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Whale and Bird Watching by Charter Boat

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Alaska Coastal Wilderness Adventures
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Birdwatching Charter Boat
Recommended by Len Steiner, East Lake Washington Audubon Society:

Whale Watching Charter Boat
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Washington Nature Weekends  by Sunny Walter and Janet O'Mara,
was published in August, 2001.
The following chapters discuss where and when to experience seasonal
Nature-oriented Charter Boat Trip events:

     11  Gray Whale Migration off Westport
     13  Coastal Raptor Migration at Cape Flattery
     15  Earth Day Celebration in the Tri-Cities
     22  Wildflowers of the Blue Mountains

     24  Osprey Chicks on the Pend Oreille River
     26  Orcas in the San Juans
     31  Offshore Birdwatching at Westport

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