by DJ Sprague

Op. 17   Spell of the Seasons

 Being a salvage of cancellations and hallucinations, and for the forgotten and misbegotten, a preservation of things muddied, made washed and laid bare against bleached white, seeking far and nearby in an ever'flowing effervescent stream of thoughts and treatments of theme, this spell is something like blowing wind into one’s sails, but into those sails impels memories past, fashioned to be more sensual than real. With them, I fast from this now enpassing, and feel a sense of going somewhere, but alas...staying put. Time for a little rest from the  doubts and fears that un'fettered 'here and now'  inspire. So, let the currents of  past and future aspirations take me where they may for awhile. Cease the wake I make everyday, and let rise what may, as my wake overtakes me under the spell of the seasons through aestival dawns, autumn twilights, and winter nights

Aestival dawn

401   Of this I am,
this I am that yearns to be,
this thought, this wish,
this word, for which I reach,
this feeling..this light,

402   Photon: Created by eternal isolation, its speed is the measure of the passion to escape that isolation, and that passion is the mass by which, all matter compounds. 

403  In sleeping I die. Next day, I heard the Earth say, "Welcome to heaven." When I saw the tree, it was holding together, the Earth and the Sun. When the pond was calm, the wild rose saw its image, and its pedals fell. Upon barren ground, where life cannot be perceived, the tree will not grow. The spirits living, carry the still life away from death's razor'd scythe. Brilliant diamonds sparkled upon distant fields, until the surf broke. In the nighted wood, I braced for the monster's fang, until the wind died. Starlight, o'starlight, where is the starry'body? that makes you so bright. When I touched the sea, I felt the moon pulling me into its haven. And then I saw...the night'd moon had given all its light freely, so the Earth could dream

404    Learning, principle of: Success confirms; failure teaches. 

405   Perceptions: Created from a reality of limited sensual thresholds, which aggregate compile into a separate reality. 

406   Yeshua, Jesus: Essentially, a psychologist who was made into a god to preserve his teachings, but only when de'deified and made human again, shall his sense and sensibilities be accessible and assimilated. To accept him as a human being, one must accept the divinity in everything; "God is within you and outside you." God is...all and everything. 

407   Why anything? : This query presupposes that the universe has a beginning and an end. That the universe exists, serves as proof that it eternally exists because the universe knows not, how not to be.

408   Knowledge: What is learned from experience; what is not, is of a lesser emotional order, or information. What is of greater emotional order is wisdom, gained from extensive experience. Only by chance or what may first have come by information, with ease, even pleasure, or at a cost, cheap or expensive, even very expensive, or by pain, slight or searing, or even by a near death experience will knowledge be gained.

409  An epistema reflects knowledge. Knowledge is expressed as ideas. Each word is an idea. An epistema is a map of ideas. An epistema may be a map of all words. An epistema may include the words of all languages. It includes meaningful combinations of words, and meaningful relationships with all other words and word combinations. Epistemology is the study and development of that map. An epistemologist therefore, is a cartographer of ideas, whose map reveals the relief of the territory, their beliefs make.

 The universe is apprehended only through one's epistema, which is, in general, created by the light of one's experience. The shape of its universe is created by the paths of light that connect those experiences. 

 To be self aware is dangerous to any life that depends on instinct. For those who become self aware, with each enlightenment, instinct becomes more handicapped. One's epistema is the only thing that serves to account for the order that be, or explanation of chaos that will inevitably be in one's life.

410   Singular event horizon: A regiment of lofty angels is mixed, each with their pyramidal belief system refuge, and each with a sword. Some white, some black, a host of miscellaneous others, all vying for the single eye, progress backwards, imploding from a straight or crooked path into its own singular event horizon. 

411  Once the wind was whistling. And above, there was a tear in a dark cloud. The tear fell, the Earth sighed, and the whistle became carefree

412   Testing Love: If love is put to the test, passing or failing, love becomes the property of intellect. 

413  From the south, a dense grey sky was approaching. There was a chill in the air. I thought surely, a heavy rain is impending. I just laid out broken bread for the birds. They better get at it before the downpour. Then it happened. Balls of ice the size of chick peas started to fall. A'sprinkling at first, then a pounding and thundering so dense that the icy chick peas piled up on the ground from the outpouring of roof top gutters. A tenant opened her door, squinted, and quickly retreated. Cars painfully passed. The children with their noses pressed to windows, peered out, wide'eyed. Eventually, the sky broke clear. The scowled face adults remained clustered indoors, but the children bolted out with boots, gloves, and coats. They immediately made use of the white playground that had suddenly appeared, hurtling balls made from the mounds of ice on the ground, and sliding down any slippery slope they could find. Whether a polar bear cub tumbling down a snow slope, or a fawn jumping and nosing frozen ground..or a wolf pup running a'top and eating fresh dropped snow, children are the same all around, as they, under the sun, are drawn to something new, fresh..pristine, and fun

414  Long ago, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of 'good and evil,' for the sake of the good, did good dawn its stony mask, and rose above the dominion of life. From the tree of knowledge of 'good and evil' did good'will pursue and kill its objects of evil, having made its prayer, law for all.

 Poor reason knows only the sign posts of apparent facts. And the course of practical reason runs strong, only as much as the facts are strongly apparent. Yet, the spirit of reason only wishes to cares not, whether facts are artificial or not, whether based on articles of faith or not. And so it happened, that faith was deceived by power brokers of myth into thinking its tenets of faith as fact. And so it followed through the darkest valleys of fear that the only course that reason could take was through facts of faith. Subsequently, acts of faith made rivers run red, for such faith having pandered itself as the only course for reason, has for millennia made its intellectuals wholly subjugated and cloistered within its articles of fear. Such tyranny of mind has proven itself to be a cunning ruler..making any vision unlike itself, a mortal enemy, and kind hearts, its slaves.

 There is faith, but it does not compete with reason, nor does faith offer itself as statutes of "The God," for one and all, and war on all others. The power of faith dies when its articles are reduced to mere fact, or 'if you believe that articles of faith are absolutely true, only good things will follow.' Yet, long ago, out of the garden of life did the fruit of 'good and evil' become consumed and seeded, and it flourished when humans began to live as gods..larger than life.

 Faith is quiet and personal, and dimensioned much like what any human being is; as individual'minded as it is social'minded; as deeply vital and moonbound, as it would be shallow and earthbound. A particular faith is a species of mind, a distillation of tradition, of all feelings and aspirations, of all what reason could ever apprehend, of all that one has ever lived and been. If faith is regarded as truth, the fire of that truth will always burn to ashes, the wings of faith.

415   Thought:  The key to deeper thought is to not think, which accesses the subconscious mind.

416   The world within is divided into two brains. Dwelling there are two mutually exclusive entities. They are Agape in the left brain, and Eros in the right. Between them, they must share the same world, the same body. Shall I be self preserving for my self, or self sacrificing as a member of a whole, to prevail and survive? Shall I be..eros or agape?

  Eros loves only in terms of its self. Agape loves only in terms of the community values to which it belongs. Should I be an undivided self with its own instincts adapted for the world, or social and divided as necessary to maintain the tenets of the community? Should I be this eros taking? any offer of pleasure, any gesture of devotion..or this agape giving? without measure, without hesitation, any expectation of return for the sake of the whole. Shall I be exclusively, this individualistic right or this socialistic left..this undivided whole, or part of a whole? 

 Countless years of life and death have not only accepted both as a dichotomy, but have provided through generations of anguish, pain, and toil, a dedicated facility for each. The entire history of humankind has provided an answer for a fickle environment favoring one as much as the other, necessitating the creation of two physical, well convoluted brains attached to the same stem. What nature has painfully provided throughout eons of blood, toil, and selection favoring one or the other, impels one to be both in their beginning, and perhaps most certainly in their end.

417   Unified field theory, general: Empirically, the only puzzle where one piece must be sacrificed to see the rest; in general, the only puzzle that requires ego to complete. 

418   Once long ago, a flower in Sweet Haven lived happily, shining bright. No fragrance it had, yet beauty..a dazzling sight! And then, a busy bee happened by, and in mid flight, stopped and said, "This cannot be!"..and immediately spread sweet fragrance, over each of the leaves. Happily, the bee continued its flight, now that order had been restored, and the day...bright, sunny, and gay. But the flower left behind, sighed a wilting sigh, and died, under a bright blue sky

419   Immortality: Given an eternal universe, and therefore an eternal return of everything in it, everything is immortal.

420   I heard the distinctive sounds of crows on a sunny midday. I looked up high, very high, and saw an eagle flying from the south moving north. Its wings were spread wide, moving, coursing on a straight path as though it was on its way to a specific place it knows. Two crows nesting, were squawking around it. Rising, diving, darting towards the eagle. The eagle occasionally flaps its wings on its course un'altering. The crows squawked louder. Each taking turns to spurn the eagle. They were careful not to come too close. As the eagle coursed on, it moved beyond the crows' territory. The crows retreated, and the eagle un'deterred, continued leisurely on it way. It was high noon. High above, the crows were valiant, but on that day, they were lucky. The eagle was not hungry.

421    Stupid:  Stupid is as ignorance reasons, and morons be from persistent stupidity.

422  In eternity, it is inevitable that one's life returns, therefore consider the silver linings, the bright sides, the up'side...all the serendipities, the saving graces, and any pursuit that could possibly convert a liability into an asset. Pursue them earnestly..with vigor and gusto, but whenever possible, be here now for chance variation..for a life in all its detail existed before and will exist again, ad infinitum. Yet, while reoccurring, each reoccurrence is new, but what may be uniquely new, can never be known. In the meantime, one is a luminous being evolving from lifetime to lifetime. After'life presupposes before'life. If existence before and after life can be proved, should it be? If memories from past'life can be recalled, should they be? 

423   In hell, we are enemies, but we have an enemy in common. We become allies and together defeat our enemy. Victorious, we separate and withdraw as we prepare for war with each other..unless we find another common enemy.

  In ugliness, no sorrow, no pain, therefore, no beauty, no happiness, or pleasure.

  In anything. Purging fosters only grey and evenness, no emotion, nor differences.

424  Not everyone sees the rainbow. Those who do, rush towards it, unknowing that it is unreachable, untouchable, unfathomable. Like a thief's shadow it appears, and steals company previously felt. Its radiance lures. Through days and years of chasing, seeking its treasure..and in the emptiness, after each prospect, a fading rainbow is all there is for company. The room is dark and grey, shadowed by brooding heavens. The one brooding, does not see that the rainbow appears only when it rains, when its beauty is refreshed in all its splendor for another day..or year if need be. Day to day, year after year, I chase the rainbow, and even though it disappears upon the verge of touching, only good things spring to life along the way. Me and my is really not so lonely, after all


425  Once there was a young man who had a dream. He dreamt of having a plank boat. Wide beam, strong gunnels, full flare with a gentle camber...modest sheer, stem to stern...thirty'seven feet long with an open deck and wheel house on quarters on the second deck, and engine on the third deck below. It is heavy, but very stable with a deep thick keel. For many years he worked on it, cutting, hewing, and sanding the planks. Year by year he saw his dream become more and more a reality, until one day with the last bit of polishing, the plank boat was done. He stood back to see, after so many years of work, his dream come true. He launched it into the water and expected nothing more than the warm radiant sun beaming down upon him forever more, but as he was cruising comfortably throughout the open bay, he noticed some clouds. They gathered overhead. They were bright, but grey'toned, and each had a dark lining, and the young man thought, "I should feel much sunnier than this,  afloat upon my dream."


  What is more? Having a dream or attaining it. The problem of attaining dreams, is replacing them.

426   Supraconscious reality: The cognitive reality that the luminous body experiences between successive incarnations.

427   Dadaism: Just when a movement thinks it knows what art is, the grim reapers appear...each Dada one of them.

428  Be true unto one's self and with that allegiance, assume responsibility for what one thinks or not think, for what one feels or not feel, and for what one knows or does not know, and for when one is simply, 'I am that I am'

429  Indeterminism:  Two brains, each with exclusive frames of reference that exist in equilibrium. A resonance between two mutually exclusive frames of mind, by which perpetual motion or eternal energy exists; one, mapping information iocentrically,'I am'; the other, sociocentrically,'We are'; both with its own instincts of survival; each with its own criteria for transcendental metamorphosis; not one or the other…be both. Only with two independently sustained and mutually exclusive frames of mind can a state of eternal energy exist, can perpetual motion be, does the universe exist, eternally.

430   The writer stared at the blank page. That familiar feeling that something was about to surface was rising within him. The writer noticed the thick leather portfolio, a rectangular piece of dark brown stained and chromed leather, folded to hold his material in work. He looked long and hard at it, and felt obliged to first pay homage with a plaque inside, on which read

"To the entity who unwittingly,
gave a piece of its hide,
that my pen may ride,
this work is also dedicated."

501  Of nature's seasons, there is a time of new growth when a special place upon this Earth stages an affair known as 'summer snow.' The early days of May are bright, clear, and warm, and on these days, soft white puffs like snow, drift upon delicate spirits just passing through. And their brief passing is all that is needed for these small entities, together as one

 Long ago, they were conceived upon the wind, upon a day much like this bright day. These individuals are very small and difficult to see. They exist as male and female. The male begins by rising above the borders of water and soil, and remains there with others in brotherhood. The male is the seed, rising and falling within the ethers above, each repassing each other, waiting, preparing for the aestival affair

 His counter part, the female, also rises, but by herself, and without delay she seeks out the brotherhood. She is born with a gift, and rising toward the heavens, she chooses her seed, to be taken by him, to their own domain as drifts of 'summer snow' afloat upon the most delicate spirits. And there, the passage of his inborn knowledge finds its way to her heart and primordial purpose. She then sets the beginning upon the waters of a pond, in the same spirit he had set upon her

 As the spirits everywhere move, she begins her dance, fulfilled, wandering upon peaks that reach for the heavens..rising upwards with her head to the stars, she falls again and again, to release the beginning of another affair for another time. Such is the charm of these little creatures, together adrift but for a single day of May. And even though they arise, live, and die, existing for only a brief moment of a lunar phase, they are also a labor of love as any could be, the need of all life, to simply just be

502   Essential cuisine: Physical: Consume only what the body needs, in the proportion that it needs; stay hungry, rule appetite. Metaphysical: Consume only what the spirit body needs, in the proportion that it needs; do not stay hungry; let appetite rule.

503   Intoxication: An altered state of mind induced by drugs such as identities of one's self, complexities of guilt, or over'bearing fears. 

504   Inertia: Ego'recessive matter is so preoccupied with itself, so passive within its environment that it remains in uniform motion, or maintains uniform configurations unless otherwise moved upon; the tendency for one to remain the same until affected by force of experience, by which one is reconfigured, or accelerates and stabilizes or not, within a greater consciousness. The greater one's complexity, the greater is one's matter..the greater is one's inertia.

505  When a machine wears out, it stops and falls apart, for a machine is negligibly more than the sum of its parts. Nothing there, living enough to reminisce, reflect..nothing sought in thought as a machine that lived, assembled from the elemental dust of Earth, and to that dust, returned. A happening. A happenstance. Machine in relation with other machines with the same beginning and ending. Is this who we are?...when the body wears out and stops, all consciousness and values fall apart, disseminate into pieces and return to inviolate indiscriminate dust? Does thought consciousness as we know it, exist only through the convolutions and configurations of the dust of Earth, and arises, and lives, and returns to Earth? From life to life, dust to dust, does consciousness in all its varied states do the same?...where ultimately one state is no more or less significant than another. Rather, just different. One perhaps more self'conscious and loquacious than another, like the rock one is sitting upon..but as conscious as that rock may be, the one sitting upon it, being self'aware,  knows that it is separated from its parts, where the rock does not. To where then?..will that separation go after its body falls apart and goes its own way

506   Academic intellectual: Measured by dispassion towards concept, as opposed to a philosopher or poet, who is measured by passion for the same.

507   Abstract world: A reality bounded by zero and infinity through which, perception is made within a separate reality; in contrast to the empirical reality, bounded by a variation of sensual thresholds through which, perception is made within a separate reality of its own.

508  Three sisters decided to have lunch in a cafe called, 'The Rose Garden.' This cafe was located in the middle of a nursery garden with nearly an acre of plants and shrubs of all kinds. The cafe was surrounded by a menagerie of roses. Red roses. Yellow roses. Purple roses. White roses. Wild pink roses and many others with a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Before doing lunch, the sisters strolled around the garden to choose their favorite one. One sister suddenly stopped in front of a fully opened densely packed rose. It was large with petals, salmon red near the stem, fading to pale pink outwards. Its fragrance carries one to its red passion within. She loved this rose, and said to her sisters, "This is the rose of my heart. I will always treasure it." The other two sisters moved on and enjoyed the fragrant rose bouquets that saturated the air. They were intoxicated and gay from all the fragrances and display of so many colors around them. Then one of them stopped in front of a rose that must be among the most primitive. Passion pink glows from a modest number of broad petals radiating around a small pollen tree at its center. This rose expresses beauty with simplicity. It filled her eye, and she said, "This one is beautiful and inspiring! What gives it, its shape and color?" And the second sister continued on, dividing and analyzing her favorite rose. The third sister moved on by herself, and came upon a rose that took her breath away. It was a very large double bloomed crimson rose with a deep fragrance. In her eye, the rose became greatly magnified and placed in a royal rose garden. The three sisters entered the cafe, and enjoyed lunch together with their favorite roses on the table.

 Mind, heart, and soul. The heart treasures the rose; the mind divides the rose; and the soul, magnifies the rose.

509   Cynicism: Disappointed idealism.

510  In a far away land, there is a city of Orange Trees. They are the residents of their city. Each resident has their own special patch of land into which each, roots according to each. The oranges they make are only for them because the oranges are very bitter. They love their city. This is why their oranges are so orange, and why they are so big and heavy..and every once in awhile, an orange will fall..and startle a person passing through.

511   Introspection, certainly guided introspection, is not enough for one to separate themselves from the rest of the creatures of the world. The only way to achieve this separation, is to accept one's creaturehood and level with the rest of the creatures of the world. Otherwise, one is given over to what was 'bred in the bone' that collectively makes up one's instinctive response to the environment, which has no more perspective to itself than any other creature of the world. Those who think they are not an animal and have not leveled with all other creatures, are creatures darkly, the most dangerous among all animals who do not think about it either.

512    Privacy: When mutually granted, the binding force of friendship or marriage.

513   Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny: As ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, developments of the luminous body in previous lifetimes are repeated in the current incarnation. They are re'experienced until the luminous body fully reincarnates, after which a sense of mortality is felt. 

514    Enrico Fermi, cognizant of what the Drake equation estimates, and to what many intuitively believe, offered the query, 'If there are so many in the universe, where is everybody?' Hence, Fermi's Paradox. The solution offered here is un'testable, but sometimes, an un'testable hypothesis serves.

 This hypothesis for Fermi's Paradox assumes that the pleasure principle is universal for all cognitive beings. All cognitive beings need entertainment. Whether intellectually, physically, or spiritually motivated, the pleasure principle applies, directly or indirectly, instantaneously or delayed with happy expectations. Surely, we can assume that members of an advanced extraterrestrial, ET, community are not all scientists, and even their scientists would be motivated by the pleasure principle from their work, if they should happen to have not much of a life beyond their work. Earth may be one of ETs favorite cable TV channels, offering drama, humor, documentary, and flora and fauna observation. If true, they would do everything in their power to preserve their source of entertainment, which may have existed throughout the generations of humankind, and indeed, throughout the evolution of earthly life. If so, I am sure, there were some who were sad to see the dinosaurs go.

 Of course, today, with this scenario, the need for ETs to remain hidden would be paramount. An un'testable hypothesis for Fermi's Paradox?...perfect. I would assume that if there is a Prime Directive of the ET community, it would include entertainment, in that, advanced ETs would have their entertainment network security on their agenda, as much as any other high priority project.

 A very advanced high tech society, advanced far beyond what we could imagine, would perhaps have equal value to knowledge, entertainment or amusement to pursue and develop...the challenge of getting their front'row seat of candid drama, comedy, or documentary..observing nature in vivo for the fans of Wild Kingdom without being discovered, and at the same time, in exchange for their entertainment, contribute covertly to the preservation of the Earth's biosphere..the value of which is universally entertainment source for them, a protected environment for us. 

 Since distance is a significant barrier for us, advanced ET communication technology may have developed around this barrier. In terms of communication technology, an ET community may be to us, as we are to ants.

 In this scenario, ET stands as much for entertainment as it does for extraterrestrial. With very advanced ET communities, the ability to suspend disbelief among themselves may be limited, if not negligible; therefore, observation of candid behavior is essential for entertainment. Such ET communities would have to turn to realities such as ours, for entertainment...'reality shows,' as it were. 

 We are akin to them as cognitive beings. This connection makes the entertainment factor effective. If I were a member of an ET community, I would find the stage of Earth, very entertaining. Soap opera, drama, action, adventure, the taboo, the macabre...we have it all. The words of Shakespeare, "the world is a stage," is a metaphor that perhaps is more true than what Shakespeare knew.

 And what if it were true...all the instinct, DNA'driven polarization that has spawned so much passion in the history of humankind, perhaps merely sets a stage for ETs to view our on'going comedy'dramas, tragedies, triumphs, natural beauty, our spiritual evolution...scientific information for some, entertainment for others..champion voyeurs, all. 

515  Magic in the night, and vision by light in day, spirits emerge from their place of stay..for this day, from this night within, I begin. I see spirits speak softly of the innocent while they fight, of all children playing war, of all life in sight. I hear a spirit in the night speaking boldly of the glory of a moon'still lake. I feel another with its own light, slowly ascend into the darkness above. So much fear would this spirit bear, if only to hear, the lofty wisdom of the trees there

 Evening brings light, a soft glow, and I even see the wind blowing! swift and silent, haunted whirling. Alive! Entrancing. Deeply enchanting. Enchanted, I am enveloped by night when my part of the world is at rest, when we are all at rest from ourselves and each other

 The creatures and spirits of the night chant and sing stories of the boldness of the day and its faraway places. They mention that the ways of nature are ceaseless, and paths of life, endless. Only the night knows, the secret whispers of the bold, boldly told..the adventures!..the intrigues of ebbing space and conquering time. In the ebb of twilight, reminiscence begins and ends with itself at dawn, when the spirit of the night reverses itself, and brings a new day

 I feel the night, a silence, an alien presence of small, barely audible creatures speaking of many things...who they are, where they are..what was worst, what was best, which we now let begin, while we rest

516   Aesthetics: A subject on which everyone is an expert.

517   Marriage: Exists beyond words; therefore, anyone who can be talked into it, is a fool; anyone who can be talked out of it, is lucky. 

