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Reptiles and Amphibians

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Herp Associations
  • Pacific NW Herpetological Society
  • P.O. Box 547, Lakebay, WA 98349
    Herps  or  206-628-4740
    (general meetings: third Sunday of the month, 6:00 p.m., Seattle Aquarium's Auditorium)
    • Puget Sound area contact: 
      Nathan Huston,
    • Olympic Peninsula contacts: 
      Marty Marcus or Ann Waldo,

    • 253-884-2213
    • North End / Snohomish Co. contacts: Kim Synow or 
    • Ataci Busch, 360-6651-7805
      South King County: 
      Ray McLean,  206-246-1115


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Herp Web Sites
  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Wildlife Conservation
    • Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series
    • (frogs and toads, turtles)
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife  (WDFW)
  • King County DNR:  Volunteer Amphibian Monitoring Program
  •, Inc. 
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife  (WDFW)
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Washington Nature Weekends  by Sunny Walter and Janet O'Mara 
was published in August, 2001.
The following chapters feature seasonal Reptile and Amphibian events:

14  Reptile and Amphibian Courting at Crab Creek

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