Directions to Leadership

Working With Others


This activity may be completed individuality or performed in a class environment. If the learner completes the questionnaire outside of the classroom, then the learner should discuss it with a couple of people who know him or her. If performed in a classroom environment, have the learners complete the questionnaire then divide the classroom into triads (groups of three) to discuss their answers. For personal questionnaire like this, triads are normally recommend as most people will feel more comfortable to have an honest discussion with a very small group than they would with a larger group.

Behaviors That Are Essential To Human Relations

Listed below are a number of behaviors that are essential to relating to others. Rate yourself on these behaviors, using the following scale:

 1    2     3      4       5       6        7       8     9
Very	Moderately 	Adequate	Moderately	Very
Weak	Weak				Strong		Strong

Note: a rating of 5 or higher means that you would considered yourself a resource person (if only minimally so). That is, in a relationship or group, you would be more of a giver rather than a receiver.


There are no correct or incorrect scores. This assessment simply shows you where you stand in your relations with others. Your goal should be to work on the lowest scores of the 10 behaviors to try to improve them. Also note your strong behaviors, they should be used to their full advantage; however, do not over use them.

Also, have one or two others rate you so that you can get an outside view of yourself as to whether you are projecting yourself to others as you believe you are.

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This activity is based on the chapter, Diversity

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