518  As the 'Butterfly Effect' relates to Chaos theory, and given Earth to be a relatively closed or adiabatic system, all paths of energy are in constant relation with each other. Any event can be traced to any other event within this closed system. Chaos relates directly to the inability to measure energy events taking place every moment. This inability to measure translates into un'predictability, or chaos. Given un'limited ability to trace and measure any energy vector in the world, while a tropical storm in the South Pacific can be traced to the flap of a butterfly wing in a city, the storm event can also be traced to any other source of energy in the world. All is in relation to all, which is why the butterfly seems to be so happy, flapping its wings

519   Educated: Those who are not embarrassed about their ignorance.

520   Perception, principle of: One perceives initially only in terms of what one already knows; for something new, something must first be sacrificed in the light.

521  Far, far away..away from anywhere that most anyone can remember to have been, there is a valley. And the hillsides of the valley provide for very beautiful flowering trees, shrubs, and large open spaces of pleasant green grasses that soften the earthen floor.

 The trees along the center of the valley provide nice quiet shade, and they are large. So very large are they that their arms had grown to be very thick and low to the ground so that they are very easy to reach.

 The plants of this valley know each other. And while being aware of their own beauty, they appreciate the beauty of their neighbors as well, because this valley, of all valleys, is a special one. It is in a position with the rest of the world that allows only the mildest and kindest forms of nature to pass into it. The light there is very gentle and warm, and the darkness there is soft, being luminescent and everywhere.

 The stillness of the ponds and meadows are fed by a slow trickling of wandering shallow waters. Deep in this haven, upon the hillsides rising gently are all varieties of trees, herbs, grasses, and creatures of all kinds. All exist harmoniously, providing for each individual's need as so many different universes aside one another blend to make a special peace in this part of creation.

 Day by day, night by night, the shrubs and trees flower in all colors, and the creatures enjoy their sweet gifts of nectar and fragrance. But amid all this beauty in the heart of this valley is one small plant that has no blossoms and no fragrance. It is simple and plain'looking. It is unlike all the others, being so small and inconspicuous, and also unlike the others, this plant is alone. There is only one of its kind amid so much splendor and peace.

 This small plant, the only one able to perceive all in this special valley, lived unnoticed by all else, and while it could blossom like the others, it remained silent because it can only shine in the night of others, and even then, only upon a special occasion. So, the simple plant lives by itself in this pleasant haven, living day by day in private existence, perceiving all else in its midst, feeling the adventures of the many other ways of colors and delicate fragrances blend into all varieties of music, as simple and melodic as prose aspires to robust as a symphony could ever be.

 Occasionally, this valley would allow someone to enter for a brief perceive the hearts of many in in this part of creation. Only rarely does innocence wander far and ponder by itself. It is for this occasion that this valley exists, so innocence may journey throughout its wonders, wandering amid the persuasion of calm meadows, beneath the statehood of lofty arbors, by its curiosity and grace with all else around, does innocence wander.

 And inevitably, sooner or later, innocence meanders to the heart of this valley, and only here comes to rest, feeling all in its midst..feeling the many wondrous ways of life and gentle spirits of the air, charged by brilliant blossoms everywhere, feeling a chorus of melodies, sweet songs, a grand symphony.

 Soon evening's dark blanket softens the night just before innocence would lay to sleep, and only after all else is within deep sleep, does the small plant brighten. Only in the sleep of night upon this occasion, only for this visitation, does the small plant radiate, for innocence.

 Suddenly, unexpectantly, this simple plant displays its blossoms and its special light, and its many wonders and colors radiate and spread throughout the night of the valley..radiating just for the innocent who wanders alone, shining for innocence in search of the many splendors of life, for innocence to see the true labors of love within the heart of all that lives. Thus, only for such an occasion does this small plant radiate and shine. Such is the gift from the midnight blossom, the deep body of creation, the beauty divine.

522   Religion:  The fundamental requirement for religion is 'incomprehensibility,' which inspires what is divine, which in turn, directs one to what one atones. Atonement is the primary function of religion to achieve a state of grace with one's God.

523   Terrorism: An assault by dint of charismatic doomsday imagination, or brunt of blood, bone, and devastation with the intent of over'lording by fear..for profit, control, or both. For the former, without verification by science, doomsday prophets, current and past, capitalizing on ignorance, profit from terrorism. For the latter, such controllers are merely alpha'males from the Serengeti plain, in the name of God or not, effect opression of the masses from generation to generation, an old world refrain whose time is coming to an end.

524 1    Pathos: Noun. Pathological condition that causes suffering or maladies. Pathology is the study of pathos, spiritual and physical.

525  If one visualizes what they want, and holds to that vision, one will get what they want, but this is true for everyone, which causes interference patterns of visualizations through which one tries to navigate without losing one's own.

526   Opinion: The more blunt and unfocused an opinion is, the louder becomes its voice.

527   Belief empowerment: The ability to empower a belief system, based on something or nothing, is matched equally by the willingness of the many, or the one, to believe that the belief system is true. The greater the many, the greater are its empowered institutions, monuments, and icons. 

528    There are deities, many and diverse; however, aspiring to have the same deity is unreasonable, improbable, and arguably undesirable. The argument here, is that world peace will not evolve by one deity conquering all others, nor by the attrition of deities where at some future time, the victor is simply the last one standing. Deities, or what is held as divine, will and should vary.

 For the purposes of global unification, understanding of what it is to be human is essential. Being human is what everyone knows about, and feels empathy with. Without unification through this knowledge and empathy, there can be no world peace.

 In a world at peace, all human beings will make presidiary, the human condition, which they share. This will be taught in the cradle and deep'structured in societies. With this awareness, respect and compassion for each other will exist just on the basis of being human. World unification and peace based on human sense and sensibility is at hand; unification of what is divine, is not.

529   Failure:  If I do not own failure, failure will own me.

530  There was a serpent who was a very smart and crafty fellow. He reasoned that only what he thought, felt, and knew from his own experience were the only things that he could prove to be true. As the serpent aged, he became more and more lonely because only he was real, and at the end of his life, he spent his last moments curled up, in his underground den.

 What the serpent did not know, was that everyone feels that way.

531    The meaning of life. The search for the meaning of life, is the search for one's self...righteous versus wrong..eros or agape, what to belong, but moreover..where the passion is. For an effective search for the meaning of life, any authority delegated out, must first be retrieved. One is the soveriegn of themselves. With possession of self authority, the first principle of that authority..'be true to one's self,' will be apparent. Without possession of self authority, any existential query will be irrelevant; at best, weakly relevant, since one had already delegated all or most of their authority and meaning of life, away.  If one has and forgot to whom, ask to whom it was given..."What the meaning of life is." Hitch a ride, hang out with them more, if this be the extent of one's query.

 Otherwise, one's passion, as transient or not, as passion may be, becomes key to one's semantics. The weight of semantics is directly proportional to the weight of passion, which in turn, assigns weight to meaning of everything else, as passion may number more than one, or be irrelevant to livelihood, or incomprehensible to anyone else.

601    'The Tora Genesis' of Moses contains the fundamental wisdom of the bible, "2:16  And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: (2:17) But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Die, that is, personally change, "3:5  For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." And to block Adam and Eve from eating the fruit of the Tree of Life and become immortal, "3:24  So he drove out the man (and woman), and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden, Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way to block the way to the Tree of Life" from being traveled.

 After a serpent makes a judgment, the convicted is injected with a lethal dose of venom. This is why the tree of knowledge of 'good and evil' belongs to the serpent. With judgment and retribution, the fruit of knowledge of 'good and evil' is tasted. Its nectar is heady, intoxication of one's self with one's self, and a taste for power over life and death of body and spirit becomes addicting, but with each judgment, one scars one's self, and the scar thickens with each execution of judgment.

 Having knowledge of 'good and evil' endows one with supernatural powers..that is, power over life and spirit, which has been and still is the grief of civilizations. In the name of God, how many people have been killed, tortured, or ostracized down through the ages. Such resolve believes where god is and where god is not. Moreover, such resolve is founded upon the belief that JHVH is some one, some supernatural one, who can be represented by an image with a name, how ever implicit that name may be, and even be given a sexual gender. And so it has come to be, by paternal or maternal decree, not JHVH, but one perceiving divinity in terms that one can imagine, something within reach; that is, a deity propounded as the greatest deity for one and all. This is useful when competing with other deities.

 To have knowledge of 'good and evil' is to have a conception of evil, which includes an object of evil. And for objects of evil, procedures of retribution are established..without forgiveness, compassion, nor understanding. For objects of evil, there is only hate, judgment, punishment, or execution. The world has been divided into good and evil, into where god is and where god is not, which is effected by imagination, and is limited only by the same.

 Conceptions of evil create limitations of understanding and compassion. As conceptions of evil inevitably vary, the deadly clash between those who would be 'as a god,' is also inevitable, in addition to the collateral havoc released upon the innocents. 

 Oppression of the child, effected with 'good and evil' covenants, causes Hate to grow, become self'aware, assuming an identity of its own, resignation to isolation, and effect programs of control. Hate polarizes and paralyzes. And the division deepens whenever light enters its darkness and does not return. One's light becomes limited. Atonement, at'onement with all becomes blocked by the Cherubims and the flaming sword. The child within, becomes isolated, and seriously afflicted.

 For those who consume the fruit of the Serpent's tree, atonement and grace with 'all and everything' is unattainable; the fruit of the Tree of Life, unreachable. So restricted, there is no understanding but what is traditionally understood. Hate's doubled'edged rapier of fire and ice is raised as its divisions enter the darkness where light cannot return. They become as gods. Separated from all, they inevitably seek control, overlording with their good and evil, and their divinity.

 With regard to the Biblical commandments, the first can be found in Genesis 2:16. If this first commandment was followed, would there be a Torah today?

602 26 Diego, who is seven, rushed his sister, Lucy, into my apartment for emergency treatment. She was crying and holding her finger. Diego said, "She cut her finger. Please fix it for her." I repositioned my desk lamp so we could see the cut. We all looked at it. We peered gravely into it.

 I pulled out my first'aid box and looked into her eyes, and I said, "This won't hurt." She held her finger steady, held it tight as I positioned it. I sprayed the cut with disinfectant. She stopped crying. I dried the finger where it needs to be dry for the adhesive to stick, and applied some gauze and tape over it.

 Both were watching intently. Her eyes were dry. Serious face. Successful operation. Attention given. We all saw the cut. A serious insult. "Keep it dry," I said, "for a day." 

 The cut was slight, no more than a paper cut, but such an injury to a tender child of three is nigh onto a serious wound, requiring lidocaine, sutures, and bandage bound.

 She left with her brother. Bandaged finger, no pain. They both left abruptly. I said, "Good'bye." They were silent. Diego with arm around sister's shoulder, opened and closed the door. And they were gone.

603    Hinterspace: Hinterspace, n: Two arguing about the same territory from different vantages un'aware that they are in agreement, are in hinterspace.

604   Death: A change in one's character, however dramatic or subtle; experienced during the course of life, and therefore, a notion enabling life, rather than ending it. 

605 3  I was watching the evening news broadcast. I was pleasantly relaxed in the rocking chair, sipping a cup of hot coffee, enjoying my pipe when suddenly, a black blurry mass swiftly passed through my field of vision with a great "Hai..yuk!," and landed to my left on the divan. I looked over, and sitting quietly was he in some disguise. Dark sweat shirt with hood over head, scarf wrapped up to his eyes, his eyes steadily looking at me, I at him. Ninja

606   Freedom, degrees of: Degrees of freedom are  known by the price one is willing to pay for them; maximum freedom is paid by owning all of one's thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

607   Freedoms, inalienable: I can think and feel anything; I can know freely, with choices of experiences; I can be 'I am that I am' without any sense of thinking, feeling, or knowing.

608     It has been written, a bacteriologist's waltenschauug..."The world is covered with a very fine layer of stool." Dwelling in the stool is E.Coli. E.Coli et al eats the bolus coursing through the alimentary canal, and in the process, nutrients are made available to the host. The human body, being one, is symbiotic with E.Coli, where the body cannot exist without it. E.Coli, being the chosen, Homo Sapiens should be Homo Sapien E.Coli. As Homo Sapien E.Coli, we should contemplate the bacteriologist waltenschauug with the thought..that no matter how much humankind attempts to separate themselves from the animal kingdom, they remain not only intimately connected, but profoundly dependent. 

 A bacterium has as much instinct to survive as a human being does. The difference between human and bacterium is that the bacterium has nothing to inhibit its instinct for survival. Humankind does. By believing they are not animals, human instinct for survival shifts to some identity or persona. This shift however, does not neutralize Humankind's animal instincts. It only masks their carnal darkness. By acknowledging carnal knowledge, one develops a perspective to it, and to the animal instincts that go with it, along with a sensitivity to the animal kingdom that they did not have before. With carnal knowledge and its sensitivity, humankind becomes a being, and stewards of life on Earth. This stewardship, is the manifest destiny of humankind.

609   Marriage boundaries: Man and woman, too much in love, too attached, children become neglected; man and woman too detached, too far apart, children become neglected.

610 4 For the day of the tiger, I wish I had a great tree to give especially to you. Born free, you are tied only to the wind moving freely through its leaves. You are at ease daring its heights. It is the rite of your soul, the might of your heart, your luminous sight..your love to brave the world. You know, even in your darkest night, from where the light comes that brightens just enough for you to see your way. You, yourself, are bright as day! The night in you with great cunning, preys upon those hateful doldrums of time, upon which you pounce, for it is by your Will, you know it shall inevitably come...the adventure, the mystery. And because mystery be the essence of religion, life is your temple. With its silent soul deep in you, at first sign, you are poised and readied to seize the opportunity, to make the moment race. I want to give you a tree from which you could see as far as suits you. And if I had one to give, I would perhaps do, but it would only be a gesture, because already in you is a tree! A bright wondrous tree of life. It is there for you, and you are free because life is freely given to you. All you have to do is learn to climb. And of that, I have already seen your agile ability. Its spirit inspires mine

611  New life resting from so many births and rebirths in a day. Tender sleep cradled, I am listening, waiting for heaven to speak. So tender are the moods, consuming smile, breaking cry. So delicately constrained are they, that beside them, I lay motionless. Simple sweet stillness, tender moods sleeping..feeling love possessing, I hear heaven speak..."Thou shalt not possess title to youth's beauty. Thou shalt not covet its truth"

612     Philosopher's Stone: A philosopher's stone within a world we know not of, transforms common metal into precious gold; within a world we do know, transmutes liabilities into assets..for the philosopher's stone and its sentiments, the sun and moon, the stars, earth, and wind..all that a mountain knows reaching for a cloud, refreshing a tree, have no vanity, pride, nor truth absolutely, to live'by..nor envy, lust..greed or hate as fate of feeling...only the knowing of wisdom, and the fear it cradles, while telling a bedtime story. 

613  Power, age of: 











614  Daniel is a very smart young man. He does not like anything un'predictable in his life. He likes to be in control of his destiny. Daniel does not venture into anything or anywhere unless he first knows about it thoroughly. That way, there are no surprises, and being very smart and knowing how to become well informed, Daniel had a very successful and predictable lifestyle. As much as Daniel is into control, he is just as much..ambitious. He is an excellent calculator and decided to make a span from rock to rock, over the swells of the sea rushing to shore below. So, Daniel began his study, cliff to cliff, to span the rift, and when he was done, he knew everything he needed to know...density, composition, and rock strata..all so there will be no surprises. Daniel began construction, and in time, the span was made. A marvel of architecture and engineering it was. He cut through stone on both sides, and cut stairs in the stone down to the level of the spanning walkway. The span was solid and would hold indefinitely. With a feeling of great satisfaction of building a cross'way for a pathway far more certain and predictable than before, Daniel tested it, and after crossing the rift, stone cliff to stone cliff, he felt sure. The span was well made. It was well done, but as he stood on the other side marveling at his work, the stone floor cracked and crumbled under him, and he fell through the gaping hole, to the surging sea far below.

 That to which one does not have a perspective, shall become one's destiny. Daniel was lucky, for he landed in the middle of a swell like the one before, but to himself, no perspective made, until he rode the wave to shore.

615   Hiatus, the: Where one is between awake and a dream; one is non'being; one, self'aware, has ceased to exist. Is the oblivion of dreamless sleep, the only hiatus, the only repose from 'all and everything'? Is life incarnate?..the only way to experience it. 

616  There was once a man of high rank in the Chinese Army. He had a wife and three children who he loved very much, but he was impassioned with his missions. He spent time with his family, but it was always brief. He always left with sorrow and the resolve that his  mission was vital for his family and the nation. Then one day, he was engaged in battle, and the last of his thoughts were of his two sons and daughter. Disincarnate, he saw a young Chinese man with his sister, a singer with a tambourine, making music on a sail boat with a dancing platform for the customers. They had a business. His oldest son played the flute. The second son tilled the boat and kept it in shape, and the daughter sang, danced, and played the tambourine. Their sail boat coursed through a harbor as customers danced to their melodies. The melodies penetrated the mist, his soul. His sons and daughter isolated, played their music. Their innocence un’knowing of him. Vacuous he felt watching them a’blowing their songs. He sees them and felt heartache pierce his soul. Some circumstance had removed him, he knew, because he was watching his oldest son  a’blowing in the mist with flute held high to ‘all and everything,’ and his other son, tilling, and his daughter singing. They like the water and stand fast on their wind’blown vessel coursing with a gentle wind. As they are carried with the wind through a misty bay, his wounded soul sees them and again feels their haunting melodies penetrating the mist.

 Disincarnate, he wants them back. His soul ached for another time. He wants them back to be a part of every aspect of their life. He also thought, it is better to learn this in life, not in the afterlife where the children cannot see him.

617 5 Diego was six. He said that his friend, Oliver, will be seven next week, and that he will not be seven until May of next year. I said, "That's right." He asked, "How old are your sons?" I told him. He asked, "How old is your daughter?" I told him that, too. He asked, "How old are you?" I said, "Sixty." He was silent, and I looked over to him and saw him starring off into space...the wheels obviously a'try'n to turn. He turned to me and said, "Are you serious?"

618  Phoenix:  An ancient feathered spirit who lived in a remote desert for a long time, where it was consumed repeatedly by fires a muse would set, only to rise from the ashes of each..remade, renewed, and more evolved, however much, before muses arrive, it may dive, tumble, fall..or occasionally land and to something clings, but never at the expense of losing its wings

619   In the beginning, we are not in control, and disposed so, we respond to anyone who gives sustenance with one hand and warmth with the other, but in that giving, some demand a piece of soul, or the whole of it. If there is the least bit of objection, one hand is made to momentarily close, to allow the other with a whip to raise. In that beginning, we are weak, and many are made weaker by oppressions of the vain glorious light. Being mal'conditioned and isolated, the un'socialized child becomes a predator.

 The child enters the world, and one day, a mere cycle of day and night arbitrarily promotes the child to adult. Society suddenly, arbitrarily transforms oppressed and indentured child'predator to adult. The child is, by definition at that moment, an adult responsible for themselves. From society, the indentured child shall inevitably take, and from the thousand pains and threats of pain, the adult'child became adjusted to the world far, far from their own familiar crowd.

 In the city they hunt and hide, often in plain sight, and most often they are caught and revealed. They are photographed, categorized, classified, and filed. The jury assesses, the judges dispose..."For your punishment, to right your mind, you shall do time! You shall be isolated and confined, and stirred with others of your kind!"

 In detention, the predator child meditates upon what went wrong. Who did they trust that told lies. Who did they love that should have been seen with jaundiced eyes. Resolved and clear, they leave when their time is done. And all is well and done. In stir, what they learned so well has imprinted. Society believes the same. Predator and prey are one. All is, as it always has been. What they do to society, society's justice seeks the same. Driven by the instincts of a predator'prey primeval brain, crime and punishment perpetuates in vain.

 Far from the angry crowd, predators, bred and cultivated by society, assume the risks of their predatory lifestyle. And all is as it always has been...'crime and punishment'...its bitters, and bitter sweets of desire and revenge.

620   Execution penalty: For which, litigation is not infallible, and is therefore, eventually paid for, with the execution of an innocent.

621   Human being: Made of a very fine substance that had folded into itself until self aware, and once self aware, begins upon a critical path, for which some is self'created, some is absorbed from the labors of work, some is borrowed, some is broken, a bit is stolen...ever wanting, ever needing..feeling unique, but un'knowing how unique, while a thought may say one thing, a feeling, another..and an experience, yet something else altogether, alien. Human beings do not distinguish themselves from the rest of the animal kingdom by denying that they are one of them. Denying that one is a creature, does not make it so..and innocently so, do they live in carnal darkness, and become far more dangerous to themselves and the rest of the world, than they would otherwise be, in carnal knowledge.

622   Bias: It acts, and after action, is disabled from seeing any contradiction or variation of itself.

623  Because the kitten, who propounded too far, plunged twenty lengths, and landed in the straw..and because a fledgling, wanting to fly, tumbling out of the sky, was caught by a tree..and because he, was just a little spike wandering freely, and suddenly afraid, happened upon a path he found, homeward bound...serendipity is a mysterious substance. Some call it divine intervention. By others, charm, or mere facade owing to the grace of unerring instinct. But how ever called, a bit of luck is fortunate, and surely, reserved only, for the very innocent

624   Composition: Strike the bad, trash the boring, delete the the good. 

625   Honesty: When communication puts relationship at risk.

626   A wise woman gave a fine handmade wooden box to a young man. The top of the box was inlaid with "The Perfect Puzzle." She said to him, "Put together the puzzle inside, and you will learn one of the secrets of life." The young man hungry for wisdom took the box home and began working on it. He put the pieces together and saw a scene of many different kinds of plants and animals form, but when he was done, he became perplexed. There was one piece missing and one piece that did not fit. 

 The perfect puzzle is about the puzzle of life, an ever'present feeling that one piece is missing, and another does not fit.

