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Wildflower and Other Plant Identification Links
  • Flora of the Northwest (Washington Trails Association)
If you know something about the plant families, go to:
If you DON'T know the wildflower name, this site may help:

Paul Slichter's Simple Flower Identification Keys

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Washington Nature Weekends  by Sunny Walter and Janet O'Mara 
was published in August, 2001. 
The following chapters cover where and when to view seasonal wildflower events:
     16  Columbia Basin Wildflowers
     19  Prairie Appreciation Days 
            at Mima Mounds
     22  Wildflowers of the Blue Mountains
     25  Darrington Wildflower Festival
     27  Hurricane Ridge Wildflowers, 
            Olympic National Park
     32  Late-Blooming Wildflowers of 
            Bird Creek Meadows

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