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Directions to Leadership


Factors of Leadership

Leadership Training and Development Outline

Welcome to the award winning guide for developing leadership skills. This page may be used as the start of a lesson outline for leadership development and training programs. It contains recommend topics and learning activities for each chapter.

NOTE: Some of the learning activities include surveys, questionnaires, and self-assessments. These activities are designed to promote reflection in the learners and show how the concept relates to their everyday working environment. Since they are learning tools, rather than research tools, they have not been formally checked for reliability or validity. However, since I have received feedback from various sources, including learners and their managers, and then updated the material, I believe them to be fairly accurate tools for a learning environment. This method allowed me to use an iterative and formative approach to continually improve the learning activities. My qualifications include over twenty years of experience as a leader in various roles, fifteen years of experience as an instructional designer, a B.A. in psychology, and a M.A. in Human Resource Development.



Basics of Leadership

Concepts of Leadership



Leadership Models

Human Behavior Part I

Human Behavior Part II


Counseling and Performance Appraisals

Leadership Styles

Character and Traits in Leadership

Ethos and Leadership

After Action Review (AAR)

Leadership Philosophies

Leadership Philosophies

Team Leadership

Transformational Leadership

Social Leadership

Authentic Leadership and Social Influence

Servant Leadership

Team Leadership

Growing a Team

Matrix Teams

Team Leadership

Path-Goal Theory


Advanced Leadership Skills

Horizontal Leadership: Bridging the Information Gap

The Four Pillars: Leadership, Management, Command, and Control

Organizational Behavior


Diversity Continuum


Learning Organization




Strategy & Tactics



Supporting Skills

Time Management