627   Bio'organics: High tech.

628 6 Well centered to the rhythm of her walk, and making sweet wakes of scented air, every hair is prepared and carefully arranged

 And bearing the aire of a sovereign crown, she glides..freely flowing, carefully composed, releasing sweet oils for any occasion, any adventure, tears or laughter

 Lips are brightened with colors of heart. From toe nails to fingertips, what has been given divinely, she receives gladly, and exercising prerogatives freely, she improves upon it a bit with lashes darkened, brows shaped and sized..eyes, toned and exercised. The hands are creamed and smoothed. Finger nails..long, sharp, and tooled. The ear lobes and neck are touched with fragrant oil. The body is trim. The heels, high above soil 

 With careful countenance, poised and balanced, she always requires a male gendered hand. Meek, with the appearance of being weak, the polished side is displayed, where rotunda and contour vie for lead. Calculating, waiting, sweet and radiating, a lady she is..flawless, helpless..and fearless! What nature has given, is her. What she has given to herself is her. Together, they are complete..a bit of nature, and a touch of her for that particular man, who, in becoming a willing fool for her display, is the one of course, through whom her destiny will lay  

629   Boundaries, universe: A closed mind sees the universe in fixed terms of itself; an open mind sees the universe in transcendental terms of itself. The boundaries of the universe are therefore, at once, closed and open'minded, a dichotomy, however small or large a closed mind may ever myopic or far'sighted an open mind can see.  

630   Patronizing: A compliment with a hidden agenda.

701  After the whirling wind whispered to the simple arbor, thorns sprang from its branches. The sky brightened, and budding tears for the immortal surrenders rested in the midst of a storm of thorns and jagged leaves until, radiant blossoms fell upon heaven

702    Posit: Not wise to do the most for the least, nor the least for the most; the former causes unrealistic expectations, and the latter…demoralization.

703    The instinctive need to flock under an alpha'male or female with an all'powerful government in times of stress is a matter of ancient common sense. The greater the stress, the more powerful a government, instinct wants it to be. This is why professional politicians, to secure their occupations, tend to be masters of indecision, which maintains a certain level of social stress, and indispensibility for them.


 Un'common sense is to transcend the instinct to flock, enough to promote and support a diversified competitive business environment. American commerce is the golden goose; not government. Greater government power will only deliver gradual de'individualization, and certain marginalization and subjugation of everyone except those of the governmental aristocracy and subsequent silver'spoon recipients, and their associates.

704    A star for individuality.

A five pointed star for the body and individuality.

A white five’pointed star for dreams of freedom, opportunity, and prosperity.

Newborn stars are set in the heavens with a resolve to hold together. Out from under the aristocracies of the rest of the world, each star is set to build its own destiny, each with its own grasp of opportunity.

The resolve of the people proved loyal and blue. Dreams of prosperity came true. The aristocracy of a government far away, wanted its due, but at a price no one was willing to pay. For their dreams and freedom to be, red stripes bled through bandages of white. With all the blood, sweat, and tears to keep the commerce they make, the people prevailed, and with dreams unforsaken, their destiny remained unbroken.

 With resolve set in the celestial heavens, a declaration of independence was written and delivered. As the people consecrated the battlegrounds with wounded brave, an old world tradition was shed. By men and women with a vision of freedom, a revolution was led. The banner read, “Don’t Tread On Me.” With nothing more said, and with banner, tattered and torn, the United States of the Americans was born.

  History has soundly proved that with the attainment of power, a movement of a few in the name of the whole will, by dint of creature instinct, be changed by that power, and thereafter ever seek more power to gain..again in the name of the people, when they are not securing the power they already have. They are creatures of instinct, and innocent by dint of instinct.

 Capitalistic fairness is equal opportunity. Socialistic fairness is equal assistance. Thuswise, a balanced government nurtures capitalism as a lean organization with minimum taxation and regulation, and provides socialistic support for individuals who need assistance in finding their niche in commerce.

 Liberalism is a doctrine of diversity, which requires tolerance on the part of individuals in a diverse society. To preclude the development of any form of fascism, the most liberal state document ever written in the history of civilization was ratified by the U.S. Congress. Individualism does not mean selfishness. Individualism refers to the sovereignty of each individual, for which Old Glory and the U.S. Constitution serves.

 To forbear this circumstance of the wilderness since life began, the U.S. Constitution was written to keep governments, corporations, militaries, or religions from subjugating, in the name of the people or God, the people’s commerce. For the first time in the history of humankind, a governmental constitution was created to keep the people in charge of their institutions, land, commerce, and laws. This resolve is the spirit of “Old Glory,” which has bred individualism within an environment of opportunity for over two centuries; thuswise, has America become barren stony ground for any kind of aristocracy, governmental or otherwise, that would attempt to root itself.

705  Patriot: Explicitly, specifically of the U.S. Constitution, which effects the American Dream by keeping governing power from concentrating too much in one place and thereby reversing the usual Machiavellian order of power by maintaining it in the hands of the common citizen.

706   Emotion: Not a slave, nor a slayer, but rather, a master of it.

707 7   Once, within a quiet meadow, within a flourishing meadow, there lived a sylph'id, an individual who lives in constant reaction to all else that moves around her. And this individual was different from all others, living as sylph'ids do...a dark body within, appearing to have no soul.

 Flighty and fickle this one always seemed, and enraptured with all life, she lived seemingly without a Will of her own. Thus living within the ethers of a dream,  and being very much in isolation, nights were alive as days.

 And having been cared for, long ago by those of great wisdom, she wore a heavy pendant given by them. She grew innocently with this pendant around her neck, being taught that this amulet embodies the supreme wisdom of life. So, this pendant always remained with her, through day and night. But she knew not, how heavily burdened she truly was.

 This sylph'id lived upon the ground, around all other earthen floor dwellers. Within the spaces of her imaginations and a sleeping heart she lived, because adorned with a pendant of great wisdom keeps mind separate from heart. Upon the earthen floor, this sylph'id lived joyfully with all the others, liking them all, simply for what they are. Nevertheless, she remained alone. Yet, in the beginning, she noticed this not. Abuses she received, she quickly forgot.

 In time, as time seasons her love for all that lives, she began to wonder why she is treated different from all else that lives. She is bright, sensual, and lovely, but the shadow she casts is not hers. All around her, regarded her as something more curious than familiar. And one day, inevitably, a heavy sadness emerged within her, because the spirit of her love, the warmness of the sun, the fresh fragrance and color of blossoms had somehow left her, and with the heavy pendant weighing heavier, she sought solace in a nearby arbor.

 With difficulty, she labored to ascend the tree, just to reach an outreaching arm of this quiet dream'state, that she, cannot also but find a place where she can rest, apart from all else that ponder within the sadness she feels, remembering before, life always giving, one new feeling and joy after another. The gleaming sun was always bright. The fresh meadow ponds, always a delight. And all the living upon the earthen floor, she loved with her deepest fondness, but they, though liking her light hearted spirit, could not truly understand the depths of her, nor the awkwardness of her, and could not know her, except as one who is but a transient spirit.

 In as much as she knew great fun and long play, she wondered if, afterall, "Had she truly lived every day? Is this all there is?" Upon an arbor branch, she rested from her labor of ascension, watching all far below her so deeply involved in each other. Nowhere to go, no one to be, she yearned to be free in some way, to live as any around her live. She looked to the earthen floor that she knew so well before..knowing now, there is no way that she can return to the world she loved so dearly. Upon this arbor arm she felt, she will forever be, to remain still from the inside looking out, watching all else living freely, it seemed, within their sovereign ways, within their many spirits of taking and giving.

 For a long time, she had worn the pendant of supreme wisdom, feeling that with it, she would always be able to freely give and be given to freely. Yet, unknowingly to her, the pendant being worn so much, was ready to fall by its own inherent fault. And when it broke and began its fall, in her despair, she felt unworthy to bear the weight of so much knowledge, unable to apply it, for all those she loved. The amulet fell to the earthen floor, to all that she loves and cares for, and with that end, she feels deeply tired, needing deep rest from deep sorrow.

 Such is the end of sylph'ids...those who appear to live without a soul. Yet, to emerge from them is something wondrous to behold. This sylph'id within her dark sleep, soon lost her grasp upon the arbor arm. To the earthen floor, she started to fall to the world she loves, only to suddenly awake! amid the ethers of creation, and catch the wind as her heart knew how..and no longer sad, deployed her wings, she knew not, she had.

708   From unrestricted creativity, a consternation on his face reveals a fine resolve that runs deep. Its relief is created by the existential freedoms he keeps. For his craft, there are no banners to wave, no table to purchase, no meat to fetch, nor roof to rent. No responsibility, other than, 'Unto one's self be true'. In his youth, he struggled with assigned essay, and for it, delivered tortured prose, but a few lines written for a cafe waitress on a napkin was given as freely and easily as breathing. He has become very good at cloaking his avocation. This is essential. He has a number of attires. The good ol'boy sportsman or 'white shirt and tie' professional editor. Only very rarely does he ever wear his true threads...a straw Fedora, bleached cotton peasant shirt, black cotton pants, scandals, and a loose fitting tweed coat. Leather at the elbows is optional. Mainly, he wants to observe, blend in, join..and avoid being observed or become a spectacle in anyway. He learns the dress codes. They serve his purpose. And he is often seen with a hat. These days, it is a red'billed one, and on its crown reads, 'Caterpillar Bulldozers.' His daughter remarked, "Dad! You look just like a utility man." The artist just smiled.

 If he is physically hurt by someone, it is because of his inability to defend himself. If he is physically hurt by some thing, it is because of his inability to foresee. If he becomes emotionally hurt by someone, it is because of his lack of understanding..of them, of himself, or both. And when he has been hurt by someone because they had passed on, it is because of his inability to repair it, or heal it, where only time could dull the effect of vacuous pain. If he hurts, it is because he has limited abilities, limited understanding, and no preparation at all for love loss.

 For a composition that is easy, he might charge a high price. For a composition that requires some effort, he might charge a competitive price. For a composition that is daunting, he will do it for free.

709   Iocentric: 'I'..'I am'; 'o'..phonetic tool; 'centric'; Biblically, Old Testament, of ‘the lion and the lamb,’ the lion; for information mapping, the individual qualia serves exclusively as the general frame of reference for mapping one's empirical knowledge in terms of who one is, as an individual; associated with the right brain and functions as one's individualistic ego. 

710   Sociocentric: 'Socio'; 'We are'; 'centric'; Biblically, New Testament, of ‘the lion and the lamb,’ the lamb; for information mapping, the sensibilities of a group to which one belongs, serves exclusively as the general frame of reference for all of one's empirical information; associated with the left brain, and functions as one's social ego.

711   Agape: Sensitivity, sensuality, love, giving, and receiving..all through values shared with others. Does not feel as though one has given unless it is in terms of the receiver.

712   Eros: Sensitivity, sensuality, love, giving, and receiving..all through values unique to the individual. One does not feel they have given unless it is something they value, something of themselves given.

713  There was a young man who was raised on a farm and came of age as a farmhand. All he knew was work, meals for the day, quiet evenings, and Sundays, a day of rest and play. After he had grown, his uncle said, "It is time for you to be on your way." With a sack of food and a walking stick, the young man bid his good'byes and left the farm. On the road, he worked for room and board for as long as the work would last. This was all he knew, what to do from day to day. "There must be some way," he thought, "to do better than this." To merely subsist, and never get ahead in anyway, he began to feel despair. He knew that someday he would be responsible for more than himself, but "how is this possible?" he thought, "with only work, food, and a cot." Then, one day, a farmer offered pay for the last bit of work he had for him. After the young man delivered the tobacco crop to the market, he returned. The farmer gave him a penny for his service, and the young man asked, "What's that?" and the farmer explained, and sent him on his way. The young man with a sack of food over his shoulder and his walking stick, set upon the country road. After awhile, he stopped for a bit, put his hand into his pocket, and felt the penny, his first penny. He smiled, and cheerfully traveled on. 

 Hope is a penny in a pocket, but infinitely more than an empty pocket.

714       Once there was a territorial imperative. And this imperative rapidly grew and spread because it was well fed by abundant land everywhere. But soon, the limits of growth were apparent, the natural resources dwindled, and the conditions for a new world were formed.

 Such conditions that inevitably made Earth smaller were championed by the ambition that would conquer and endeavor to own the world, by the priest who would revise living souls, by the intellectual who claims to know the essential meaning of life for everyone, by the mystic who would possess living souls, or the General who would impress and regiment them under his control. Of what a human being could be, reached some infinity of ego within those unfathomable, habitually consuming life's vitality in their attempt to conquer life..especially life unlike itself.

 Extended and profound, new world ingenuity ended old world visions that saw virgin land, fertile green valleys, and vast natural resources that have been since, consumed into weapons too great to be used, into air that should not be breathed, into food that should not be eaten, and medicinals that should not be taken, along with a new world technology that can consume and commercially merchandize virtually anything in the world. The end of an old frontier brought a world in transition..traditions in upheaval..a world in which the Earth, as the universe, was readily and swiftly exchanged for the firmament of the stars.

 Old tried and true beliefs and articles of faith that could deliver only hope, were followed with the hope that a larger nurturing world will somehow arise. The universe of the Earth had become too small, the implements of war too dangerous for all, the air too foul..and disappointed idealism, all too powerful. Drifting upon grey seas of opposing wants, where is vision living and self transcendence striving? Where is life ensearching gnosis? So many with an appetite for the fruit of the serpent's tree!..and evermore paranoid from un'differentiated sumps of fear and hate; half god, half humanoid, they devote what sight they have to ravenous consumption of what wit can take. What power'raptured child is this!? that with its towers of power, compulsively consumes its surroundings until its unconscious deed becomes all too apparent. What then? when everything is gone, when denials, after becoming so many so quickly, collectively evolve..each catalyzing the end of each, with the death of the environment that had nurtured each.

 What emotion would grip the heart, what insight would bring light to the mirror by which one may see the body saving itself at the expense of so much else laid to waste? Such a price for self preservation and 'knowledge for its own sake' surely, inevitably must beget only one purpose..a deep resurrect the natural beauty so delicately formed, so patiently evolved, and so darkly taken away...consumed, as it were, by a profound absence of a life'giving conscience.

 Humankind has always responded to the demands of its natural environment with tools. Tools are essential for survival. Humankind cherishes a tradition of tools. And for new problems, there was always at least one with enough capacity for contemplation to innovate an old, or conceive a new tool, which resolved old problems more efficiently, or effected original solutions to new problems. While the use of tools distinguishes many species of life from others, where there was the systematic cataloging of ideas and evolution of invention, there was humankind distinguishing itself when ever an environmental upheaval created the necessity of an invention. One is limited only by one's imagination; the force of necessity, the same..and its inventions, with the very same limitation.

 As in the past, today, the preoccupation with tool development is accepted as a fundamental part of the human condition. From the time in history that is unrecorded, from the time in life that cannot be remembered..we, mostly by instinct, adapt and invent the means by which our fragile body can withstand the extremes of a desert's heat or arctic's violent cold...cut through mountains, span great spaces between cliffs, descend deep into the seas where night is perennial, and rise far above the skies, far away from the hold of Earth where darkness is eternal.

 Becoming evermore aware of our frailty, we conceive the means through which our nearsighted eyes can see far into the depths of matter and into the vast space above. With the ability to do relatively little more than tread water, we span vast territories of ocean, and explore its bottoms where only few can live. Vast natural resources...air, fire, water, and earth are gathered, transformed, molded and shaped to extend the meager power of our hands, arms, legs..our eyes, ears, and our computing, collating, sorting, recalling, analyzing brain. By our own inventions, we are more and more influencing or remaking creation for our advantage. We are reshaping and remolding creation to suit our needs within a biospheric ship traveling through space.

 Growing rapidly by our own means, vast territories of space become the new world within which new inventions and innovations will be necessary for humankind to maintain some control over its destiny, and perhaps attain some respect for the territorial domain that delivered us.

 The motivations that drove the 'territorial imperative' reach deep within everyone. Even though there is no significant territorial imperative today, the instinct to claim more space is still alive. The imperative is still, very much alive!

 Since the beginning of the 20th century when humankind became airborne, the frontier of space increased manyfold. Within this new frontier of space, we have adapted well, as well as to the machines we have invented. Within the span of our grandparent's generation, we are taking steps into a universe far beyond their world. Adapting to open space, the new land, the 'territorial imperative' became the 'space imperative.'

 Before our habitat was extended to the moon, before our eyes were able to see dawn and twilight on Mars, or the thick chunks of ice making the rings of Saturn, the Earth and its tributaries of land, sea, and sky was the universe. Within a blink of evolution's eye after eternities of inspiration gave its light, the old universe of Earth quickly vanished. Subsequently, we are no longer led by the explorers of sea and land, but by the visionaries of outer space.

 The world is changing profoundly, changing by space technology that can reduce the universe of Earth to a scheduled flight within a single day. Such a course in evolution is inevitable because whether there is a simple tool or the controls of a space vehicle in hand, we become greater than what our bodies normally provide, greater than to where a bird can normally fly. Looking out into the heavens, the telescope makes us greater than we could otherwise be..seeing the image of stars, looking into the distant past. The reality of now, impels us to reachout to those images and learn what is really there. With the growth of technology, we mature. What we perceive and what we witness becomes a part of us. And a smaller Earth makes the many cultures of Earth closer...more neighbor, less alien.

 Within a high tech environment, humankind will achieve a steady'state population. With stabilizing high technology, humankind will continue to optimize the environment for themselves, but not at the expense of it. Clean water'burning and long operating hydrogen engines will replace the inefficient fossil fuel engines. Low cost energy will be abundant. Abundant fresh water will be maintained with vast water'conducting systems that will harvest otherwise lost runoff to the sea. Fresh water will be diverted to deserts, transforming almost instantly, vast wastelands into great fertile farmlands. The work week will be adjustable. Education institutions will be integrated into the corporations providing goods and services. Flexible manufacturing systems when needed, will be able to make a customized commodity for the same cost as a mass produced one. Opportunities for adventure will increase. The future will see a great high tech society that will be physically and emotionally well, with its members freely pursuing spiritual well being. The entertainment industry evolving with high technology will be ubiquitous, and will continue to express the sense and sensibilities of society. 

 Within a century, humankind evolved from a cloth fuselage of a light, single pilot airplane that could do little more than a mile a minute to a rocket booster'd spaceship capable of traveling approximately seven miles per second while escaping the grip of Earth. In just fifty years, humankind went from hovering over tree tops whenever a strong wind arose, to stepping on the moon and taking a drive in a car. Rocketing out of past traditions, cultures will recede, but not lost to what humanity gained. Longevity will evolve far beyond what it is today, but even at its zenith, senses are limited, resources are limited, and a steady'state environment..still a requirement. It is the destiny of humankind to apprehend a nurturing environment, stabilize it, nurture it, and serving as stewards of it, contemplate the destiny of stars, and the space imperative they created.

715  Phoenix compositions:  These compositions originate from instinctive impulse, and without over endeavoring to convert such dim light to bright, there are voices, but only one character. There is a journey, but no story. There is truth, but no formal proof. There is art, but unlike workshop garden flowers..more like wild flowers. These soliloquies are for the simple pleasure of reading, to feel the sensation, feelings against gradients of ever much the reader upon a journey herein, may be prose'd to thought or drawn to feeling, if idle thought or pastoral feeling be the pleasure

716    Infinite patience: The exercise of patience until one undergoes a death and transfiguration, from what one was, to what one has become.

717    Contentment: A temporary thing; if continuous..involves more compromise of one's self than one can ultimately live with. 

718  Upon earthen ground amid twigs and pebbles of all kinds, the ant labored long. And I peered closer to see the huge fragment of leaf greater than he, that he was diligently dragging. Many others were passing'by with ease. They were carrying easily, food and debris of lesser weight than themselves. This ant struggled far with one large morsel of food, pushing, pulling with undaunted Will upon a crooked path back to its hill. In comfort do I continue to watch, and so close am I, to this hard working creature..yet I, this creature sees not. I am watching an entity of life that is unable to see me, as I see...and then, all became silent, I felt a deep stillness. I looked aside, closeby, to the sky...who is there!?...watching me, seeing me, as they are able to see

719   Posit:  an explanation for the diversity of life in the universe. If the universe exists on an infinite timeline, near immortal beings exist as independent luminous bodies. Such a station of being, though ultimately evolved, must foster an environment of boredom and its prickly eternity. The most evolved is enabled to occupy, whole or in part,  a body or rock, and from time to time, various degrees of tedium cause various degrees of existential angst. The more severe the angst, the longer an incarnation of diminished consciousness is required. If the angst is just a minor headache, a lifetime or two as a bug will do.

720    Posit: The U.S. Constitution is the most progressive and liberal document ever written and ratified by a state in the history of civilization; the most progressive in that is is designed to avert a ruling class government; and most liberal by equalizing all citizens with the Bill of Rights.

721   Fantasies: Artificial connections between cause and effect.

722  Long ago it seems, was my body formed. And carefully tendered was I then. With many needs did my life begin. The year, the month and day, the hour they knew, even the minute they say. Yet, so many times since then, from great laughter or deep sadness, did I end and begin, did life seem endless. And whenever I feel down and too alone, I rise up and seek the sun that melts the frost, seeking to find, birthdays lost

723    Capitalism: The squirrel storing nuts for the winter, the bear fatted for winter hibernation, a fruit's sweet mass for its seeds, the bees precious honey, the wheat germ and its starchy endosperm, all are fine examples of capitalism.

724    Matter:  All is one state of consciousness or another and therefore would reveal itself more by communication with it, than by experimentation of it. 

725  Christian traditionalist believe that soon, Jesus will return to Earth, after which everyone will become Christian. Muslim radicals believe that Islam shall rule the infidels. The Jewish Torah, or the law, awaits their messiah and judgment day for all humankind. Are these the meek who shall inherit the Earth?..the conflict and inevitable apocalypse..blood, bone, and soul crushing and mixing until ugly anger rubs bare, the mark of fire and brimstone they share

726    Dichotomous being: An equilibrium between two equally stationed general frames of reference where information, sensual or conceptual, is mapped iocentrically and sociocentrically. Iocentric...a tree in the forest who sees other trees only in terms of itself; sociocentric...a tree of a forest who sees only what it shares with other trees; seeing both ways, one is equally stationed in the forest, one is a dichotomous being.

727   Posit: To ensure that the people's commerce remains in the hands of the people, simply pull the governmental aristocrats into our midst with term limits, enough to inspire them to become personally vested in the private sector, in the same commerce we all share. Once vested, hearts and minds will follow common sense. As political sense is replaced with common sense, common sense will become less controversial.

