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Newspapers/News - TV

New York Times "Democracy Now"   - Axios Twitter   - Together For WA
Seattle Times - Daily Journal of Commerce The Politico   - The Atlantic   - ProPublica SF Chronicle  - Center for Investigative Reporting
LA Times - McClatchy/Washington Indian Express  - Pakistan News  - FrontierPost  Washington Post
Economist The Denver Post USA Today - CNN World
BBC  - World Service CBC  - France 24   - NHK Gulf News
Online Newspapers  - Radio Locator Sydney Morning Herald   - Y Net News (Israel) all  - GaroweOnline
Fresno Bee Mail & Guardian  - NDTV (Mumbia) Slate  - Salon
Seattle P-I   - Seattle Curbed   -sfist Google News Service The Stranger   -
WSJ the Oregonian PoynterOnline   - Editor & Publisher
Beirut Daily Star el Universal (Mexico City)   - Strait Times Newseum  - LA Observed

Sports Internet Science
ESPN -  CSN Bay Area -  SJ Mercury News ReCode -  Daily Sudoku
Warriors SB  - NBA  - Warriors Scout Report  - TechFlash
SF Giants - Seattle Mariners Seattle Craig's List Weather Underground   - Cliff Mass Weather Blog
Fifa World Cup  - NHL arstechnica  - Reddit   - Reddit 2 Seattle Google Map
SportsPress Northwest Seth Meyers   - You Tube   - Vimeo PNW Seismic Network  - USGS Earthquakes Map
Baseball Reference John Oliver  - Cobert  - Seinfeld Science Daily  - Sky & Telescope   -Space Weather
Cascade Bike Blog Jimmy Fallon   - Jimmy Kimmel   - Daily Show CalFire   - Fires WA   - Air Quality  - NBA Stream Yosemite  - Rainier USGS 'The National Map'
MiLB.TV Old Faithful  - Golden Gate Bridge   - SF Seals N 63rd St. Weather  - Green Lake webcam

Finance & Music Journals Gov't
Yahoo Finance  - Google Finance Seattle "History Link"  - History News Network City of Seattle   - Sea Council Insight   - Medicare blogSo. Poverty Law Center   - ACLU Metro   - Real Time  - Bloomberg N Y Review of Books   - LA Review of Books Google Map Mania
Asset Builder - Scott Burns New Yorker   - The Nation Zipcar   -Car2Go   - ReachNow
Amazon  - Facebook   - Instagram Sightline Daily  - grist SFD 911  - Blog  - Police Blog  -Map
Model Railroad   - Railroad news DPD
Pono Music   - HD Tracks C is for Crank DPD Permits  - Seattle Development
NPR The Urbanist Access Washington

Portals & Politics Stuff School/Library/Community
Publicola & Seattle Met  - SLOG Marine   - Seattle Greenlaker
Truthout  - WA Trails Assoc.  - Snowshoe Hikes Inian Island Institute
NYT Time Machine National Parks Conservation Assoc Seattle Public Library
Campaign for America's Future George Wright (NPS)   - National Parks Traveler WA Trails Assoc. Flight Aware   - Flight Radar University of Washington
Roll Call   - The Hill Washington Beer Blog  - Brewbound Blessed Sacrament Church
C-Span  - CNN  - MSNBC Washington Beer Commission Campground Reservations  - WA State Parks
National Review On-Line Seattle Beer News  - Chuck's Tap list Green Lake Community Council

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