affinity for controversy and political incorrectness. POSTAL has always been about reason and insanity, violence and motivation; producer-director Uwe Boll is simply the right guy to
bring that vision to the screen."

The man behind the camera, Hollywood outsider Uwe Boll ranks POSTAL as his personal, all-time favorite video game. "I see it like a mirror for our society -- funny, violent, absurd!" he declared. "So then the movie must be powerful, strange, and so full of the game's political incorrect outrageousness that if we do it correct, we will all probably end up in

Boll has already produced and directed a series of films inspired by videogames, including "Alone in the Dark", "House of the Dead", and the upcoming "Bloodrayne." Boll is currently on-location in Canada shooting the cinematic version of "Dungeon Siege."

The POSTAL saga extends back to 1997 when the original game was singled out by Sen. Joe Lieberman as the poster child for mindless violence in video games. This, in turn, led to it subsequently being blacklisted at retail outlets across America. Taking a no-holes barred approach the relentless crew at Running With Scissors has built the POSTAL series into
a thriving licensing vehicle, from thongs and baby tees to coffee mugs and posters, while selling over a million units worldwide on PC.

In the decade since its original release, the POSTAL series has become a cult classic in America and a major success overseas in countries such as Japan and Russia. It was then followed by the even more successful sequel, POSTAL 2, as well as numerous add-on disks, including the multi-player Share the Pain and the recent Apocalypse Weekend.

POSTAL is scheduled to begin shooting in 2006 for a 2007 release, which will coincide with the 10th anniversary of the original game's debut. 'Running With Scissors will be creatively involved in this film," Desi vowed, "from casting to the script."

For information on POSTAL products and gear, visit our site www.gopostal.com

As part of his multi-city tour, I recently spoke with Producer/Director Charles Band , founder of Full Moon Pictures Full Moon about the past, present, and future of his independent horror classics. I want to thank Mr. Band for taking time from his busy schedule to speak with us in this exclusive for Skewed and Reviewed:

GVK: How did the tour come about?

CB: With the changing face of the film industry, many independent film makers are facing tougher times trying to get their releases into video stores. 25 years ago, you could get independent horror films into theaters where today, major studios are releasing this style of film into theatres and creating them with larger budgets. We used to be able to get our films into the video stores but with some chains controlling as much as 40% of the shelf space, it becomes a struggle to find your audience. Since 90% of my work has been horror, the tour came about like a rock band, as we have to sell our craft live and emphasize that we are a living, breathing studio.

GVK: How long is the tour?

CB: At the moment it is 18 cities in 24 days. We plan to conclude the tour in Philadelphia on Halloween. I also plan to do this sort of tour a couple of times next year so I am literally a Band on the run.

GVK: Since “Retro Puppet Master”, there was a change from your classic style, how and why did this come about?

CB: Over a period of about 3-4 we made worse and worse films. Mostly due to using young directors who lacked experience and shooting digitally, we saw a drop in the usual quality of our films. Another reason is that I stepped aside creatively which is a move that I regret.

GVK: Is this how films started to end up on the Sci Fi Channel?

CB: Yes, the rights to “Puppet Master” were sold to Sci Fi, simply for the money. I regret it deeply. At the time it seemed the right thing to do, as we needed to get the funds, but it was a mistake. Thankfully, we have a new partner involved in the studio, new films in the works, and one of the requirements is that I be involved in all future releases.

GVK: What can you tell me about the new films?

CB: I plan to release 6-8 films a year for the next few years, I will be involved with all of them, and we also will be going back to the classic style of the early 90’s, shooting on 35 mm film. It is risky, but it is the best thing to do.

GVK: Are there any plans to continue some of the classic series in the next few years?

CB: Absolutely, we have a new”Puppet Master” planned, a new “Subspecies”, and I am meeting Jeffrey Combs tomorrow for lunch to talk about a new “Dr. Mordrid”. Also, I am friends with Tim Thomerson and we are looking into a new “Dollman” film. It will be a bit risky with “Subspecies” as the dollar is not as strong as it was, and with “Transylvania” and “Romania” being emerging locales, the costs have risen.