728 8 On a warm summer afternoon, I was disarmed while associated with others in mind, the many of us plucking sweet sustenance from a thicket when I saw, by chance encounter..happen to witness what surely promised to be the beginning of a drama in a world we see, with inhabitants unable to see us. There, they proceeded candidly with their encounter, with all the uninhibited compulsion their primordial instincts commanded, as though they were the only two, anywhere at all.

 In the center of this world is a place controlled by a very small creature. This little creature has eight lovely legs, a shapely torso, and in front, eight beautiful eyes. She makes a fine silk thread and uses it to web the space that she wants to control. And the web has a center where she dwells..and from this center, silk strands radiate in all directions as she, in her space of mind, commands a particular space and time, with her own self sovereignty.

 To make her place in this world, she claims just a bit of space as she links each aster spiraling toward its center, toward the final consummation of magic she knows. And we know very well that any creature caught in the silken web, falls subject to this she'creature's needs. This web is dedicated to her primordial vision, having been constructed by knowledge inborn, having been made to claim the peace at its center.

 This she'creature dwells in peace except upon occasions when other creatures too large for the web may rip a small part of it, a part she easily and diligently repairs. Or perhaps, when a formidable spirit shakes and disrupts the harmony of her domicile, she remains in her center, undisturbed. She thus lives, feeds, and guards this space under her control. She is a very fine creature, diligent in work, deep in tranquillity. All soul.

 There are many types of disturbances that could occur to her. None but one though, could cause any change in her way of life. This one stands alone in the universe. He is a traveler by nature who moves and feeds as he casually journeys to and fro. He often dwells upon the earthen floor, and he also has eight long legs and many eyes, although over all, he is much smaller than she. Yet, he is much lighter and quicker on his feet!..which, as we shall see, is a critical asset for him.

 The he'creature travels in a light hearted manner, being fascinated with any arcana that should happen by his way. He has pondered much upon many things and has seen much of a wondrous world. Being curious by nature, he has become very adept to unpredictable things..and wise, learning the delicate balance between valor and discretion.

 Because she was born very sovereign in her ways, not just any he of her kind can approach her. Many have tried, and many were, as it were...consumed. As we know, both creatures must survive. The she, fertilized, and the he, to release his seed. As we see, this he possesses a Will and determination that matches some of the strongest in the universe. And we, as mere spectators, feel uneasy in our own imagination because we sense that the demise of time begins from the confrontation between one so worldly, with one so firmly situated in self knowledge. We see the he'creature struggling within his own aspiration, struggling to pursue the dear object of his be his instinctive need. And difficulty is inevitable since the he'creature is so much smaller than she. This difference means that she does not recognize him as being of her own kind. In fact, if he should ever get caught in her web, he would become subject to her simple appetite, as though he was just another stranger.

 Nevertheless, undaunted with inborn caution and determined with worldly wisdom, the he'creature in his usual lively manner, alights close to her territory. He has traveled unwittingly, a long and arduous journey, away from his familiar begin here, with the love of his heart in reflection upon his eyes, upon the only path he knows. With instinctive powers and worldly gain charged, he rests in meditation at the perimeter of her domain, while she rests in her center, undisturbed. Within this awesome ebb, these two feel themselves as they are for the last time. They have savored many gifts of life in their own special way..yet, feeling some end is near, they sense the threshold of their destiny..the space he instinctively knows they must, at least for a moment, leave behind. Stillness hangs heavy in this place where time has ceased. The ebb is suddenly broken as he valiantly leaps forward with his usual receptive nature, and somehow knowing the treachery of her web, takes command of only a single strand, a remote part of her web. Upon it, he can move freely, confronting her directly, disabling her from encircling him. And again, he wisely recalls that his powers of influence with her are limited, and that he cannot afford to allow himself to fall into her grasp, because it would surely be an event that would end his quest..far too soon for him. In readiness upon the tight rope of silk, this intrepid traveler draws upon his inborn knowledge. Driven by an ageless instinct, he cautiously approaches the center of his heart, the primordial purpose of each beat. As he approaches, she rears her giant legs far above him, and with due respect, he slowly moves forward for the opportunity to touch her with his knowledge and charm. When she discovers that he is not attacking her for the usual reasons, she drops her guard in confusion, and he seizes his first opportunity to place her into a space that she has never before experienced.

 This sovereign she'creature though, is strongly situated in her own world, and there is only a brief moment of stillness when she is outside herself. And regaining her autonomy, she ferociously attacks the intrepid lover, and he..possessed with excellent powers of discretion, retreats. Again, he approaches, driven by an intense irrational impulse upon his tight rope, to touch her in his special manner. Repeatedly, the he'creature perseveres with courage and worldly wisdom, pursuing the object of his heart, however unaware she most certainly is, of his benign and loving intentions.

 As we witness this spectacle, we see that this traveler is surely possessed with strong Will and endurance. One time, her formidable jaws just barely grazed his vital middle. And there was another time, when he fell from the single strand rope, arresting all of us..but was saved by a wise precaution he had taken earlier, of attaching a safety line made of his own silken thread. With this magnificent event, a wave of admiration passed through us all. In the middle of this intriguing dialogue, we became aware of a profound passion this brave lover had for his calling..and as we see, the she'creature gradually turned to a yellow rose in his eyes, and each time he managed to touch her, she became a bit more disarming. Her ferocity and rage cooled to anger with periods of disorientation, as this caring courageous soldier of love begins to conquer with perseverance, intelligence, a dash of genius..humility, discretion, and valor. Yet, there was a moment in this dialogue when the near constant strain of their personal impasse began to show on both of them, becoming a victim of each other, as it were. Nevertheless, he noticed from recent passes he made, that she would remain a bit longer in a peaceful state, better accustomed to his presence. There was even a moment when she almost completely relaxed, becoming one with all!..suspending all of us! Revitalized by obvious signs of change in her, he pursues with ever greater vigor, to dispel her anger, where'after the she'creature shows even more visible signs of peace, at least for a moment, accepting him as her partner in the universe. And then, in one unexpected magnificent moment, she is tranquil, under the spell of his affection. And he, knowing what this opportunity means, immediately joins her, and they are as one.

 Within this moment, time suspends completely as the magic of life passes between them, and here, while they are joined, the ebb'space that was in their beginning, returned to hold all of us within its enchantment..feeling intensely, the pleasant fragrance and sensation of the eternal now. A moment though, is but a brief passing, and soon she regains her usual composure, to rear and pounce upon him. His destiny was secured. His primordial instinct fulfilled, and his energy, unfortunately depleted. With her renewed rage and self sovereignty, this small he'creature was attacked and cast from his safety line, and fell away to nowhere, falling far from the place that moments before, he commanded so well. 

 As we, the onlookers, remain in disbelief, we ponder over the end of such courage, perseverance, and valor that had begotten a self'sovereign for their continuance in nature. She was seeded, and we know that she will discover a paradise in devotion to her own, as they proceed in time from her. But his fate is difficult to ponder..and we wonder in anguish about such a terrible end, to such benign and loving intentions. From this love forsaken, suspended within, we are left with a dismal mood...and we must rhythm with glittering moonbeams over a deep dark ocean. We fathom its abyssmal depths to contemplate upon the fate of such a courageous he, as we have seen.

 Is this the mandate of primordial knowledge existing with such certainty?..existing without doubt, without hesitation. Does it match equally the entire physical existence of he? Is any other of creation so fated to such an instant end, being only the knowledge of a necessary deed? Must we find a way to accept this hand of creation? far beyond our comprehension.

 We must, of course. We must somehow see, such integrity and vision of life as that which passes through the life of she..from infinite past to eternal future..but how can this be? As we begin to be taken over by deeper recesses of our own, we are aroused again. In sweet relief! we perceive below. There is a bit of a stirring on the floor of the Earth, in the direction of the great fall. And sure enough! He had merely made a spectacular flight back to his own earthen space, where his feet once again felt the familiar foundation, the sights and sounds with familiar fragrances. so much that is different, he is not a stranger. Life to him is large with many adventures upon the earthen floor, or high within empyrean realms where she remained. And within her, we know now, he was only seeking there, the peace he knew on Earth..the peace, the repoir..the copesetic..that in due time, will return.

729 22   Flora: Dreamstates

730 9 A visiting student of religion attended a Catholic high school meeting, guided by a priest, to review the Vatican II document. During a pause in the dialogue, the visiting student, a friend of the church, spoke up, "In my studies, I have observed that people in other religions and denominations of Christianity regard theirs as the 'one and only' true religion. They all feel the same about their own." Immediately, one of the young attendees remarked, "No!! Catholics believe the strongest that we have the true religion." 

 After some silence, the priest responded, "No. He is right. People believe equally strong that theirs is the true religion." Silence turned the walls into sponge absorbing every little sound. There was no stirring or mumbling. Only silence.

731    Identities, existential: 'I am that I am'; 'I feel, therefore I am'; 'I think, therefore I am'; 'I know, therefore I am'. Existential identities are distinct from identity personas, in that they have no restrictions of what one can feel, think, know, or instinctively be; concrete identity personas, do.

801   Eternity: Given that the universe exists with an infinite timeline, feeling no sense of time is to experience eternity. Remembrance of eternities recalls at once, a sense of instant passing forever long.

All is eternity. Eternity is, and life moves on. We sleep without dreaming, and life moves on. We wear out a body, now and then, and life moves on.

802   The Old Testament Bible, Isaiah: "11:6  The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." The image of the 'lion sleeps with the lamb,' besides the sentiment of world peace, has another meaning.

 How much can be uttered philosophically about a notion that does not lend itself to logic? where, in any direction, the path of logic is short and ends in indeterminacy because the path is an oscillating equilibrium. Given that the universal reality exists without time, something must be indeterminate within and without, for one to resonate with a timeless reality.

 Survival is binary. One effects survival as a member of a group or as an individual. Survival is key. Survival is essential. So utterly necessary is survival that a brain is dedicated for each. The iocentric Lion, the sociocentric Lamb..each mapping its sensations and thoughts according to its respective centers. For the Lion, what makes it unique among other lions..for the Lamb, what it shares in common with other lambs. 

 When the 'lion sleeps with the lamb,' two mutually exclusive frames of mind, each with its own brain, have the equal ability to bind, configure, and direct energy..the Chi eternally flows..a resonance between them, a rapport with the eternal energy of the universe. Both with its own instincts of survival. Each with its own criteria for transcendental metamorphosis. Neither altogether the Lion or the Lamb, one is both, with instinct guiding which to be. 

803  Far to the temperate north, within a great valley of many arbors, floras, and creatures, all surrounded by high mountains east and west, deep within me, there is a yearning to be of this haven. I travel to the highland rivers. There..up high, are wind'whispers through evergreen, and the distant hollow roar of the river between them. In the morning, the mountains shade trickling waters at my feet, and the soft damp fragrance of Earth I sense. Crisp and clear spirits are around me..quiet breezes through leaves of river trees sway me, the sparkling mystique of rippling river pools beckons be here, to just simply be

 I travel deep into the forest divine, and enjoy the company of a great many, so un'self'consciously the river in its special sway, in constant motion and akin to the wind. All that lives, is part wind and part water. All here, is unaware of itself and instinctive. All is decisive, in fault and action. All else, becomes detritus

  I come here to find company, to relate to this great entity. I have learned that paths of destiny are marked by aspirations, and aspirations become fate, when they originate from peace of mind..the peace I seek I feel the clear skies above, or down'under, amid the turbulence of the deep streaming spirit before me, now flowing through me. Far, far away from the wilderness of mind to the civilization of forest, do I find I rest and simply exist, do I stay and forever drift through earthly fragrance. Carried by gentle winds, here, I would willingly settle into conscious sleep, feeling my whole within this entity of all, feeling though, as an alien. From the wilderness of mind, did I emerge, and upon this occasion, I seek...I hope...if I only could, become a citizen of this civilization, become a dweller in this wood

 Here, within this haven, I feel all so clear in their need. I feel their need, its constancy. I hear the gentle rippling currents, I feel embraced by the silence of trees..lofty, open, and friendly. Sweet gentle wind!..moving lightly and swiftly, so easily are you born again within me. And the waters from the heavens, from the mountains, from every trickling passage, all move together, down..from many into one, do the waters move, moving and quieting the many within me. Here, I will stay, even after I mourning pending with all the cacophony of living sounds, all somehow a'blending and penetrating, and laying me down, upon deep carpets of moss

804   To comprehend mathematics requires comprehension of zero and infinity. Without zero and infinity or one's zero'infinity faculty, mathematics cannot be comprehended. One cannot even count. Without a greater experience of zero and infinity, one's capacity for mathematics cannot increase; the rational, the irrational..the continuous, the discontinuous could not be more fully comprehended and enabled. 

  Therefore, when failure leaves a sense of eternal nothingness, one's capacity for math has just increased, and with that increased capacity, one is better enabled next time to succeed. So, if a dark menacing cloud persists over one's head and a reprieve is needed, there is always's zero'infinity realm, its peace, its inscrutable but perfectly comprehensible rational and irrational imaginary..its numbers, and assigned points of line, plane, and solid in all their continuous and discontinuous ways.

805     As one awakens to themselves, a single emotion may become light, and one is given to single mindedness. This is inevitable, when reality, too emotionally complex to bear, is replaced with an abstract reality that is, emotionally negotiable. Yet, what if there is some concept..some ultimate philosophy or abstract truth..the one pristine thought by which, everything in the physical world can be explained? What if such a thing did exist? How could it be expressed? As a word? As a phrase or a complete thought? Can such a notion be expressed as something more than a sentence, a book, or series of books? Can this resolute truth be a part of a word, or a letter..or some simple symbol? Can such an absolute figment of mind be a plain square?..a dot?..or any mark, jot, or amorphous spot that could be imagined.

  Yes, one must concede that such inflexible stations of mind can be sustained by a symbol, a sound, or even a physical object. And most assuredly, such 'non plus ultras' are readily available. There are endless arrays of sounds and figures..figurines, abstracts, and melodies to pick from. Countless words there are, if need be, to compound for the sake of perpetuating a thought that would claim for itself, the basis by which all else can be explained.

  An abundance of means there are, to preserve that single notion that would go about, without hesitation, blessing all its subjects of the omniscient common, it claims to be. And serving well, this profoundly isolated cell, within which ultimately, a mind has only itself to feed upon, provides as well as any frame of reference claiming to be universal, a heavy anchor for the passions, and a nice strong rope to bind and restrict all compassions, with a taught bowline knot.

806    Once, there was a community of individuals who shared a common lifestyle vision. They believed that they did not need any government or organization in order to live their lives. They called themselves anarchists, an association of individuals who live freely amongst themselves to meet their needs. So, this community decided to move away from civilization as far as possible. After they moved to a remote location in the wilderness, they established their community. Eventually, they discovered that to live as a community, they had to establish organizations that function for the community. They convened a meeting and decided that any community organization violates their creed of anarchism. In their meeting, they resolved to be true anarchists, and decided to cease to exist as a community. So, each member packed their belongings and dispersed separately deeper into the wilderness...where they found that the wilderness presented to them many more rules that they must live by, than the cities from which they came.

807   Logic: Everyone is perfectly logical; we differ only in assumption..what is conscious..what is not; what is more relevant or traditional..what is not; given this, analysis of logic is analysis of assumption, where the wrong one can just as easily be in one's backyard, as the right one can be on alien ground.

808  While bles'sed gifts of mind may bear the diligence of talent, the glow of intelligence, the show of faculty...yet am I, bles'sed unthinking..gladly collecting and sorting rays of twilight, and busy counting faint moonbeams, upon a still, still, mid'summer night

809   Illogic: Created by differing assumptions; therefore, question a path of illogic by investigating its assumptions, and a new path of logic will be discovered.

810  Jonathan Smith was a dwarf with kinky hair and fierce red eyes. He believed strongly, that a man should have a skill, treat animals kindly, and do not trust strangers to get along in the world. Jonathan had a son, Benjamin, who had straight long hair down to his shoulders. He had two club feet, and one eye was crossed inward. He believed strongly, that a man should have a skill, treat animals kindly, and do not trust strangers to get along in the world. Benjamin had a son, Tomas Smith, who had no hair at all, was nearly blind, and could only walk slow, because he was pigeon'towed. He believed strongly, that a man should have a skill, treat animals kindly, and do not trust strangers to get along in the world. Tomas had a son, Carl, who had flaming red hair, long gainly legs, and eyes that could see a flea, on the back of a mule. He believed strongly, that a man should have a skill, treat animals kindly, and do not trust strangers to get along in the world. 

 As the legend of Methuselah speaks, that Methuselah lived over nine hundred years, so says this account of Jonathan's descendents. From generation to generation, identity reproduces with greater efficiency than the passing on of genes.

811   Armageddon: A war rages between good and evil within, until the eye sees by reflection where evil truly lives. Only those who by evil see, have Armageddon ahead of them.

812 10  Son..the sandwich I bought for you is very large, and because you do not have a table, the sandwich cannot be cut into quarters. "Daddy..that's Ok. My mouth is very large" 

813    Metaphysics (met'e-fiz'iks): The study and mapping of belief systems, which initially, does not require logic, but rather, an interest in them, after which formal logic may be applied to reveal the congruencies, incongruencies, and eccentricities of what was mapped.

814    Metaphysical principle: Mind and matter are separated only by the limited means of communication between them.

815  For peace of mind, I would find a place where the wind does not blow, where I do not know what will happen next. When I am darkly divided, one self wars upon another. This place in the center of a whirling storm. For love, I was their eyes. I saw the world in disguise. For love, I left them behind, keeping what I had in beginning. Now living as I was in my beginning, I will clearly be, all love given freely. This peace is worthwhile, being there for awhile, I shall be whatever I find

816  Posit:  A love persona is a set of acquired sensibilities, mannerisms, temperaments, and whatever else that a child needs to maintain a state of grace with their caretaker, which becomes buried deeper with each year passing. The child enters adulthood with a love persona firmly seated in their earthly soul. When the child'adult meets someone with whom they have already adapted with their love persona, the relationship is all but fated for good, or not, if the love persona was developed for one with whom they would not be happy. Such a child enters adulthood...deeply attracted to the wrong person; only weakly attracted, if at all, to the right person; instinctively knowing how to be with the former..knowing not, with the latter.

817   Infinity: When ego feels 'all and everything' bearing down upon it, ego conceives of zero to preserve itself; thuswise, is zero created. 

818 11  Fascism: Fascism is when one member of an ecosystem dominates the rest; e.g., within the eco’economic system, government and its favored corporations dominate commerce, which causes commerce to become chronically enemic as history has repeatedly proved. When passion for one's values preclude sense and sensibility for others, one becomes moribund bound, enhancing the value of one's life while devaluating another; hence, where there is intolerance, there is fascism. The fail’safe to fascism is that fascists always underestimates the innate soverignty of others and their common sense.

819  Called forth from sweet emptiness in the straw, I arose to proceed upon a tree bearing gifts. I happened by, and my appetite ordered me to flutter the tree feeder for a radiant crimson apple. The apple dove to the cushioned floor and rolled down the rise. I radically ran after it, until I again discovered it, by the river's boundary. There, I lifted the sweet mass, and appreciated its gifted nectar, and while breaking my fast, I mused about the fresh fallen rain. For congregated tears from Eden to flow, all Earth must regard itself as more sublime than the sea. Furthermore, tears must take the path of least resistance over pain. Yet, while a tear is within the inescapable grip of fear and despair, how happy and free'flowing it seems to be, having gathered together, running cheerfully...but blindly, running toward a cliff! a water falling! become lost in a primordial sea! I must quickly learn how..and speak to the tears in the sky, and fore'warn them

820 12 With each turn of the sun, the alien winds that push her vessel with sails full and blushing, for want of faster passing, bears a spirit it carries over oceans deep and waters shallow…hallow ground, yet however much everything is of the divine, with everything said and unsaid, what is this haunting feeling?..this sense so exquisite in the presence of her spirit, as if I were to approach too close, too near, she would utterly disappear. I dare not touch, what I hold so dear   

821 13 The night is covered by a warm blanket, and my daughter, she was three, joined me for a comfortable sit. We looked high into a star'ridden sky..her eyes, dark and wide, she sighed, "Dad, why are there so many, why are they there?" We looked in silence and enjoyed the peace. Then, to her I said, "Most stars are not what they seem. Some of them fall." Her eyes brightened, "Daddy! Stars fall down here!?" Into the deep silence we fell, the warm everywhere we felt. Then I saw her with hands together making a cup. I asked, "What are you doing?" She said, "Daddy, I am going to catch one"

822   Criticism, art: Analyzing art is a way of shielding one's self from its influence.

823   Once, on Tiu's day, Tiu, a god of war, decided to declare war on Woden, another god of war. The declaration was made on Woden's day. They fought a thunderous war on Thor's day, the god of thunder, for the amours of Freya, goddess of love and fertility, who will freely love the victor. After consummation of the marriage on Freya's day, Saturn's day followed, which was a day of peace and convolescense. The next day was the day of the sun for the revelation of the new kingdom's regime, followed by a day of 'en la luna,' or moon day in which, the realization of what the new regime means. This caused another war between the gods of war, as they vie for, the people and spoils of war, and the power to sow their seed, as they see fit.

 This became a weekly refrain throughout the year in memory of old world war and peace. No wonder we look forward to the weekend, and feel pensive Monday.

824    Celebrity: Everyone is producer, director, and the comedy, drama, mystery, and romance of one's life.

825  Aristocrats, monied or not,  are regals who have a great capacity for compassion, but only in the form of pity. They relate to the world, but only through an abstract reality. Being regal, all personal and social gestures are made from a station removed from the norm, and the world view of that station has no tolerance to world views different from its own. With a disposition of entitlement, an aristocrat’s natural instinct for survival has undergone an existential shift to the survival of their identity that occupies the station of their regal crown.

826    Luminous body: Made of aggregated photons, which assumes the form of a carnal body after it incarnates. 

827    Sentimentality: "Those were the days." How nice it would be?  to know in those days, that "those were the days."

828   Once, a lion was hunting in the forest. Crouched with the scent of a stag in the air, the lion crept into a clearing when suddenly, out of a shadow, a giant stag charged. The lion leaped out of the way of its horns, and backed up to charge the stag. The stag was huge, but the lion was very hungry and needed to eat that day. The lion leaped upon the back of the stag. The stag reared high and thrust its horns backward. One horn plucked out an eye and the other gored the side of the lion. The wounded lion fell to the ground, and the stag lowered his horns to charge again. As the lion lay wounded, he was able to see himself with his plucked'out eye as he never saw himself before. In that instant of acknowledging what he is, the lion disappeared, after which he put his eye back into its socket, licked his wound, and the stag, unable to see the lion, wandered back into the shadows of the forest.

