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First Impressions

Objective — To understand how first impressions affect our behaviors.

Read and discuss the following two stories:

John is an extrovert

John left the office to get some stationery. He walked out into the sun-filled street, basking in the sun as he walked. John entered the store which was full of people. John talked with an acquaintance while he waited for the clerk to catch his eye. On his way out, he stopped to chat with a friend who was just coming into the store. On his way back to the office he met a girl who he had been introduced to the other night. They talked for a short while, and then John continued his trip back to the office.

John is an introvert

After work, John left the office alone. Leaving the office, he started on his long walk home. The street was brilliantly filled with sunshine. John walked down the street on the shady side. Coming down the street towards him, he saw the pretty girl whom he had met on the previous evening. John crossed the street and entered a bar. The bar was crowded with people, and he noticed a few familiar faces. John waited quietly until the bartender caught his eye and then gave his order. Taking his drink, he sat down at a side table. When he had finished his drink, he went home.


How do first impressions strike us?

How did you picture John after reading the first sitting, and then the second?

Can you visualize him differently by rereading the settings in reverse order

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