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Learning Activity: Deliver a Presentation

Time - 2 hours

Objective - Create a Presentation.

Each learner will choose a subject previously discussed in the Leadership guide, such as leadership traits, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Bass' Theory of Leadership, etc.

Have them prepare a 5 to 10 minute presentation on the topic. Their outline should include: Directions to Leadership

Preparing the outline should take about one to two hours. The visual aid may be prepared in advance, such as a chart, or developed while giving the presentation, such as drawing on a flip chart.

The next hour is for practicing the presentation. Divide the class into small groups consisting of two or three individuals. Have them practice giving and critiquing the presentations. Use the following guidelines for critiquing:

The presenter:

Deliver A Leadership Presentation

Time - 2 hours

Objective - Deliver a Presentation

After the learners have prepared their presentation, they will give them to the class. Bring the small groups back together and have the individuals present their subjects to the class. Unlike the practice sessions, the critiques this time will focus on strengths. This is a time of celebration!

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