 A lion does not acknowledge that it is a creature and lives in carnal darkness. With this acknowledgment, the lion disappeared because he was no longer, a lion. 

829   Free thinker:  One within whom the pleasure of thinking freely is willingly paid with the isolation it may cause from thinking independently.  All free thinkers are individualists, but not all individualists are free thinkers because some are feral and speak with an alpha'male or alpha'female agenda.

830   Presidiary left brain: A tree, with all the world to see, only in terms of the forest does it ever see; in terms of receiving, there is no sensation unless it hurts. 

831   Presidiary right brain: A snake consuming its own that, with all the world to see, only in terms of itself does it ever see; in terms of giving, there is no sensation unless it hurts. 

901  Hope:  A many splendor'd thing. Goodwill or ill'will may be sentient. Tokens of resignation or commiseration may be evident...yet, as though it is in a drop'dead heat with something that would compete, its intent to achieve, with any doubt ceded, is obvious..along with a bit of serendipity that may be needed

902    Control person:  An adrenalin junky preoccupied with controlling their relationships; the easiest behavior to predict, and therefore the easiest to manipulate and control, if necessary. 

903     For the inevitable clash and thrash between engaging lovers, nature has prepared payment for the pains of heart that accompany such ominous encounters. Such payment must be in the form of pleasure, and furthermore, it must be heightened and prolonged enough to provide at the very least, some compensation if not an equal account for the pain. This exposition is a pitifully small offering, yet perhaps, enough to effect some compensation, or balance, if not actually helping tip the scale, even if only slightly, in favor of the subject connubial blessings and sacred pleasures therefrom.

 In the interest of mellowing the extreme anxiety aroused from the great gulf between two completely separate and distinct species, which, at some point or other in the course of life, the great embarkation must begin, the great expectation of bliss, and at the very least, for the dark compelling drive within all sexually predisposed, to maintain the continuous movement of life's posterity, in that, the vast gulf between that grand masculinis, overlord to the territories of outer world, and sovereign feminis, grand mistress and avatar of the vast dark regions of the inner world, be spanned with the least abuse and physical harm..with rather, as it is hoped surely by the intrepid lover aspiring to receive the renowned gentle sweet favors of the beloved, an intention to effect the greatest and loving endearments for a loving lasting return.

 In keeping with a long standing tradition, prudence very well indeed, cognitive of the purpose and deed of connubial bliss, tells us first to reflect briefly on past relationships between the gladly expectant lovers and the radiant expectations of the belov'ds. The origins of the beloved and lover relationship is obscure because it originates so far back in history. However, from only brief research, one may readily assume that once the incarnation of pleasure'seeking appetite became self seeking and self entertaining, and due to the hardships of an ever changing and often unforgiving environment, such an incarnation became less and less successful with its effort to satisfy its appetite for pleasure, and by pleasure, secure the continuance of their own. Thuswise, one may further assume that these incarnations began to differentiate into two, providing through the course of endless generations of trial, pain, and pleasure, two entirely separate yet mutually conforming entities, each bearing the necessary form, fit, and function, and hopefully..values, aspirations, and perhaps a bit of humor necessary to carry on, amid the stress of dichotomous existential mandates within a complex, demanding environ. Happily, it seems, has their mutual roles evolved. No sooner do we observe the slightest gesture toward each other, do we notice how well they have become respectively formed. How well indeed, they have been designed to serve each other's deepest need.

 With reminiscence of this happy result, let us begin with simple basics....appearance, fit, and tidiness. As we have previously observed, the beloved and lover have evolved to accommodate one another. Their form and fit becomes naturally incarnate with no special effort or knowledge required of each. Having been so specifically formed to one another, there is no special need for apparel or adornments, except perhaps if the form and fit is desired to be altered from what is innately predisposed in order to pique imagination and play. We should mention here, in an effort to advise this special concern, that the only safe and sure way to ensure that only connubial bliss will ensue from connubial bliss, is for both the lover and beloved to completely and resolutely abstain from physically consummating the form of dialogue that can so easily conclude with premature responsibilities. The well known function of the form and fit throughout countless generations has been designed and endlessly redesigned for success, not failure. Moreover, the instincts associated with these mechanisms, as they are engaged in youth or age..are the only guides that can effect the proper course that a dialogue between the lover and beloved should take. Nor is there a need necessarily, for an ambitious program of fitness and conditioning, since this too, is naturally inherited from simple maturity of the beloved and lover. Tidiness though, is quite a different matter. While the form is given freely, tidiness is the responsibility of one's attention and vigilance. With normal practices of toiletry and grooming conducted for the purpose of casual social intercourse, most often the lover is presentable to the beloved, and likewise, the beloved's boudoir is a fitting place for the respects of the lover. Being this as it may, both beloved and lover should not feel the least bit awkward, especially if their sweet occasion was set in advance by invitation and responding honorable endorsement, to prepare themselves further than what casual social intercourse requires, or permits..if for no other reason than to give a bit more time in pleasant contemplation of the anticipated intimate reciprocation, in an effort to eliminate any possible distraction or interruption to the consuming engagement, and thereby secure the delights of afterthought thereafter.

 Concerning the matter of invitation, the aspiring lover must exercise caution. For example, a direct invitation by the beloved often invites haste, and haste will, most invariably impede, if not immediately destroy the delicate sensitive a'tunement that is normally required between a lover and beloved for explicit and meaningful dialogues. Rather, matters of invitation are subtle. One might say that the subtlety of a beloved's invitation to a lover will characterize the subtlety and sensitivity of the resulting dialogue between them...should the lover be able to read, and if read, accept. It is better that matters of invitation be left completely to the subtle innuendo. It is the first test, if you will, conducted by the beloved, to learn more about the lover's sensitivity and potential capacity for a sincere and meaningful endorsement of the opportunities that may be granted to the lover.

 Sometimes, a well known complication due to a beloved's invitation will arise. For it, we mention herewith with great emphasis...a lover should never compete with another aspirant for the favors of the same beloved. Never! This tends to set a troubled atmosphere within which only confusing signals can be transmitted. Such a confused atmosphere will more often make an astute beloved believe that aspirants insistent upon competing with one another are probably not worthy of any form of true flattering as the assault may be. Such developments may inspire some beloveds to search elsewhere for the true lover, who is not only already predisposed to completely ignore the ardent aspirations of other applicants, but is also wise enough to avoid or completely refrain from competing with the beloved about anything at all.

 Once the innuendo of an invitation, usually extended first by the beloved, has been correctly interpreted and respectfully accepted, the beloved and lover should engage in extended, very light and casual conversation..the most forgiving form of dialogue, especially so, for two becoming acquainted for the first time. Being unfamiliar with the other's inner sanctum, it is highly recommended that both provide ample time for the other's response. The forepart of light conversation is usually conducted with great care and restraint, for though subdued, the exchanges of supple gestures are the very first personal exchanges, and such gestures impart a first and lasting impression. It is always wise to be wary of first impressions that become great sensations. Such heights leave little room for a relationship. The lover and beloved who maintain adequate patience, and foreplays the course of their light conversations with gentle and mutual respect, will be rewarded with pleasant and lasting impressions, which will later serve as suitable atmosphere for the heart'to'heart dialogue that usually follows. We will not describe here the forepart of the light conversation at length, because so often, it is successful without instruction, cue, or incentive..and the afterpart is dispensed with, in the interest of proceeding directly to the heart'to'heart dialogue, and continue forthwith without concern for, or fear of suffering any ignorance of light conversation afterparts, for such afterparts are private, and should be left to the private direction of the beloved and the lover.

 Now, that the beloved and the lover have gained some familiarity with each other, and having found light conversation pleasant and easy for each other to conduct, being pleasantly enlightened by successful forepart conversations, and further resolved to directly proceed to heart'to'heart dialogue, they may be surprised to discover how at ease they actually are with one another. The lover, filled with the spirit, a proper 'coup de sur,' and the beloved, we trust, enchanted with reasonable expectations, ready themselves to enter into the deeper recesses of each other's inner sanctum. And quietly together, under the spell of the gentle light previously given from the forepart and afterpart of introductory light conversations concluded, the belov'ed and lover engage in a pleasured heart'to'heart dialogue, for which there are only two measures of advice...never cut a great sensation short, never beat a pleasure to death.

 So ends our brief exposition concerning the proper etiquette between the lover and the belov'ed. In parting, for those fraught with uncertain heart and hazards of mind, I bid you fare thee well, and pray that the winds you harness for your journey will be strong and true, and that your journey will be blessed with fair weather.

 And for those having overcome the anxieties of heart and having transformed the hazards of mind into enlightenment..and who are perhaps now already engaged in the sweet exchanges of connubial bliss, I bid thee most sincerely well. May your conversations be long, pleasant, and enriching for one another. Indeed, may all dialogues between the lover and the beloved be prolonged, pleasant, and mutually gratifying.

904    Belief: One of those universal things; it can be based upon something or nothing; wherein, one is capable of being as righteously compelling, as one can be passionately, dead wrong.

905   Art is a celebration of life, and serves every generation of life, but when suceeding generations stop celebrating life through art, the art spirit is offended, and engages in a struggle to achieve parity with science.

 The influence of art must be equal to that of science. If science and its high technology overruns and dominates, and this domination becomes protracted throughout enough generations, a scienocracy and technocracy creates an environment within which, high tech corporate states and most certainly academic mandates would impose themselves over the Will of everyone else after becoming the sole proprietor of knowledge, religion, and expression, through which its various corporate and governmental laws would standardized aesthetics, and aye!..its articles of faith without hesitation, would control and direct everyone's life. For the individual, there would be no more Bill of Rights because it would be viewed as a threat..that is, to hold that 'mere individual has equal value with an entire corporate entity,' the idea of citizen versus corporation would be unthinkable! in a corporate dark age. A corporate entity has no flesh and blood, yet would have a voracious appetite for it, having been given sovereign jurisprudence, principle without sensibility, moral without sense, objective aesthetics, and a programmed belief system with a cuisine of philosophical proteins and carbohydrated attitudes that everyone would be expected to consume everyday, and digest throughout the evening.

 In a corporate dark age, development of science would be primarily for the good of the corporate entity. A high tech dark age would evolve into two giant corporations competing for the same resources in an endless violent struggle for dominance. Where is the celebration of life there? having evolved back into a wilderness of corporate high'tech dinosaurs.

 The more empowered that sci'tech becomes without parity with art, the more it becomes the science and technology of society's ruin. A society that does not value equally science and art may exist for a limited time, but such an inequality is un'wise and base.

 Enduring works of art, however dark or bright, are characterized by an artist's celebration, but cultural upheavals from science and high tech insight and invention has all but preempted the celebration of life through art. We can become owned by technology as much as we own it, and being so pre'occupied with it, we lose sensitivity to the natural environment, and regrettably gain academic art pundits and critics..those creatures who missed their calling in science. 

 Sensitivity to the individual and environment must be preserved for a high tech and information society to survive. For this end, art shall maintain its imperative for as long as necessary, subjugating and employing high tech means as necessary, until the power of art has achieved parity with the power of science and high technology.

906    Magic: ...when something sensational is experienced beyond one's knowledge or perception; e.g., all Zodiac signs are true for everyone, which is why any one of them is true for one. If one does not know this, then magic and astrological belief. 

907 14 Very early, the house was dark and quiet. I was leaving for work through the back door, and my son was awake. He was standing, looking up at me with his thumb in his mouth. Perfectly quiet was he, and I saw the four fingers that were free. They were waving at me...good'bye

908   Patience: Used for passionate sense, and compassionate sensibility.

909  Suddenly, there is morning. Home is dark and silent. With subdued light, I search for clothes and dress. Morning air is heavy. The weekend eternity has made me cold to work. My path is worn, but somehow..I will capture and hold this day, that rutted routine so rudely before, made forgotten

910    Philosophy:  Cultural and indivual beliefs and their systems are a part of philosophy, perhaps the greater part, certainly the most interesting.

911    Catholicus principle: Latin for ‘universal;’ in that, everyone believes equally…that their religion is the ‘one and only’ true religion.

912    The entire universe is a living entity. Its fundamental element is zero’infinity consciousness, nothingness in perpetuity, which continually returns to itself by diversions created to escape its fundamental state of eternal isolation..diversions such as stars, black holes, or any thermonuclear reaction. The fundamental element exists in a dimensionless reality from which all else springs, as it compiles into one state of consciousness or another. Given this, the general purpose of existence is to create diversions from a state of eternal isolation to which, all is connected.

 For creatures, the purpose of existence is the values they hold. The more values a creature has, the more diversions a creature has to avoid the dread of isolation in perpetuity. When values diminish to zero, a creature experiences eternal isolation from which, the only diversion may be the company of things, the most passive, yet the most evolved consciousness around them to fill the deadly void, and avoid the dread.

913    Change: To experience change, change the environment, or encounter it.

914   Atonement:  at'one'ment; a state of being at one with, or in a state of grace with whatever, whomever, or 'all and everything.'

 Atoned, I achieve, however brief, a state of being at one with 'all and everything.' There is not one thing, not one bit of space..not one luminous ray, nor motion in night or day, that I am not. Atoned, I am all that is being created, all being destroyed, all that could be, would be, might be. All light, all convoluted light, all space, all figments of mind. All that is in this instant, am I. 'All and everything' I am, here and now, in atonement. Yet, for any thing to be experienced, the sun out'shines the daytime stars, and makes shadows below. All spirits now, here and everywhere, like a great sea, floods all streaming, moving freely, independently. All places beginning and ending, all space pervading all, can dwarf stars and systems of stars to nothing, to no thing remaining. Weightless, thoughtless, I am end'spaced. To atone with 'all and everything,' I become no one thing..nothing for my earthly trouble, when, from that last reach of a corporal mind, I ascended to the highest, and promptly fell farthest..for in that fall, I approach utter nothingness, and 'all and everything' bearing down upon me. And deeply fallen, I am profoundly stricken..if to know but one atom! If only to be, but one atom elemental! Everything else in return, would I happily exchange, lose..allow to darken into oblivion. Aye! The weight of the cross, to be all at the expense of the sensual..or to feel so intense, focused on so little at the expense of losing so much else..indeed! find a way. Be some system limited in some way. Atoned, of all I am, there is so much to choose. What to keep? What to lose, to know that I am. But I cannot choose! I am no one thing. There is nothing by which to choose!! Anything may gather unto itself, and compact until I rebel. And by that rebellion, a ray is given..I shall be driven, and shut out what is necessary to return, and course, and evolve, until again, I see that ray brightly

915    Relativity: One thing  moves only relative to the motion of another thing. Without relativity, no thing moves.

916  Truth: Stereo vision that is subjective and objective. Truth without subjectivity is boring; truth without objectivity is maddening. 

917  Innocent: Relative only to one's conscience; the absence of feeling guilty..however much one may be held culpable for one's action or inaction. 

918   Copesetic: Good rapport; a state of mind where one is in an agreeable or pleasant association with another, others, one's environment, or an aspect of it; an adjective that takes the preposition 'with'; ~from the Creole French word coupersétique, 'able to cope with." 

919    Free will: Objectivety; determinism is a function of energy and its system analysis, in that, the more concrete the analysis, the more and more there is predictability, and less and less free'will; however, as with all empirical data, there is always some variation of sensual thresholds, plus and minus this or that. A sense of free'will may diminish, but never disappear, no matter how small plus and minus this or that may be. A determinist is an indecisionist who allows their circumstances to deteriorate until all options disappear. Subjectivity; free'will is a sense related to choice. One with free Will tends not to act until there is at least two choices. One without free Will tends not to act until there is no choice. One locked into free Will, feels safe only with a sense of freedom. One locked in otherwise, feels safe only in confinement. Free'willists like open space within which to intuit what choice should be made. One otherwise, likes confinement where decisions are already made. 

920  Death is as fleeting as a wisp of wind softly whispering, "You have passed away." Death is a soft thing, like moonshade, cast from something new made. Death is a gentle thing, like a down feather, freed and drifting, lost and falling..never to be, as it were before. Death is a subtle thing, as common as a new experience..the result of an experiment, the occult of enlightenment. Death is subtle, fleeting...soft and gentle

Autumn twilight

921  Where light once was, there is now a cool silent emptiness. And above, in the midst of this stillness, a slight phase of moon is the only remaining sign of the sun. Creaking arbor arms preside over the winds..softly whistling, barely audible..birds are fluttering, nestling in for a night's rest. At this time, far from the dint of daylight, do all creaking and trickling, all swirling and bubbling waters become random, soft, and restless. Deep into the night do wind whispers vanish. The slightest voice inspired by the pleasant comforts of silence penetrates the darkness there. Everywhere, this silence seeps into the sleeping soul of all that lives here. In the far side from the sun, I am deep within the forest where darkness wanders away from the flight of the moon. Deep in this valley, rising high from a crooked path of a waterway, does sweet sleep lay. Faraway, amid water'spilling ethers, or here, closeby..flowing swiftly, silently before me, does its nighted mist live. In this moment, I hear the trees whisper about the passing crescent light high in the night, because its passage is the only means by which moments keep from becoming an eternity. All else blending, a'rhythms in harmony. Luminescent rock and debris by the stream are like some apparition of mind, some figment of dream. And I know that if I should touch them, upon my hands would forever remain, the substance of moonbeam. Flowing easily, swiftly, and darkly, the waters pass through me. And then suddenly, as though waking from some dream spell, I the far side from the sun, with all else creeping, rustling, moving easily and silently, all a'blending within a pastoral nocturne, I am also a night creature..spirited by the water's tenor, and by the dew upon fresh carpets of moss, now cool and soft, having long since lost the radiant warmth, once given long ago by a distant starry body

922     Relationship discussions:  Two discussing their relationship must first, sacrifice their relationship. 

923   Strangeness, wierdness: Strangeness from incomplete perception, in contrast to wierdness, the result of one's limited senses. Both have similar effects; for the former, awareness may be acquired and information gathered; for the latter, an extension of senses will bring new vision.  Contradiction of sensibilities always feels strange; contradiction of senses always feels weird. Yet, to be, a limitation of sense and sensibility is always inherent; therefore, a feeling of clarity is better achieved in the form of a question, or state of confusion, and while the universe within and without, can eventually be very well understood, and however small or trivial strangeness may be, or how weird the world may seem, one's sensibility of it tends to endure longer, which is why the universe will always feel a little strange, more than a little a little weird.

924   Morality: Comes last, not first, in that, it cannot be taught, only inspired; cannot be imposed, only freely adopted.

925  A young lady, named Paly, lived in a small rural town. She was quiet and liked a routine life. Work, friends, community gatherings..all she loved, day to day. Paly avoided serious conversation because everyone had beliefs and philosophies of their own. She did not see the point in developing any of her own because she did not know what was true about anything for sure, except her, herself. Throughout the years, Paly became more resolved to keep her life simple that way, and eventually, she came to be known as the town agnostic. Occasionally, lamenting from too many queries about why she had no opinion, Paly would journey to spend time among the trees of the forest, by the streams, meadows, and springs. Then, after the last, Paly became particularly gloomy from all the frowning her way, and she set upon a trip to the countryside. "If only I could be, just one of these trees," she mused, "free to live and just be without any arduous thought about it." The trees of the forest listened to Paly's cry and agreed, "Why not? Make her one of us." Paly wanted to stay; so, the trees enveloped her with their radiant aura, and Paly, in their midst, transformed. She felt the cool deep, rich earth around her feet as she rooted. She felt the radiant sun and drank it deeply, and with the first wind, breathed freely. She was one of them. So happy was she, to simply be from day to day without any troublesome thought, belief, or creed. The township gave up their search for Paly, and she dwelled as a tree, happily for many years. But one bright day, like no day before, she felt tension all around her. The trees were moaning, a strong warm wind was blowing, and thick smoke filled the air around her.

 An agnostic is someone who lives like a tree, who happens to be dwelling in a smoking forest, hoping for improved circumstances.

926  Reincarnation: A process of successive incarnations and dis'incarnations as the luminous body evolves from lifetime to lifetime. 

927    Entropy: An energy system within an adiabatic environment undergoes a process of energy distribution between its elements until random energy is minimized in a "maximum entropic ground state." For example: the human race, self’aborbed and self’occupied with powers limited only by its imagination to subjugate and merchandise all life, soil, and rock, is isolated within an adiabatic system of its own. What will avert the asymptote of its maximum entropy, and subsequent entropic doom?

928 15 I had to stop for him to know. I stopped to pause, and I saw, "The water is cold, but I like warm, all I can do is dip my toes in the water. But I still like the lake. And even though the water is cold, I dip my feet, and I splash the water, and the water is still cold. But I still like the lake! So, I stoop down and touch the water until my knees are wet..and the water rose to my waist. But the lake is still cold, but I still like the, I will remain still"

929  I was taught how to love, I was caught by a smile, and into the day, I too, wanted to play, but from down close to the ground..unavoidable delays, necessary diversions. I was pleasantly surprised, and once observed in awe, how gifted youth can identify and resolve impending ill'fates with so swift a confidence, so'sure independence. I was spread'out far and thin over a still'enchanted lake. It was cold, but he had to know. Over a mist'covered lake, distant bird in flight echoing, he wanted to know, and I, privileged to see, with all the world stopped, waiting, hearing him learn, felt the still, still lake sleep. I love this day, this special play, yet tremble troubled when I want to forever hold..contain it, possess it, take it deep, and forever keep. If only it would linger longer, this pristine feeling, this sweet magic. This supple brilliance..wondrous adventure, enchanting offerings..sweet spoil of youth's toil.

930  Where matter exists fundamentally in four dimensions, attitudes add a dimension to that matter. With multiple attitudes, life becomes multiplied in complexity as does the weight of its inertia. Console attitude, if necessary; occasionally encircle it, make it spin a bit; encounter it, wit for wit; otherwise, do nothing, for if confronted directly, attitude will become self'conscious and only entrench itself deeper. Attitude superintends open'mindedness and reduces intelligence, however much attitude may be more interesting than abstract intelligence. 

