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Development Phase

This phase elaborates and builds on the Learning Objectives and Performance Steps that were produced in the design phase. In addition, it fleshes out all the previous content that was created in the prior two phases, Analysis and Design, into a complete learning platform. The end result is the learning platform — the media and its content, such as software, lesson outlines, performance aids, and video, that contains the instructional content and activities that will aid the learners in their quest for better performance.

Note that in some Instructional Design circles, development is lumped together with the design phase. This is normally truer in smaller organizations where one or two instructional designers are responsible for creating the entire learning platform. In larger organizations instructional designers normally create the learning blueprint (Design); while other personnel, such as artists, technical writers, programmers, etc. assist them in creating the various activities as dictated by the blueprint.

Backwards Planning in the Development Phase

The backwards planning model has six activities in the Development Phase that directly support the Performance Needs:

Development Phase

The map below shows how the development phase fits in with the first two phases (analysis and design):

Backwards Planning Model for the  Development Phase

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