The logo was designed by Charles Luckman & Associates for the civic plaza of Phoenix, Arizona. The creator of this logo deserves credit for its brilliant design. The black portrays the bird, and the white portrays an embryo. If the artist should happen to run across this site, please contact me. This logo is now a part of the copyright of the PHOENIX literary work. This image was retired to make way for a new life, and with permission of the city of Phoenix, rose from its ashes to serve a'new, the body of literary opus here.  

Phoenix   by D.J. Sprague

 These compositions originate from instinctive impulse, and without over endeavoring to convert such dim light to bright, there are voices, but only one character. There is a journey, but no story. There is truth, but no formal proof. There is art, but unlike workshop garden flowers..more like wild flowers. These soliloquies are for the simple pleasure of reading, to feel the sensation, feelings against gradients of ever much the reader upon a journey herein, may be prose'd to thought or drawn to feeling, if idle thought or pastoral feelings be the pleasure


Seattle, Washington
98107 USA
North American Continent
Earth-Solar System
Local Earth-Solar System
Point Six-Six Medial Orion Arm
Milky Way Galaxy
Local Andromeda-Milky Way Galactic Group NGC300 
Virgo Super Cluster
Boundaryless Universe


TXu 2-014-961


1977 (as "Opus"); 1994 (as "Phoenix"); 1995 (Phoenix website).

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Composer of Phoenix opus.


Quadripart composition, tone poem, opinion essay, glossary, portrait, collage, flash fiction narratives.


Ars Soliloquy


The Phoenix website since 1995. Otherwise, excerpts published in numerous anthologies since 1980. Op.14 "Mantras of Love," published serially in a collection of four anthologies by Poetryfest Press, 2016-2018. One book “Apocalypse” ( now Op.15 "Apocalypsis")  by Hwong Publishing, 1980.

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