1001  16 "Dad, where we going?"
  We are going to search the bookstore for a book. I lost my little black dictionary. I cannot find it anywhere in my study.
  "Dad! Did you look in the garbage can?"
  The garbage can? Why should I look there?
  "Dad, I didn't put it in there!"
  Oh? Why do you think it might be in a garbage can?
  "Because I think someone might have put it in there."
  In which garbage can do you think someone might have put it in there?
  "The one by the computer."

1002    If by water one is baptized, one may be baptized by fire, but no less than by the dust of Earth, or spirit of the wind, or by the stillness within.

1003  An acorn fell upon the ground and bounced away from its tree. Feeling shallow, gaunt, and in want, a chickadee espied, but as the Birders watching eyed, that acorn was formidable and boldly resistant. The chickadee was unaware of this, and through the bright of day, kept pecking at its sides, its top, and its bottom. With the Birders, we watch into the waning light at the futility of the chickadee's intent. Into the night we see the chickadee chasing and pecking the acorn...its sides, top, and its left, to its matter, the chickadee was undaunted and resolute, but eventually, the Birders watching, tired and left.

 What the Birders did not see is what the Chickadee saw. A tiny crack in that nut, which appeared long ago in the bright of day, for from that moment, the chickadee with hope, was as stalwart and resolute as that formidable acorn.

1004    Being: As beings, we are ignorant where we cannot see; we are vulnerable where we have not adapted; we are a'moral where we have not valuated. Is there any being, therefore, who is not ignorant, vulnerable, and a'moral in some way?

1005    The quest for an absolute by which to map everything else is readily obtainable in one form or another. Choice of an absolute is a matter of the degrees of freedom wanted.

 Conception of self as a god minimizes degrees of freedom for one's self. Choosing the fundamental element, zero’infinity ego in everything existent,  maximizes degrees of freedom for one's self.

 All belief systems have an absolute that serves as a general frame of reference with degrees of freedom associated with it. Whether rational or irrational, whether determinate or indeterminate, whether monistic or not…no matter. They all work. It is just a matter of how many degrees of freedom one needs.

1006    Fear: Something to confront, but not completely eliminate; something to define, so the un'defined will not rule..because the grip of fear on one's choking throat is only as strong as the fear in one's strangling hands; fosters the fear'driven who ridicules the fearless, and the fearless, who regards the fear'driven with contempt.

1007  I am drawn, faraway, to when the winds were bold spirits, capricious and alive..when each flower, a new experience..when colors were vivid and intense, when I was fearless, and only things of beauty made any sense. When the radiant consciousness of day leaves, a blossom remains, and through its sweetness, its arbor is seen within the shadow of a new moon. The winds though, once seen by the movements of spirit everywhere, now, can only be felt, and heard, as they moan and whisper in the midst of the night. With the waters unseen, and like so much else in the deep of night, I am alive, only by what I can feel. Touching the sea, breathing its salt, sensing its coolness, its nature clings to me as I hold, for as long as I am able, all I feel, within the dark of me. To feel there, far, far beyond me, and returning, the sun shines upon everything. And from everything, shadows fall darkly, new'made..upon everything, but me. With feathered wings extended, I want to be..and fly into the vast universe, where from every feeling, every notion, its vision in flight, I could feel freely, and with all given, never forsaken, never forgotten..perhaps see me. Like the feathers of a wing, I am lost in flight from the mind's fixation upon the substance of radiant light. Suspended in dawn. Morning break when all awakes, or in the evening at the precise end of day, the sun quietly settles beyond the cool shade of life'giving green. Even then, I am upon still waters of a sea, because the freedom of me, for a moment, must..just simply be...contemplating itself, feeling its destiny, like the clear spring mornings are, its essence, the substance of dreams, the fragile radiance of a star. Ever changing, each moment passes, and only from an offering within, can the fate of worlds in collision there, be altered. And growing in eternity, I often wonder, I wish to this offering, a bit of soul, the birth of my Earthly soul? So far away am I from cold am I, how tolerant of being so cold! I so often am. "To sleep," the bones of my soul say. "Become lost somewhere in life for love's sake," my heart spake. Abandoned forsaken youth, a whim providence will make. Of this eternity, ever waxing and waning, I am of..yet for soul to sleep, I must live! And in becoming images of the past, as the stars in the heavens are but substance of future dreams, this time now, begets future and past within me. And this youth in passing I would spend, for a bit of wisdom that mortality would lend..for soul to sleep, and love to live, life is..immortality's end

1008    Every lover compiles a portrait about the beloved with proportions of fact and fiction. And when the proportion of fiction is greater than fact, the portrait, or love mantra of the beloved becomes, by definition here, romantic psychosis.

 All lovers do the best they can because they live under the grace of all that is divine and sacred in them...all that they love. Who knows for sure about one's own love mantra? The sensation is great, and too sensational to ignore..whether something they mostly create, or not. Time is short because new love is urgent, and one must act, with as much fact as possible.

 When the sensation is great, the need is desperate, especially in youth with experienced eyes seriously lack'lustered. The lover will more often than not, opt for it..and more often than not, be oblivious to the risk. There seems something inherently wise, a naturally'occurring convenience that man and woman in youth are profoundly blind in each other's eyes. And it is true...just because the beloved feels exactly to be the right person, the only one, does not mean that the lover knows the beloved. Indeed, if they could truly see each other, they may have nothing to do with one another, and in the end, learn nothing of themselves. Two lovers, like two crazed artists, readily sacrifice the truth of the other for the love mantra they wed. In this way, do lovers remain as strangers, which, from the rift, heightens the sensations for as long as that estrangement can last, before the real face bleeds through, as the pentimento begins to reveal what is true.

 In the beginning, all is formless. Only feeling. Fact and fiction, indistinguishable. Lovers know not which is which. In love, lovers are afflicted with an addiction to a love’hate relation, until from exhaustion, it evolves to indifference. Whether romantic psychosis or not, lovers live happily ever'on, ever loving love sought, or if not, become  broken, and profoundly wise.

1009   Posit: In addition to color, everything existent is a psycho'physical phenomenon.

1010 17  On an ordinary day of an ordinary college week, a student attended one of his routine biology classes. He was a biocybernetics major, and for that day, the study was an introduction to chloroplasts, an organelle of a plant cell that converts the sun's red and blue light into chemical energy, the vital energy of the plant. This was also an introduction to the mitochondria organelle of an animal cell, which has the same function. It was just an ordinary day, a routine class, but after those introductions and into the evening of that day, the student thought about extraterrestrials...of how extraterrestrial they really are.

 The student recalled the lecture of how energy'carrying molecules become electron charged within the 'palisade palaces' of the chloroplasts. These microscopic cellular components were simply, in all of their intricate complexity, energy pumps for the plant body system; actually, an energy transformer, converter, and pump..all in one tiny subcellular body. Even mitochondria of an animal cell, which are far more complex than any kind of dynamo human'made..they too, function to energize the animal body system. Billions and billions of energized cells make up the body..all coordinated, regulated, standardized, self repairing, self replacing..within billions of cells maintaining countless chemical equilibriums and cycles..all responding to a highly stressed demanding environment..all powered by a precise, minute mechanism far, far beyond the finest movement of anything human’made. And in another biology class..the professor related that these ultra microscopic enduring, specifically functioning precision mechanisms are the result of chance DNA combination; that is, DNA programming using only four nucleotides. Chance variation over a long period of time within an un'interrupted environment is needed for these minute mechanisms to be created, but what if an intelligence, a consciousness manifesting itself as the form, fit, and function of a body system, and its relation to its stressed environment, directs via biofeedback, the re'programming of the nucleotides.

 Later, in the campus coffee shop, one of his classmates sat at his table. The classmate began commenting on the comparative function of chlorophyll and mitochondria when the young student interrupted him, and suddenly inserted, "The biology we study has less to do with the life spirit, and more to do with the study of the mechanisms, the machines through which we live. The body, the study of life, you are talking about, is high technology."

 Deep into the night of that day, the young student paused. He gathered a sense of human technology and compared it against the technology of the biosystems everywhere on Earth. He felt that it was like trying to compare the speed of light with the shuffling gate of his walk in the midst of a muffled evening, and concluded that we, by comparison, are just learning the alphabet of a very advanced mind present in our midst, all around us. 

1011   Art:  Dying is requisite to living. One may die a thousand times during their life on Earth. Living may indeed, be the only way to experience death. Art, dreaming metaphor, merely conducts and expresses the post'mortem.

1012    Gnosis: Innerspace wisdom or insight. 

1013   Pantheism: The default position for one who has failed to decide where the divine is, and where it is not, regards 'all and everything' of the universe as divine manifestation, within which one can lose a sense of one's self; even the antithesis of pantheism is included; a dichotomy of thesis and anti'thesis; an indeterminate resonance of 'all and everything;' the only theism with which the rational mind ultimately cannot come to terms; atonement with, will always transcend one's consciousness..the transcendental, the effect of being incomprehensible, unpronounceable, or inconceivable. The word, 'pantheism', here..being all inclusive, does not need qualification. All arguments about what pantheism is or is not, are valid. A point of view that asserts that pantheism is a delusion and does not exist, is also a part of pantheism and is valid from its point of view. Pantheism is this, pantheism is that, pantheism is..this and that. Pantheism includes monotheism, polytheism, agnosticism, atheism, monism, or whatever 'ism that can be imagined, each with its own spiritual path and destiny.

1014    Feelings: Keys that unlock the meaning of dreams.

1015  A man and a woman met and soon fell deeply in love. The man was ideal for her, and she was ideal for him. They married and live happily day and night, but only if each do not venture beyond the frame of the beauteous portrait they had of one another. Yet, as daily toil began to tell, the pentimento person beneath the portraits began to show. They tested each other, and through many arguments and disillusionments, they came to realize to whom they were married. They were not attracted to the pentimento person they saw, and separated, and never saw one another again.

 The course of love is an apprehension of un'charted territory, within which a ruthless predator attacks and swiftly seizes its prey..altogether unaware, unsuspecting, unprepared..but once a victim made, innocence cannot hide, and however fated, benign or maligned..if tested, promptly dies in the light of its truth, for love courses only through the night, ceaseless and restless, as its course inevitably enables a self'seeing eye, and therefore saves one from the other; nevertheless, in love with an image of one's own making..a falling, a symbiosis, and the only psychosis that rules the world.

1016    Where my mind wanders, my deep already knows, and far out into the vast space, I travel seeking some union, some communion with my soul. Only there, it seems, after gaining greater freedom within a world much larger than I, can I see, yet still, no more or less, see me. And here, I am still, as I was so conceived in stillness, in the darkness of womb when I was ready to be born, to arise and simply be. Like an unborn body, I am that I am, ready to be born again, with a clean unbroken moon. And with eyes made clear as an open sky, needing to be of a greater space, far greater than what any mountain of ambition could ever be, I am high in the sky, I am deep within a vast mind, where at last, from myself, I do not fast. Until then, I am high, and so high am I, so distant from home, the space easily divides me. Must I be?..forever be, so deeply eternally restrained and contained by some brooding mood. High, so very high in the sky, am I..wandering thought, drifting by and by..each feeling, dashed into the darkness of my past..each emotion, lost to a thinning sky. But where in this world of carnal desire? do the ends of darkness find their ground. The mouth and what proceeds from there, is hidden somewhere within the shadows of a dense forest of mind. What is uttered, are words without sound. Like pockets of light scattering into the deep voids of space, words cast no shadows. Suspended, and far from Earth, I feel from a'far. Defiance defies resignation

  Far from vacant eyes and life standing still, I run to see far more, than I otherwise could. Far from coordinated uniforms that so many wear, in their helplessness, in their weakness, matching colors, I cannot bear. Far from styles of thought, my thought runs wild in the streets, for how can anyone know what is in mind,but their own? Far from the rules of spirit, will I ponder atop my head with feet in the air. Far from mundane hopes and commercial desires, I shine worthless objects, I cultivate impractical cares. Far from faceless crowds, I seek the cool night air. Far from superficial fears and shallow tears, I venture barefoot, where no one else dares. Far from all the pain...who cares? I will scream into the night.. urge the gargoyles roosted high a'top roof tops of lime light..each with each, they fight. Scorn the Diggers, roust the sleepers! Far from what is right, I will ponder madness, embrace sadness, and bury any object that brings happiness..for far from me..truly seeing outlaw of me..I cannot help but be

1017    When the sky is wide and open, and the sea is broad, gently rippling in all directions, drifting off and disappearing where the sky touches the sea..when the sea is this way, the sun moves high, arching over..moving slow, its beaming radiance drives me deep until suspended, drifting over the swells of the sea, the waters contain me..the sky embraces me. As in my beginning, this open sea is at one with everything. Around, within, throughout, it pervades all that lives in its midst. And moved by the moon, the universe of the waters, ebb and flow to the rhythm of a larger world than itself. Imperceptibly changing. Moving darkly, with all that it contains. Upon the surface of the waters, a sunbeam's journey is abruptly ended. Many paths of light are ended, being absorbed or redirected, being scattered in all directions from the ceaseless motion of a sea. And nowhere can I be, to avoid such scattered light, the light whose path, abruptly ended in me. For high, so high, I choose to be...alone, my mind easily divides me. Must I be, forever be? being moved, so deeply moved, and so ever contained and driven to gain, the vast space around me. High! So high in the sky is my mind! Wandering thought, easily forgot, where else can I be? but wandering, and so longing to know, that each feeling, each moment is dashed into the darkness of my past..each emotion, lost to a thinning sky. very high in the sky am I, that my moon, always full, divides in the far side of my cry, silent cry, asking why, cannot I, otherwise be..lofty mountains, frozen peaks, the clouds floating high..sweet dreams, lost within the maize of my the sky, suspended high, wandering dreams drifting by

1018  In the night I feel, the moon brightly for real. High in the darkness am I, wrapped in softness, sleeping in the sky. And then suddenly awake I hear, the moon to the sun, "Thank you. Thank you, my dear. I shall now forever be, in their minds"

1019    Information: An abstract of knowledge; often confused with knowledge.

1020   Field-fundamental requirement:


fundamental requirement













1021   Once there was a worm who was born with an appetite for books. The worm loved books, savoring each word, even the paper on which the words were printed. But alas, with a particularly digestible book, the worm consumed it whole, and as he was digesting it, the worm began to transform. The back of the worm gradually took the shape of the book spine, and the rest of his body morphed into the book cover, its pages, and all the words contained by them. All recognition of the worm had vanished. Unable to move or speak only what was contained in the book, the young worm had become a book worm. 

 When a book consumes its worm, the worm disappears, and only the book remains.

1022    Information mapping: Right and left brain information mapping; each an eye through which to see, enables stereo'vision of reality.


Left Brain

Right Brain


New Testament

Old Testament








innovate upon

create new










identity extremes



info view



info conduction



info processing














non thinking







pathos icon






Star Wars



survival tactic












1023    Cosmology: The study of total reality, which includes ego, zero'infinity consciousness, and all energy systems. 

1024 18  Once, long ago, the rocks were the people of the Earth.

 Later, plant life spread throughout the sea and over all the land, and they became the people of the Earth for a very long time.

 Together, with the plant life, animal life evolved. The animals ate the plants and each other and spread over all the land and sea, and they thought they were the people of the Earth for millions of years.

 Finally, from the animal people, humankind sprung. They multiplied over all the land. They consume animals, plants, and every living rock and particle of soil, and within the few moments that they have been on Earth, they think they are the people of the Earth.

1025    Cult: A religious belief system that defines where God is, and where God is not.

1026     Hate: Puts one into bed with strangers. One does not suffer from anger; one suffers from hate and strange bedmates. 

1027     Co'dependency: Having forsaken one's individuality to commit to a relationship in which two become one, individuality struggles to survive with volleys of love and hate, as individuality vies for control of the one.

1028     Co'dominance: Having committed to the evolution of one's self first, two commit to a relationship in which that self continues to evolve. The greatest gift they have to offer one another is the freedom for the other to be themselves, however much that stabilizes or not, the relationship.

1029    Heart: Keeps the soul from under'reacting, and the mind from over'reacting. 

1030  The waxing moon is especially bright tonight. The still night gives warm darkness. A dark breeze carries a brief message from winter. In its ebb, the smoke from my pipe drifts, and ascends into the stillness, curling up around faint moonbeams

1031   Satan: No stronger than the authority granted to him by human; no more a supernatural overlord than what has been delegated by human congregation; no more alive than human articles of faith breathing life into him; strongest when forgotten who is creator of him.

1101  A myth, originally designed to teach, if not taught, in time can cause its flesh to turn to dust. The literal rendition, its bones, remains. In the grave, the bones are saved. They are taken up  and strung together, and used for tradition. To stay the tradition, new flesh for the bones is created, but far more gaunt, sagging, and alien, than the original revelation.

1102   Evil, conception of: Is all that is "evil," not of God? If so, then God is not omnipotent, omniscient, nor omnipresent. Conceptions of evil are self'impassioned, self'imposed limitations of understanding, and thereby, the means to simplify and emotionally negotiate the world. 'Evil' is what is conceived; it is subjective, even if popular; a notion that gives dignity to ignorance. To recognize 'evil,' look not at the object of the accusing eye, but into the eye of the accuser, into its fire and ice of fear and hate. To conceive, adopt, and deify notions of 'evil' is to fall from the grace of a child. Any promulgation of 'evil,' however exalted or sublime the good may be, inspires hatred, and hatred, the progenitor of the seven deadlies, is the bane of the world. 'Evil,' like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and only when that eye sees where evil dwells, will evil die. 

1103   Pity is often confused with compassion; the former requires an idea of suffering; the latter, experience of the same.

1104 19 Whether cold and rainy, or hot and smoggy, he swept the gutters. Every day, rain or shine, he wore an overcoat, a broad brimmed rain hat, and boots, loose and untied. The brim of his ragged hat hung down and nearly blocked his entire face. In its shadow, people saw what they wanted to see..a face beaten down, whisker stubbed around a wildly arrayed beard..ruddy and intense. He was intent on what he was doing.

 He worked in the downtown district around all the busy hotels, shops, and theaters. He liked all the busy comings and goings. Long lines of people stood waiting for the matinees. All of them idly chattering. Only a few would pause to cast a quisical glance at him.

 With a steady rhythm, he swept the curbs and guided the trash to its end. He sorted through the debris for anything useable or salable. Even coins and dollar bills showed up once in awhile. The Sweeper knew that police do not like the look of anyone grubbing through garbage in public. So, he opens the lid of the garbage bin first at the end of the street, and sweeps the trash to it.

 It was a warmer day that day, and he sat on a bus bench near a theater. "Chicago" was playing, and people were lining up early for a matinee. He sipped his cup of Java, hearing the chatter of the people in line across the street mix with the distant honking, breaks squealing, and the familiar rumbling smoking engines. He liked to listen to it all, all the sounds in a kind of soothing chaos as it blended, and hung muffled in the smoggy air.

 The air cracked with a sharp hawking of a hot'dog vendor nearby. He watched the people walking down the street to get in line. He watched them passively as they walked around Buggs. Buggs is reclined mostly on his back. Buggs had located himself just inside a recess of a building with his feet a foot or two out over the sidewalk. Where people stream, you will find Buggs trying to dip his cup in its current for a few coins. Of course, there are always a few coins in the cup to suggest that it is appropriate to put more in, and to suggest that more should be put in. The Sweeper saw that no one was even slowing down for him. People looked at Buggs and hardly broke their gate, as they stepped over or around him. Buggs had a way of looking pathetic and desperate to solicit those tithes of compassion, but it was not doing much good, today.

 The Sweeper liked watching Buggs at work. He has known him for many years. Buggs sleeps a few cots down from him in the Mission shelter. He asked Buggs once, why does everyone call him that. The Sweeper already knew the answer. He just wanted to hear it from Buggs. But when Buggs answered, "occupational hazard," he figured Buggs had more smarts in him than what seemed apparent. All Buggs needed for work was a set of grubby clothes, a beat up tin cup, and a three'day growth on his face.

 The Sweeper noticed that Buggs does not look very well today. He looked bad enough on the job, but even worse when he gets nothing for his effort. The Sweeper thought, “Maybe when he starts to feel upset, he loses his pathetic look,” and people become more inclined to ignore him.

 More people streamed to the matinee, and like through an invisible opening and closing gate, they bunched up at the corner and cross the street. On the corner was a handmade cart. It was about four feet high, two feet wide, and three feet long, made out of wood, wire, and wheels. On the side of it, pots and pans swung. There was a mirror in front. On the other side, a jacket and a few garments hung. The Sweeper looks around, but sees no owner. No one was around it except for a little dog, who was moving in and around the people there. They were mumbling and laughing as the dog tried to get the attention of one of them. Obviously, the dog's master was smart enough to remain hidden.

 The Sweeper noticed one man in the crowd who was amused by the little dog. The man was watching the little critter trying to work the crowd, and the dog noticed him and moved directly to him. The dog wore a vest jacket and had a cup in his mouth. He approached the man, sat up and held the cup up. The man was impressed, because he pulls out his change purse and put some coins into the cup.

 Some of the people there, paused to look at the man giving the dog some money. The man straightened up, and said, as he looked up the street in the direction of Buggs, "At least this little guy does something for his  money." The people laughed and applauded.

 The Sweeper thought “That’s the way Bugsy is.” He wondered, “Doesn’t everyone like to work for their keep? Dogs do.” The people did not know Buggs was working, too. He was the first show, they saw that day, and did not know it.

 The sweeper's broom, his sacks of stuff, these things are always with him. Nearly every day it seemed, the Sweeper cleared the gutters. In drenching rain, what does not go down the drain is scooped up into a city garbage can at the end of the block. He is bent over and moves methodically, deliberately. He has rhythm that seems to suggest a purpose, a plan, and a goal. Everyone could plainly see through his grab bags and drab appearance, that his work was on some mission. He was a part of the system. He was a member.

 The Sweeper thought once more about it, and concluded, "Yes. That's me. I like to work for my keep just like that little dog." The tatterdemalion Sweeper sat upon his bench sipping his lunch, and he felt good about the Mission bed, and the one meal given to him each day. The radiant sun broke through the dull grey. He raised his cup of Java to his lips, looked up, and for a brief moment, his face could be seen, under a bright sunny beam.

1105     They are impassioned and driven. They command a hardy spirit. They cast a great spell, and in the name of the most holy, they want you. They have erected great buildings, powerful wealthy institutions in the name of compassion. Their ministers ask you for tithes...'it is good to give.'

  Ideas of evil are tricky beasts. They hide as the blindside of some omnipotent good. And to flourish, omnipotent good must propose some evil. And some congregations of evil are shy and will not bring to light what the opposites to good themselves, they deny. The darkness within, is poised for action.