GVK: Any thought of doing a new “Arcade” as with the C.G.I. of today, you could do some very innovative things?

CB: “Arcade” was a costly film and yet it was a terrific film. Megan Ward who worked on this as well as “Crash and Burn”, and “Trancers 2” for us was very good, and like Helen Hunt and Demi Moore who got started in our film, she had a nice start to a good career.

GVK: Since you are going back to the classic style of old, will fans see a return of the fan club and video zone in future releases?

CB: Absolutely. We in many ways championed the extras before DVDs. When you deal with a studio as we did back then for distribution, the costs associated with adding 30 minutes of behind the scenes materials as well as trailers and interviews was an issue as when it comes time for replication, you are charged for the length of the film and the extras were included as part of the running time. Now, in the age of DVD’s, you will rarely find a release that does not include some sort of bonus features.

GVK: What does 2006 hold for you?

CB: We plan to release 8 films, and do two more tours and see how it goes. We are also looking at new ways to get more of the films into the hands of the public. To many fans, $20.00 is still $20.00 and if they will be spending this on films, they will focus on major studio releases. It would be nice to sell them for $8.00-$9.00 on the website as long as we cover costs and make a little bit of money, we are good. The goal is to get the films into the hands of the fans and to create films that they will like.

GVK: Thank you, I really appreciate it.

Tucson, AZ The following statement was issued by Vince Desi, CEO of Running With Scissors, the developers of the POSTAL game franchise. The recent knife attack in a synagogue in Moscow and the subsequent deluge of disinformation from attorney Jack Thompson along with international news agencies has placed Running With Scissors in a position where they must respond:

“In this case, the hypocrisy and irresponsible anti-game zealotry has never been more obvious. Mr. Thompson ignores the fact that the assailant was enthralled by a racist book that espouses anti-Semitic hatred.

“Throughout our company's history, we’ve diligently avoided behavior that might be seen as exploiting a real life tragedy. We extend our sincere sympathies to the victims and their families. Despite our renegade image, we have ALWAYS maintained that violence belongs in videogames, NOT on the streets. Real life violence is reprehensible and unacceptable. We wish no ill upon anyone, not even Mr. Thompson, despite his despicable, self-serving campaign to spread misinformation and hateful invective about Running With Scissors and POSTAL, in particular and the entire videogame industry in general.

“Running With Scissors believes that videogames serve as an outlet for aggressive tendencies, not as their instigator. POSTAL is a social parody in the form of a videogame. If games turned players into murderers we’d be up to our necks in corpses. The independent POSTAL franchise has been a convenient scapegoat for misinformation and outright fabrications by “journalists” and politicians throughout its history.

“Unlike other violent videogames on the market, POSTAL makes no attempt to defend or justify violence committed by the player. Points aren't awarded for shooting someone in the face. There are no missions based on slaughtering innocent bystanders. You play in a detailed environment and are given simple tasks such as buying milk and cashing a paycheck. As in the real world, the player may find weapons in that environment if they seek them. And, just as in the real world, the choice of what to do with those weapons is yours. Misuse results in severe consequences, in POSTAL you’re always held accountable. In our opinion that makes POSTAL 2 the most politically correct game ever made.” -Running With Scissors

Thats right our new message boards are up, ideal for getting the latest news when I am away from the office and unable to update the webpage. Also a great place to discuss the latest Movies, games, DVDs, and other contests.Please click the Forum ticket.

During a recent promotional tour, a source who is very close to the production confirmed that the script for Indiana Jones 4 has been approved by Lucas, Spielberg, and Ford. The Source (Whose Identity I am protecting) said that the current status is that contracts are being negotiated and the ball is rolling.

I have learned that the deals are heavily back loaded with the three principals getting points, or a share of profits from ticket, DVD, and other revenue. Other interesting points is that currently, Sean Connery is not slated to appear in the new film.

This is great news for fans who feared the worst when the last script was rejected by Lucas. I learned that the main concern was that the film took to long to get to the action, and that the final hour of the proposed film would have been too expensive.

