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Bird Yak: Yakima County Birders' Email list
(many reports are from Yakima 
Valley Audubon Society members).
Sightings of Special Interest: 2000-01
  • Shorebird Hotspots in Yakima County  (esp. Wenas Lake) - Denny Granstrand
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Sightings of Special Interest: 2002
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Sightings of Special Interest: 2003
  • Wenas
    May 1, 2003

    Andy Stepniewski
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Sightings of Special Interest: 2004
  • Buchanan Lake
    January 17, 2004
    Richard Repp  (
    107 Common Goldeneye)

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Species of Special Interest to Sunny
(in reverse order - most recent sightings first)
White Pelicans Bluebirds
Sandhill Cranes  Swans
Burrowing Owls
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2003 Osprey Nest Observations
(in reverse order - most recent sightings first)
  • June 30 (Kerry)
    Osprey nest at Indian Church Rd and Hwy 223 (not Hwy 224)- 1 adult visible and one chick visible, the chick was very active stretching it's wings.
  • June 27 (Sue)
    Between the Wapato exit and Zillah, we know of at least 4 active nests. The Toppenish nest (I-82 & Exit 50) hatched two young. An Osprey was perched
    on a power pole on Knight Hill Road, north of Buena, and east of Sawyer. As I went across Clark Rd, headed west to Hwy 12 in Sawyer, I saw an Osprey with a fish in it's talons headed east.
  • June 27 (John)
    At the Osprey site that Kerry is "monitoring" (Hwy 22 and Indian Church) mom was doing her best to shade one very hot chick.
  • June 26 (Rich)
    I was waiting for some of our Greenway walkers to claim the Buchanan Lake and Myron Lake nests. I think there is another at the Union Gap end of the path. Also, we hopefully have lower valley posters for the three (?) along I-82. If anyone knows the location of the Wenas Lake nest, I could do that one...I watch bluebird nest boxes in Hardy Canyon.
  • June 22 (Kerry)
    Indian Church Rd. just West of Hwy 224 - 1 adult Osprey and at least one young on nest. 
  • June 17 (Rich)
    Buchanan Lake - 1 adult Osprey on the nest with two chicks visible at times.
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