  Others are bold dealing hell fire to people who they know not of, condemning them as nature's godless for not seeing the light their way. Over smoldering brimstone, the sick, the injured, the suffering pay. They say where God is, where God is not! And whether shy or bold, to judge thuswise, to what supernatural station must they hold?

  Love, having been cast into institutional steel and concrete, was tempered even harder into absolute resolute Will, the origin of which they know not of, that toils in dark isolated cauldrons of infantile fear. In the smoldering crags of their heart, they know only the horror, the visions of evil, paralyzing fear..terror from screaming chaos, over which looms giant shadows of impending doom..what was experienced and imprinted on the new, entering and coming of age in the world.

  Their institutions of love will promise you great happiness in a place, again, they know not of...the after'life. They, who know not what they do, also know not from where they came, nor consequently, where they go. Such congregations of good peddling conceptions of evil are fascist spirits, wherein each voice has privately delegated all responsibility for what they say and do, to someone else. To their vision of life, you must conform. And for the other children who have been beaten, maimed, slandered, or terrified into hate and violence, you must provide the 'final solution' for judging them as evil, and condemn them to the fiery agonies of some everlasting hell. You must become as they..a child waging war upon a child.

  If you are despaired, if you cannot shoulder yourself any longer, there are organizations for you. They will give you a mission for your rage. They welcome anyone, any age. They wait for you to walk in. They bring their door to your door step, and they beckon you into theirs. They are willing to shoulder your burden..and they return for a portion of your wage, and a piece of your soul.

1106  Long ago, a young man was traveling in a large caravan of his people through a rough wilderness. One morning, he decided to climb a nearby hilltop. He looked down and saw a great danger into which his people were heading. The young man was immediately possessed with the responsibility to tell his people, but the danger was too terrible for his people to believe. He realized that there was no reason for his people to believe him because he had no authority. So, the young man convinced another to climb the hill to see. At the top, she saw the same terrible danger and was horrified. She was anxious to tell the people and frantically urged the young man to run with her down the hill to warn them, but inspired even more, he responds, "Did you believe me when I told you of this? For them to believe, they would all have to climb this hill as we did to see and believe."

 People are not a'kin, unless they experience the same thing.

1107 20 My wakes from day suddenly gone, I feel deep tenders rising. Love light wrapped in darkness ends. Dreams begin. I tuck sweet child in. She tucks baby doll in

 And he, in his last gasp for life, for he does not understand that sleep will end, "Daddy, I'm afraid. A ghost will get me in my sleep."  I assured him, "But ghosts cannot get you unless you are awake." He said, "Then! they will wake me up." And I said, "If they do, just let me know, and I will come and catch it, and stuff it into my pipe, and I will sit and smoke it." He smiles..then frowns, "You promise?!"  ...."Yes..I do"

1108    Intimacy, modesty: If nudity is false intimacy, then clothing is false modesty.

1109    Intimacy: A night in just sharing a bed with one person can be more intimate than a day of fever'pitched congress in the same bed with another. 

1110    Church and state: From the Constitution's point of view, its inalienable rights, the majority does not rule; the minority is no less significant than the majority; all spiritual paths are equal. Allowing the monotheistic majority to express itself in the public domain turns the Pledge of Allegiance into a prayer, and currency into religious icons.

1111    Anger: In mind, it is good; in the heart, it is bad; in soul, it is ugly. 

1112  From angry fits of children, overlord to children, does fear bar the past. Darkness embosses its imperial rank on precious life. Enslavement, brutal offense to flesh. Resentment and agony of despair for life slipping into dungeons of fear, innocence becomes so paled. And innocence thus horned, makes a last grasp for control. The victims demand vengeance, and the children once again, become lost

1113    God, necessity: Proposition: "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him." ~Voltaire. Posit:  A parent takes care of a child, but who takes care of the parent? Thus, God is invented if not culturally inherited, and re'invented if God becomes too intelligible, for the child has no conception of the parent.

1114  A young lady met a man. He filled her eye completely because it was love at first sight. Such beauty, she felt, was worth keeping. What he inspired consumed her so much, that she did not want to ever lose it. In that instant, that first impression, she froze it into a love portrait. After a time of fun and play, and heart to heart with deep affection, he looked at her with a quizzical face, like it was he that she was not seeing. She was looking at someone else. She made her choice, and eventually, he faded away. The young lady promptly took her love portrait home and put it into a walk'in freezer. After positioning it in a special place, she closed the door, knowing where it would always be. The frozen vision, within the bosom of a grand castle with a moat, will remain for as long as it is kept cold..and the only way she can visit, is with a coat.

 A first impression is like an ice sculpture. It keeps its shape, only if kept cold.

1115    Artist: Being caught up by the labors of love, the visions of beauty, the need for truth, all of which create great necessity, for which the soul indentures mind, and commands fearful heart to reveal a portion of itself.

1116   Within the empirical reality, a measurement cannot be made some value plus or minus infinity, nor can a measurement be made some value plus or minus zero. Therefore, the empirical universe exists between zero and infinity, and in turn, philosophically, between ultimate determinism and randomness.

 Since the universe exists as some operation between deterministic and randomized states, the empirical measurement as its plus and minus value approaches zero or infinity becomes a function of one's ability to measure, perceive, and analyze by that measurement. The general question of determinism versus randomness within the empirical realm is dependent upon the ability to sense the empirical reality. As measurement variation increases and approaches plus or minus infinity, the universe appears more and more randomized. As measurement variation decreases and approaches plus or minus zero, the universe appears more and more ordered or deterministic.

 Given that these two existential extremes are symbiotic, it is axiomatic that the abstract realities of zero and infinity are equally stationed and mutually exclusive. The universe exists as an operation between zero and infinity states of consciousness.

 Totally randomized and deterministic states are asymptopes and exist only in the zero'infinity abstract reality, or in one's abstract imaginary. Degrees of randomness and determinism exist only in the empirical reality, which is limited and defined by sensory thresholds. Both realities are equally real.

1117 21 I was cooking my son's dinner. He was three and standing on a stool watching me. He reached into the cupboard for some candy. He took a piece for himself, and another extending it to me. I said, "No thank you." He said, "Go ahead! It's good for you"

1118    Intelligence, general: The ability to achieve and sustain a steady'state relationship with one's environment. 

1119 23 They were six years old, my daughter and her girlfriend. Hand'in'hand together, they went to visit next door. Later, the next door neighbor, a medical student, young and fair, came to my apologize. She was intelligent and sensitive and had made friends with my daughter and her girl friend. "They came to my door and asked for a dollar to go to the store...and I just could not refuse them." Pleasantly amused, I smiled, "Sure, it's Ok." I thought, 'My daughter and her girlfriend trusts her, enough to ask for a dollar to go to the store.' Parents raise their children, but so does the community.That is what pleased me. 

1120 24  Hard to the core about his path of love...doves, flowers, and Valentine hearts can be notions like metal objects, cold to the touch, but he makes the doves fly, the flowers bloom, and Valentine hearts, warm

 Love runs deep. Family, work, in heart to keep. Love knows no bounds. Even unrequited, it forever reaps..from a dream so conceived by starry light, it brightens with each moment, of rose'd lip promises, however insincere or uncertain

 He was a private man and worked a trade. He loved his whiskey and rye, and the only philosophy made, was "I live, until I die"

  He laughs from human dramedies, weeps for still'born love..and loves a priest talking philosophy. In his darkest hour, the priest suggested study. He did, and found enough to move on..a life devoted to his own, the progeny of his love. Love runs deep. No time to weep. All that is beauteous..forever keep

1121    JHVH: A tetragrammaton of consonants symbolizes "God," and demonstrates that God is not a word, concept, or idea, nor a suggestion of a supernatural being; therefore, atonement with JHVH is atonement with all power, all knowledge, and all places, which achieves a state of grace with all and everything in existence, and in turn, effects total self'transcendence.

1122  Once, there was a young maiden who was very intelligent, aspiring, and had great hopes for a good partner. Not a sole provider, she thought, but a companion and mate. Many capable and intelligent men she met. Each one, not quite the one. She knew that she would be a good mother, partner, and lover, and wondered why, having met so many, she cannot find him. Nevertheless, she does not hesitate the day or falter the hour, for what good is it? to endeavor the trials of a family without one with whom, there is communion. Stead'fastly resolved to keep her sensibilities, she shall not wait any more than she can wait to be herself, and live on.."ever pursued, ever enpursuent. Not altogether one or the other. Never between have we met..yet, still I continue to seek, ever pursued of me, ever enpursuent by me, some common that is good..something foreign that is also good..another dichotomy with its own autonomy, another soul with its own authority..another, alas! with grit and grain, who can see me."

1123    Courage: Cannot exist without fear.

1124   First Existential Theorem: I am that I am, Zen. From Zen, I spring, and whatever I feel, I am, and whatever I know or think, am I through right or left brain perception, by means of inspiration, intuition, imagination, and instinct.

1125  There was a young man named Henry. He earned his first profit, a penny, and saved it. Henry was thrifty and business wise, and turned that penny into many of them. Henry was devoted to profit, and knew not, how many millions of pennies would be enough. The only thought he had about it, was 'a penny for penny's sake.' In time, Henry gained a grand house and acres of land, and many carriages, and great stables to take care of his horses. The feed for the horses he would not buy, unless it was discounted at least a penny. Henry, even with all his wealth, was as preoccupied as ever with saving a penny, and spent the rest of his days believing, that if he should forsake even a penny, he would lose everything.

 A penny saved can earn a million, but that million gained with rapture, becomes indentured to the rapture, and therefore, a penny or a million of them, the same..and Henry, a slave to both, with no name.

1126   Judgmental: One who devaluates or supervaluates another into an abstract with fixed and limited attributes.

1127  There was once a pilgrim who traveled the world to find the supreme being, God. The pilgrim believed with all his heart that God exists and can manifest on Earth because God created Earth and everything on it. The pilgrim traveled near and far for many years. Throughout his travels, the pilgrim's faith remained pure, but he stopped thinking where God might be, and just followed his instincts and feelings. This led the pilgrim to a valley. As he wandered throughout the valley, he marveled at its beauty. The Oak trees and Birch on the hillsides. There were fields of tall grass and many varieties of wild flowers, and Willows, and Alder, and Cattail reeds growing beside a river gently coursing through the valley. Only the pilgrim and the indigenous inhabitants were there, in the valley. The pilgrim felt sure that God was nigh. Through all the years of search, the pilgrim knew he had finally arrived. He fell to his knees in the midst of a meadow and looked up into the sky with penitent eyes. A brilliant light appeared. The pilgrim bowed as radiant light surrounded him, and when the light disappeared, so did the pilgrim, who was never seen again.

 Meeting one's supreme being, in its presence, all is equalized. There are no differences, no individual, no free Will. 

1128  There was once a pilgrim who traveled the world in search of God. He had a brother who was also on a pilgrimage in search of God, but this brother stayed at home. He felt in his heart that home is where he will find God, if God can be found. The years passed slowly. He often stood on a shoal and looked beyond the horizon of the sea, as if he could sense where his brother be. He sensed the salty winds blowing ashore, the seagulls incessant calling, the sea swells breaking and swallowing what was under. This brother felt that everything is alive, the wind, the sand, the burning sun, and the vapors rising from a seething sea, but of his brother, his only sense of him now...not in the near future for sure, but beyond the far distant doubt. Did he find God? forever more. This brother pilgrim was on his quest in search of God, but stayed put in a hut of a home, toiling daily at his work, except for one, devoted to reckon where God is, where God is not. On the day by the shore when he felt his brother no more, and with his own quest forsaken, unable to decide where God is, where God is not, he remained at home with family, friends, and occupation, but with an increasing wondrous sensation, in addition to the great weight that was lifted off his shoulders.

 Unable to decide where God is, where God is not, this brother pilgrim was left to believe that God is 'all and everything.' Everything is divine, and with 'all and everything,' does he periodically atone.

1129  A person wants the country to be like them. A person wants their daughter or son to be like them. A person wants their spouse to be like the picture they have of them. A person wants the world to be like them. A person wants strangers to be like them. Women want men to be like them. Men want women to be like them. A child wants another child to be like them, and when they are not, the child will wage conflict with the other child. The world shall remain in conflict insofar as the children of the world, having grown’up with the pretense of being a grownup, vie for, acquire, and maintain the powers of the world  

1130   Atonement, Godhead: Care should be taken about the God one chooses, because when one prays, one atones, and with what one atones is one's lot and extent of one's peace; if one's God is at war with the world, so shall one's spirit be.    

1201 25 Pick a star to crown a tree, and by its light, see the deer path..faint, yet least resistant through life it wanders. Its destiny, the never'ending. Its mission, every attraction and fascination along the way 

1202    Bible: On one side, the Star of David, the Old Testament, the right brain; on the other side, the Cross of Yeshua, the New Testament, the left brain; spin the wheel, spark the flint...the power of the Bible is the fire between them.

1203  One gave pain to the other. The other hurtled a hard object back. They fought, and enraged they caused each others flesh to bleed. They hug. They hate and curse! They give sweet kisses, and want to be held. They want everything! They demand now. Gentle supple winds moving swiftly between winter and summer, I shall always remember, how tender the children are

1204     In the beginning, there was the omniscient, the omnipotent, and omnipresent, and they named the child..but soon after, the child's eyes opened and saw that they were only human. And so, after the great fall, and the awakening to one's self, a search begins to find the omniscient, the omnipotent, and the omnipresent.

1205   Posit:  Is religion is about God?...with all the millions of people tortured, imprisoned, or murdered in the name of God. Still, today, a notion of good cannot be sold without an equally potent notion of evil, as objects of fear and calamity are all bundled up into one form of "evil" or another. The 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil' is a small tree. Its fruit hangs low and is easy to reach. With its intoxicating nectar seeping deep into culture, 'good and evil' supernatural being surrogates will always breed grief and dispair.

1206    How did Lucifer, the ancient Greek God of Light become Lucifer, the Roman God of the Morning Sun?..also known as Venus, the Goddess of Love. Why was there a gender change and a diversion to the metaphor of love? If the morning star, which does not ever rise very far, is associated with a fallen angel, a mythic basis appealing to the mystical mind is established to convey the consequences of rebelling from God and his Church. Why did Lucifer later become associated with Satan?..the supernatural being who rebelled from God and was charged to be the cause of all the godless in the world. 

 The God of Light, Lucifer, symbolized truth, even divine revelation, as inspiration was often regarded. How did it serve the clergy to have 'truth,' objective in this sense, associated with evil? There was a time when the clergy was in charge of science when all ideas, regardless of origin, must serve the mission of the Church. Scientists were punished for refusing to alter their theories when those theories disagreed with Church doctrine. The mission was power of religion, not merit of idea, regardless of religion.

 The mission flag, however inadvertent as it may have been, was picked up by Milton's "Paradise Lost," and carried by members of organized Christiandom. Again, how did the original meaning of Lucifer become so diametrically turned?..from the God of Light, or truth, to the God of Darkness, or evil. And what else? in Christiandom has evolved through the centuries to mean something altogether different from the original revelation. Even the Bible has been revised many times. Who is really in charge of divine standards?

 With regard to the promulgation of divine standards, look at earthly human who describes God as one of power, a supernatural being who most assuredly levies divine benevolence and mercy to all humankind. And any other supernatural being who does not meet these general standards..what do they become? the mind of so'called meek and weak human, but a malevolent entity..a mortal enemy to be distrusted and irretrievably cast'out from the peaceful meditations of heaven and trials of Earthly life.

 How does humankind regard its authority in the universe? For some, more than they are willing to admit. For others, all too willing to impose. Ages ago, it was written that 'God created Man in his own image.' This supposition, long since having become belief, is plausible assuming that this creator had no other model to go by, other than himself from which to form, from the dust of Earth, man and woman. Well, if it is more true than not, that humankind senses its authority in a universe, fashioned by the hands of their supernatural being, holding that 'God created human in his own image,' would indeed seem, a prudent thing to do. What better channel is there to focus on? than reverent prayer seeking the benevolence of a very powerful and influential entity who happens to resemble man, with attending helpmeet, woman. And given that God is man'like, where is his helpmeet? Why do we not know about her? Such a 'supernatural being' looking like us would ostensibly appear to have at least some inner qualities that humankind already has. Through such common ground, channels of communication can exist. What better chance therefore, is there for the great divide between humankind and God to be spanned? Especially so, when competing for power, and what better means are there? but to describe that God is the creator of everything in the universe, who is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.

 Otherwise, what if God should be some unintelligible form of life never before seen from the deep of a sea, or some nebulous form of pure energy? Who can relate to that? And somewhere, within the deep recesses of prayer, I am sure it is hoped that whatever divine station responds to the reverent canons of a troubled manchild, supernatural he also has, or once had a wife, and a few children of his own.

 The trouble with the word, God, taken to mean some male supernatural being, is that we can never truly know who he is, unless he reveals himself to everyone and dispel any doubts that philosophers may have about the true position to take...did 'God create humankind in his own image', or did 'Humankind create God in its image'? Such an ambiguity, not to mention vanity, must live either way for now...upon faith of the former, or supposition of the latter.

 And if the latter of the aforementioned propositions of who exactly is the proprietor of divine standards should prove in time to be more plausible, if not entirely correct, then one may continue to say of humankind...that they not only created God in his own image, but gave that image the right to judge non'believers, or any human being..yet, only as long as those divine connections, together with any other services offered beyond omnipotence, serve to improve in some way, the condition and standard of living for humankind. Clearly, in this light, humankind most certainly requires minimum standards before a supernatural entity can apply for the job of God.

1207    Holy war against non'believers has been conducted in the name of God throughout the ages. Most certainly, whenever blood was sought in God's name, that blood lust had more to do with control by a few over the masses, than religious spiritualism of the masses.

 As religious imperialism recedes, old world holy wars remain within the recesses of the world. As the world embraces more and more humanism and human rights, old world hierarchies become more threatened. Its clergy, once with a firm grip on the masses, is weakening.

 Violence in the name of God is not spiritualism, but merely alpha'male or 'female hierarchies cloaked in religious robes. The world is experiencing the last remnants of an old world order. Still, clerics, in the name of God, murder to maintain control of the hearts and minds of the innocent and poor. They exercise the God proxy, as it has been done for millennia since the beginning of human civilization. 

 Religion is a personal private affair. In keeping with the way one enters and leaves life, it is the practice of an individual in the deepest singular sense. When prayers or atonements are made, they are not made as a whole congregation, but as an individual, however much an individual may feel akin with their congregation.

  Religious tenets are not absolute truths, but rather articles of faith.  Faith is not truth, it cannot be proved. Absolute truths by their inherent nature, create their own facts, and from those facts spring cults. Members of cults share one article of faith, which is, 'if one believes that their tenets are absolutely true, nothing but good things will follow.'

 With faith, judgment of another human being cannot be made, not even judgment of one's self by one's self. Judgment dis'empowers free'will. Absolute truths are sold to breed guilt. And guilt is used to control, breed inequity, and in the confusion, sell more guilt.

 Members of a religion are individuals. Members of a cult are not. Members of a religion freely pursue their spiritual quest. A cult has no quest, only dogma and rules, and obedience to dogma and rules.

 Religion is a personal quest, and for its journey, whatever vision of faith a pilgrim may have, atonement with its articles of faith will at least give a poor pilgrim, a moment of peace.

1208     Religious imperialism:  Confused with religious freedom by those who hold that their religious truths are true for all.