Look for Indiana Jones 4 in the Summer of '07

Postal may be coming to the big Screen. Highly Controversial Computer Game Postal 2 and the new Add on Pack Apocalypse Weekends may be headed to the silver screen. The game creators, Running With Scissors has been approached by studios to see if the title Character the Postal Guy will be making the move to the big screen.

The game centers on a week in the life of a disgruntled slacker known as The Postal Dude. Players control the title character through a fictional Arizona town on such routine errands as cashing a paycheck, getting some milk, and picking up a car part. Naturally things do not go as planned and battles with enemies ranging from book burners to naturalists ensue.

The game has gained much controversy due to the graphic nature of the games violence and its biting and some say offensive humor that takes shots at everything from the police to terrorists and women.

Word has come in that the new script for Indiana Jones 4 has been approved by Spielberg and Lucas. The dynamic duo is waiting for the final ok from Harrison Ford in order to start filming for a 2007 release. After many issues with the script, lets hope this time it flies.

Speaking of George Lucas, Who just was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award, the Master Jedi himself let slip recently that he does have an idea for a new Star Wars Trilogy. Word is that should Lucas ever get around to it, the story would follow a great Sith Battle a few hundred years before the current series and would have a Younger Yoda in the cast. Lucas was quick to say it may not ever get made and if it does, someone else would have to do it, as at best he would do the story and produce.

Since so many have asked about and AVP 2 and with the confirmation of early production on the film at FOX. Speculation is for an urban based battle, where thanks to a nice explosion, and a cover up, the Alien presence would stay a secret thus protecting the continuity of the Alien film series. E-mail me for more details.

He's Back, Sly Stallone is back in "Rambo 4" with filming to start in Jan 2006. Word is Rambo takes on White Supremacists. Details to Come.

Protest is brewing by the Japanese community prior to the release of Producer Stephen Spielberg’ screen adaptation of “Memoirs of a Geisha” Chief amongst the protest is the casting of Chinese, Malaysian, and Asian actors and actresses in the rolls of Japanese characters and primarily with Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang in the lead. Based on reported production information the film also features Michelle Yeoh of Malaysia, Li Gong of China, and Kenneth Tsang of Hong Kong China in the film many if not all portraying Japanese Characters.

Group Member Jessica Burkard of a local group in Seattle has said there is “complete and utter outrage” in the Japanese community over this, and they like other groups of Japanese decent are calling for and planning a boycott of the film. “Knowing the history between China and Japan, the group finds it “highly insulting” that the filmmakers would cast Chinese talents in the parts of Japanese characters. Burkard explained you would not cast people of African American or Hispanic heritage as Caucasians. The perception is that we (Chinese and Japanese) look alike, and are the same, well we do not and are not the same and filmmakers should not make sweeping generalizations that are insensitive to our culture and heritage.

This is not the first time that Spielberg has worked on a film based on Japan as his “Empire of the Sun” and to a lesser extent “1941” films looked at the war as both as drama and a comedy. Burkard went on to say that they have been in contact with other groups on a local, national, and international basis who share the same concerns and plan to boycott the film as well. In response to the issue of non-Japanese actors in the film director Rob Marshall recently stated that he wanted the best actors for the parts.


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Also, in a very rare promotional appearance locally, Evolutionary Biologist Dr. Jack Horner confirmed that he has begun work on Jurassic Park 4. Dr. Horner is a well-respected archeologist who has discovered more new species than others in his field. He has been used as an advisor on several Discovery Channel specials as well as all 3 Jurassic Park films. Dr. Horner is credited with the change in the T-Rex in Jurassic Park 3 that showed the creature to be more of a scavenger than a hunter based upon the latest findings.
Although he did not have details of Jurassic Park 4, Dr. Horner did confirm that he is involved and has been working on it.

Contact Me gareth@nwlink.com

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New Section!!!! My upcoming events section is the place to go to see where I will be doing my next live events.  Live Events>>

Interview with David Carradine for "Kill Bill Volume 2"  Get the Rest>>

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