1209  Throughout the prime of her Earthly soul, she has been with him. He does his work faithfully. He is utterly faithful to his habit, which includes her. She does her work practically and sensibly. They lived silently and darkly upon a well worn path throughout their pastoral home and habitat. But one night, she awakens. The hour is dark and deep. Her body is tired. Her spirit, over'worn. Her first thought, "Why can't I sleep?" Gripped with angst, she looks at him, profoundly asleep, oblivious to her, but now, with what was familiar and fact about him, she feels uneasy. She knows she should not feel so alone with him. But how could this happen? By her mind's dead reckoning long ago, she evaluated and decided, 'Don't be discouraged, he's good and good for marriage.' She loved nature, close'by and a'far. She liked living far from the crowd. And she liked his way of making a place for himself..the quiet, the peace, except for what they disturb, giving and taking..they lived a life mostly of their own making. It worked for her, the splendors of the wild seeping into her every fiber, but the balm of nature and her fading and wanning darker

 Throughout the years, she lived and worked with him under the same roof. About his abruptness and matter'of'factness, she was lenient. His misanthrophy..convenient. But she could not sleep. There must be more. She feels it deep. Something asleep is a'stirring, aroused from so much life enpassing. For its sake, something new will soon be wide awake. So, in this night...No!..she wasn't going to let this one slip away like so many before. With stricken soul, she feels an ache. She reaches out, she stretches out far and past her horizons..into the heavens, her silent weep for life to keep, was but a prayer. And this time, this time the tremor of her soul was felt from a'far

 In her soul, was a vision of a man, a celestial lover. He seemed everything she was praying'for. He loved and let love. His space, indeterminant and large, she loved and adored. He spoke, heart'to'heart..he felt, soul'to'soul. Now she knows...there is somthing, there is someone more. Through their dialogue, ever more and more, she felt impassioned with he, a dream of life, of love, each sharing. She has long been growing..subtlely, imperceptibly, and now awakened, she..her dwelling, her stranger'husband, it has all become so small. She knows..change is impending, she is molting. What has awakened will forever change what had become so familiar..her place, her pastoral world, it can never be the same. Now that she feels a greater love, she feels how much she has grown, yet feels an emptiness, a greater space into which she has yet to grow

 About her celestial lover, her husband'stranger must know. He has to learn, there must be more for the both of them. It is a great, and a wide, and a wonderful world, yet to them, it inspired love no greater than their house, its yard, their territory. To the husband'stranger in her bed, she boldly proclaims her need for the celestial lover. She reveals her love for him. Her husband'stranger..he cries, he weeps. He rages hot, his sweat freezes on his icy face thinking of the celestial lover, and what he stole..but she was resolved

 She needed greater space, freedom, greater freedom of mind, so the dark is dark, and light is light, and colors in all their splendor, all sight and sound, all touch and taste the dew upon her moist lips in the midst of an aestival dawn, where all is springing to needs to be, she needs to be, to feel alive! feel intensely

 Once born, life is an inalienable right, living without regret or hesitation..a gift, not resignation..all sight, sound, and sensation. To love and be loved, and within its beauteous fold...deep oblivious sleep. This need to be with one who lets her breathe, enables her to breathe this freedom. The more apparent what her husband'stranger could not give, the more she was drawn to the celestial lover of her dream

 Yet, she is afraid again...once from life slipping from her grasp, now because this dream, what she has been dreaming for so is alive! Yet, steadfast and resolved, she rests assured, at least for now, she takes comfort with the thought of chance opportunity, its convenience, for the celestial lover ever lives in her mind

 From the husband'stranger, she separates. He grows sullen, alternating hot and cold, capricious, yet a new world opening for her is compelling. Her celestial lover, she loves and loves. Her mind is alive, her life is moving. And the celestial lover..patient, understanding, and ever responding

 To her own place now, she prepares to move. The man that was in her bed, still familiar, yet a stranger, a phantom of her could not last, it would not live, eyes for her, nor freedom to be, he could not give. In all their time, it has been together, yet darkly separated..always blind, and what was not..either asleep or near'sighted. For to him, her husband'stranger, everyone is alone..a'last o'sorrowfully alone! To him, she was alone like he, and just being together is all any two can do, to lessen the aloneness they be. But she down deep always knew there was more, a greater world in which to be, and her celestial lover..he agrees

 Separation and departure from nature so familiar, seems inevitable, probable, and desireable. Many times she has flown far and away through her celestial space, to love her lover, to be loved by him. More and more she feels it, a strong stirring, its righteousness, yet..with nagging reservations that always attend love a'new, its health and wealth in a brave new world..its brightness, she feels life opening, like a blossoming bud having no sense of itself, nor of what would happen once seen..the radiant light, beauty born clean

 Love cast its brilliance and warmed her soul. More than once, she languored long, resting deep, basking and drinking the clean transparent air..her heart opened..her soul, young and fair, now fully blossomed in all her array, life should be clear..her direction, a clearly marked passageway. But an Earthly soul has its own wisdom, its own gravity. It is not just simple evolution, evolving from one to another, entity to entity. We live in a continuum, and its center is the soul. Her center is her Earthly soul. Her life..begins and ends with it. She knows this. Down deep she always knew...what her soul portends without words, she must pursue

 She is single because she is singular with each person, differing in spirit, shape and color..each with its own flavor, its own delight or pit, to savor or spit. To each she connects..tight, short, and ever straining. All is a'streaming, day to seamless day, night to blue, the to new. Its steady, un'interrupted flow makes her feel fated..and events, deterministic. She wonders, 'Have I been pre'ordained?..especially chosen for some purpose? Her pursuits of 'why,' madden her cry. A mission? un'disclosed..a rank un'bestowed. She quietly searched for urgent love, and hanging on to it at any cost, she felt heavy, Earth' bound, and lost

 Upon the celestial route, she has flown..packed for another journey to begin, only to return, again and again. Is it sentiment, compliment?..or lack of self'content, flush'faced with the sad'face of a ghostly stranger. The mortality, the morbidity of it. Is it the finality of it? she needs to experience. She knows it is true, the husband'stranger..his love for her is loyal and blue. He loves her as he always has, as she allowed, as she was long ago. Between past and future, there is but little that overlaps. Pregnant silence to pregnant silence, a moody refrain. In its eternity, its tortuous strain, under its heavy forbearance, she would often collapse inward, like the dark matter of an unborn fetal sun, ever building, all is arrayed..delicately woven, eternities of life await..oblivions in her midst, yet from each dreamless sleep, she awakens with a new feeling, of what love could be

  Throughout the prime of her soul...where she lived...has it been just a constant, a chamber in which to incubate, a far'away shangrila in which to camp, watch, and wait? Is this what it has been all about? The prime of her life, love spent..or just renting space to pass the time..waiting for the right star to show, or waiting for eyes to open and see a radiant glow that has been there all along. These things she ponders. Are they true? Perhaps. Deep in oblivious sleep, she naps. How can she come to know? she wonders..for love cannot be tested like assumptions, or proven like theorems

 A chance to make..a happenstance longer can she wait, this eternity between past and future..for life, it is here and now for its own sake. The celestial lover, the husband' indeterminate, the other occult, both remote..with all that has opened, with all the beauty she sees..all the light a'new, all life around her radiantly arrayed..she feels it, and lives moment to moment

 Her soul, once long ago, needed a place to grow. It needed to be left alone, but then, past and future became darker without a dream catcher. She cannot bear it any longer, as before, her soul, when her soul was young and saged by instinct, and moved by its turbulent shadows, conceded that love cannot be proved..only given and the past, the shell of her pristine heart, lounges mournfully, wistfully, as he, her husband'stranger, ponders darkly on her fate without him, and she, awakened and appearing late, feels once again, the life force surging..her impending dream, urging is alive! The dream lives. She sleeps and dreams on. She moves and is heavily moved in the midst of her thickening eternities. Within its currents, its deep dark mystery, a thought or feeling flitters quickly upon its surface, and swiftly skitters away into nothing. And all remaining, is the wait for the love from her celestial lover. A new current in her is stirring. It has awakened, her deep is moving. The prime of her earthly soul is coursing new, and ever'flowing. By the stars, she has learned to reckon. By the constellations there, newly created, with new meaning, she is guided

 For love, herself, she wagered, as she were in its time, as she was so formed then, so fitted, so configured, and dedicated to appeal and please. For love's sake, she took the risk, but as love unconditional is, so her celestial soul lives. As unconditional love is not, so her aspiring soul lives in part, and like the peeling of an oyster's offering from blemished surface to blemished surface, her daily life sterile, proceeded in search of, that unblemished pearl

 Each layer pealed, each face newly formed with such a beautiful aspiration glowing, left less and less that could be divided. She is a gambler, a risk taker. And she gambles each day with the most precious for the highest possible stakes. Each wager, a portion of her life and soul, is for that love in the celestial heavens. And she has ventured many times, from each to each, and as many, lost the reach. From what could be revealed and brought to light, to what remains..that infinite un'dividable something with which, upon which, around which, all forms and wager it? or not, her vital core, which cannot be apportioned and wagered any more

 She searches for her burial sites..for each face, each another fallout of youth's vainglorious pursuits. To resurrect each? and gather them together, and after apportioning her vital core, connect them all, and as the vital energy passes through them, theri ancient light she envisions, and looking into their sunken eyes..ask each to join hands, and with her intimately, in their midst as celebrate how joyous, life has been?..its labidious raptures, all snacked, cupped, or plated vexed, served up by the darkness of passion, and the rapturous oblivion that inevitably comes next

 Each face, each self possessed in its time with courage and determination, and wagered for a passage back to paradise lost, appeared profoundly beautiful. This core of her remaining, the depth of soul that needs to be loved unconditionally..this indivisibility, has been watching all along..the love unrequited, the snake'haired Medusa turning, alone, watching each beautiful prospect become fixed in stone

 Her first impulse in searching, was to use the vital life force of what remained and bring back to life what was interred and long ago buried. And they surely can be un'earthed and resurrected..the succession, submissions of fatal assumptions made by each, altogether gathered into a collage collected, resembling something of what was originally, vaingloriously divided. Yet, to do this, to un'earth each and bring to light each beauteous sensation, what she was feeling before love's lost, would be to un'freeze each at the point of death, and cause each to pass into the moment next, into the stillness of Medusa’s vex. She knows that for all of her final wager, from lifeless beauteous stone to stone, their sunken, lifeless orbs, all each, she promises one last reach. She has wagered and lost all life long, for the pearl of love, she longed for..compromising ever more and more, never giving life a chance to reduce her, to her soul's indivisible core. The vital energy given to her in her beginning was spent. No more wagered..nothing more lent. Only do or not do, hurried or un'hurried. She knows where, they are all buried

 Each face existed with a beautiful aspiration for love. The beauty of each, frozen at the point of death. They can be uncovered and exposed to the light of day out of reverence, out of respect for the wager then, however hopeless it may have been, and beholding them, with their stony stillness, somehow living on their own, with their beauty penetrating...would she then dedicate the rest of her? that they may live on, be incarnate, be resurrected..resurrect what would come, past that moment of death, with the last of life in them..and in the next moment, what would inevitably pass into dark despair, as it had then. Or would she pause from their want revealed?..a careful excavation, a loving polish applied, a'smoothing its pearly essence, white and translucent, until its radiant luster becomes apparent, blemishes and all

 Each day, the sun rises and sets its opalescence upon the pearl'escent surface of each face. Deep unfathomable shadows appear upon their form. Each a marvel, as its reverence for love undivided radiates..each a reverence and celebration of life..each in its own time, she knew to bury, when it was time to move on...when it was time, to move on

  She dwells in a peaceful environment, in a garden of her making, and with her creatures upon earthen ground, she ponders...deep in the Earth, could her faces with all their valiance remain? Having been reduced to her indivisible core, she ponders what is more...the beauties buried? or the quest they were upon 

 She once thought of them, buried deep, each feeling after..ugly and bad for what they did not deliver. The love, its beauty radiating, but even radiating..could it be seen by another, likewise radiating? And all that is buried now..their beauty does live! In their dark they shine. Out of their time, they know..that perhaps they need to remain buried for what is to come..for her wings to unfold and be carried by the wind, to see by the light of love, as she knows how..above, below, all take to the sky, where she always belonged, under a celestial heaven where she was born, and in'kind..leave both stranger'husband and celestial lover, far behind

1210   Existentialism:  A system of axiomatic theroems that define space within which, all genres of philosophy exist.

Postulate: The fundamental element of physics is indivisible.

Identity theorem: I think, therefore Iam. I feel therefore, I am. I know, therefore I am. I am that I am.

Separate reality theorem: There are two realities that exist; the empirical reality, characterized by x = some value +/- a, and the abstract reality, characterized by x = some value +/- 0.

Symbiotic theorem: Consciousness of zero and infinity, in that one cannot exist without the other.

Spontaneous generation theorem:  hv is created by zero'infinity state of consciousness.

Fundamental element theorem: Every quantum of energy has zero'infinity state of consciousness integrated because the fundamental element of everything requires indivisibility, and zero'infinity are the only known objects that are indivisible and exist in a dimension of its own.

Quantum theorem: Matter is constructed from hv with some hv quantum variation, but uniform enough to compound into functional elements and their complexes. Break down matter, one is left with hv. Break down hv, one is left with zero'infinity state of consciousness.

1211    The first revelation in the King James Bible is also its first commandment.

GEN 2:17  "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest there of, thou shalt surely die."

GEN 3:5   "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing 'good and evil."

  Judging what is good, what is of God, and what is not of God, or evil, requires one to assume a station "as god" to execute that judgment. Such judgments create an intoxicating, heady state of mind, which is the forbidden fruit of this tree.

 The second revelation is the morality map given in Isaiah

ISAIAH 45:6   "That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me, I am the Lord, and there is none else."
ISAIAH 45:7  "I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things."

 The morality map for the universe is divided into good and evil. If God creates both good and evil, then God is 'all and everything' in the universe.

1212  Posit: Solipsism...only what one feels, thinks, and experiences can one validate to be utterly true. Is there any comfort in the idea that this natal condition is inherent in being self'aware, and true for everyone else, self'aware? Is religious intolerance to anything else but itself, evidence of the solipsism? 

1213     Mystic vs. Scientist: A mystic does not believe in coincidence; a scientist does. A mystic creates a theory and searches for facts to prove it. A scientist discovers facts and creates a theory to explain them.

1214     Nakedness: A tradition of clothing nakedness creates traditions of occult hearts over which, wolves may dress in impeccable suits, as easily as the righteous in old rags.

1215   Professional politicians: Why is common sense so controversial?

1216     Reverence: What one experiences when one loses a sense of one's self. 

1217  I fear change, and it comes in all degrees. And until immediately impending, I never sense what degree the change will be. I never know how much an experience will illuminate, how much of the unknown will be made known. The grim reaper’s fiery scythe is made of light. When its dark orbs become darker, from its midst, a flash of light, and in that instant when the Reaper’s scythe severs the air, light is cast onto some darkness within, that has never before seen the light of day. When the day breaks its darkness, I die. Who knows what death will bring!..clarity in one eye, or a whole new set of cataracts in the other. I fear the Reaper’s scythe, yet seek its fire

1218 27 For the twelfth moon..once, a star from the heavens fell to live on Earth. Soon after, her eyes opened, dark and wide, through which a smile moved a deep sea tide. Upon that day, the moon enlarged upon a glass'surfaced bay. Hearts and stars reflected back to a glittering starry night. Soon after did she walk, did we hear no more cries, did intense, blue, violet catch her eyes. Silent, bright..quick to perceive, hugs and kisses, she loves to receive with hearts and stars in her eyes. Without instruction, she immediately improved upon, what nature had given her. She also believes 'pretty behavior,' its dance, and chance performance, whether stage dress or cut'off jeans. Her demure is sullen and violet, yet for boredom, no problem..she loves to be in motion. Pressing, her every manner inspires order. Pressing further..she may demand, glare, or pace, but only from a clean, organized state of grace. In her deepest night, the sky is blue. This because her eyes are true. And when the sun is dark upon the face of the moon, we see it bright!..because she readily gives, her starry light 

1219  Between awake and a dream, I am in non'darkness, and there is no light. Nowhere, or somewhere, between awake and a dream, I do not perceive something, nor do I perceive nothing. I do not perceive. In this death we call rest, do we experience everything at once? Is this 'all and everything' living, true oblivion? Between awake and a dream, like some machine, I am shut off from all, I am non perceiving. I am non'being. I have ceased to exist. How !? is this possible. This little hiatus. Is this the bliss innate? a rest from all and everything that can only be experienced by living incarnate

1220    Common sense: Do not combat irrationality; do not defend common sense. The former is based upon error of assumption; the latter, upon hidden agenda.

Winter Night

1221  Fiction: Something un'true, what suspends disbelief, what compels more dreaming..and in those dreams, what may come, one knows naught, reality alternate one, perhaps forget'me'not

1222  Is it any coincidence that the most holy day of the Christian world falls among the darkest coldest days of the year? And that one of the warmest celebrations of the Jewish tradition, Hanukah, just precedes Christmas. These celebrations were created at a time when life, wild in the wood, dreamed of aestival dawns. They dreamed, but we gather by hearth and fire. Clans, members of a home, friends of the family celebrate in the silence of their faith, and enjoy festive days as they charm that Dead of Winter Knight out of its fearless quest to make grey days and disparaging nights.

 For us, the Winter Knight passes, and we journey beginning with Thanksgiving, the twilight of the night of our solemnities, which ends for many on Epiphany dawn, in observance of the Magi who arrived in Bethlehem to see the prophesized man'child king. But it all begins, more or less, with sumptuous hams and turkeys whose savory essence hangs delicately in the air, and carries us afar, reclined, full of pleasant aroma and conversation. The affair of winter solstice begins, our solace on winter nights awakens. Family, friends, favorite stories, a compelling book. Colorful flashing decorations, competitive games. Condensation on windows, or snow'laden window panes. Warm inside, cold outside, we feel nestled wherever we are, like in the comfort of a warm cushioned chair.

 These are not the only reveries that one can think of. Wherever the heart is, it finds hearth, home, and a place to rest. The dishes wait! Serving pumpkin pie..with white whipped sweet on top! Even those who are alone can find some pie if they try, and a warm easy chair to sink deep into, or a soft cushion upon which to intriguing read, a good film, a fine wine. 

 As the twilight of Thanksgiving dims, the Earth turns, and winter nights become frosted, crisp, and electric. There is urgency, even panic. Bells ringing..Salvation Army. And for an everyday toner, grey days passing are slower, darker..more vacuous than ever before until that first mug of sweet cocoa..or steaming hot buttered raisin'd rum..or delicious expresso of one's choice, we share with a loved one, a friend..even a stranger will do. We may never see this person again, but two mugs passing in the night, toasting retired Sol...who cares? The night is bitter cold, but the mugs are warm. The night, liquid, hot and inviting.

 Before the Christmas we know, or the mass of Christ, before this celebration of the son of man, certainly the son of enlightenment..for Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, the birthday of the Unconquerable Sun, there has always been a celebration or gathering. In ancient days, to beat that Winter Knight intent on its mission, people made the darkest time of the year a celebration of the moment when the sun becomes reborn. Before the Christmas we know, people simply traveled throughout their community, just to visit and socialize. In many communities, winter holiday cheer was in the form of specially prepared delectables, and hot drink was waiting to be served to a cold traveler invited to stand by a warm hearth. If someone had it in mind, a novelty was given to a child.

 From home to home, many of the community traveled through winter's dark nights. Each home, a different celebration. Each country a different tradition. Each century, a new tradition. What is in common throughout the ages is that people fashion their winter holidays to fit their own needs and beliefs by simply doing together what brings warmth and pleasure. 

 The Winter Knight begins its charge, to strike cold and mourning in the deep of our heart upon every dark night. Winter solstice, when day is shortest, and the sun stands still, even when our aboriginals were in caves...did they wander the frost'bit hills in fearful trembling of the cold?..or rather, gather around a warm fire, its light dancing upon cave walls, a roast on the spit, and stories of bold and folly filling the air, drinking gourds of beer, Precambrian holiday cheer. 

 Candles, fruitcake, evergreen holly..mistletoe, bells a'ringing, a Christmas story belonging to the tradition of our time...but what makes it warm is the comfort of one's home and at least one other, invited to gather, enjoin, enjoy together a hot mug. Atone with friends and loved ones, or with the greater Cosmos..whatever makes us warm inside an outside chilling. Whatever brightens the day, with a sun faraway, whatever charms the heart and comforts us most, to keep that Winter Knight from treading too close. 

1223   Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil:  To have knowledge of 'good and evil' is to have a conception of evil, which includes an object of evil. And for objects of evil, procedures of retribution are established..without forgiveness, compassion, nor understanding. For objects of evil, there is only hate, judgment, punishment, or execution. Creation has been divided into good and evil, into where god is and where god is not..what God is, what God is not, which requires the station of God to effect. Such a station is the forbidden fruit.

1224  Tree of Life:  If one, by good and evil, is not in the business of judging, one need not be about the business of forgiving.

1225   If you can see through the violence and perceive the innocence, if you can also love without return, if you can learn the shadows of your mind and always give time for the healing of spirit, if you can perceive the mote in your eye and have the courage to name it..if your love can give you the sight to see others truly, as they live, knowing them and how to give, and if you can perceive the world as a child, unashamed, unassuming, at least for awhile, there was a man named Yeshua, and he would smile, and be pleased to know you

1226 28  "Dad. Dad! Would you start a fire for me?..for my marshmallow."
  No, just eat it the way it is.
  "Please, Dad! I want to roast it."
  "Daaad! Please! I want to!"
  I am not going to build a fire for your marshmallow.
  "Dad! Can I roast it in the oven? Can I do that?"
  "Dad! How about your pipe lighter?"

1227 29 She was born yesterday! So it seemed. So fresh is she that every waking moment is filled with something new. Her limbs are sturdy, her eyes steady and strong, I have waited long for her to be. I thought she was born yesterday, so it seemed, until that moment, when a smile radiantly beamed   

1228     Toleration: Toleration is the key to peace; not “oneness in harmony.”

1229      The universe is made of heavy dense matter. Some of it is so dense and being so cognitively active that it is difficult to separate, come together..interact. And the vast passive remainder, interacts all too readily. The matter I occupy tends to be dense, and like anyone else with such compression, only in the midst of ambient warmth can it posture itself for change.

 Autonomy, sameness, exclusiveness, unto is, as it is born so it is, good or bad, healthy or the far reaches of space does my matter exist divided, does a'priori compete with a'posteriori..does ontology dream teleology, do passive cogents rely on creative blythe spirits, having been preserved and cultivated and nurtured by all for all.

 All that is physical is psychophysical. The physical is the stage upon which metaphysical, I, lives the nature of reality, R, as it is empirically sensed or abstractly perceived, since R is ultimately defined as much by how it is perceived, as by what is perceived..of which, sincere examinations may lead to a'priori speculations upon questions of R that science cannot as much as R beyond science can be deduced..which precludes taking very seriously any a'priori empirical chrysanthemums or a'posterori deductive roses. This we know, leads to one form or another of esoteric oblivion.

 Therefore, I have unwittingly evolved into a teleologist with a penchant for a'posteriori ontological argument with regard to natural phenomena..for happily it seems, the more valid the a'posteriori philosophy is, the more powerful will be, its a'priori implications.

1230     Regrets: The means by which remorse repeats itself.

1231  God is 'all and everything.' Everything is alive. All thinking, feeling, and knowing is God thinking, feeling, and knowing. With this truth being so far beyond comprehension, the only salvation from God is love, and atonement with the incomprehensible.

101    How intense do we feel this here and now? How clear do we hear the winds wandering through the leaves of trees, or drops of rain falling softly upon a window pane? How readily do we sense sweet nectars adrift upon aestival spirits, or the earthy fragrance of autumn air. How intense do we feel? we perceive, do we live this now. Past and future! not too heavy

102   Absolute truth: 'Non plus ultra' beliefs; often mistaken for articles of faith. Faith here, is the sense that good things follow by believing that one's sacred beliefs are absolutely true.

103   Zero'infinity consciousness creates everything, and is contained in everything. Associate a belief to it, what the soul believes to be true, will aggregate the light accordingly for its body. The stronger the belief, the greater its density and weight. The weaker the belief, the more weightless is being.

 The belief in after'life presumes incarnation of a luminous body, or one’s soul. The soul exists in a supra'conscious reality. As the soul is constructed by aggregated light, the soul has spirit. The spirit has energy, and energy has mass, how ever much refined that matter may be. Existing within an after'life separate reality, what happens there, depends upon the soul’s belief system. The soul becomes a part of a collective that shares, more or less, the same beliefs. The soul evolves and changes, only as necessary, to maintain continuity through all the mix and measures of successive incarnations.

 The soul is immortal because within an eternal universe, it returns again and again, ad infinitum, in every detail, and detail variation.

104     Posit: The limit of outerspace dimensions as they approach zero and infinity, is innerspace. The limit of innerspace dimensions as they approach zero and infinity, is outerspace.

105      Zero'sum lifestyle: Let pleasure and pain balance, lest one becomes spoiled by too much of one or the other.

106  Once, a young man and his wife, along with her brother and father, attended a large dinner party at an affluent home. After dinner, they all sat at a large table having conversation, coffee, and brandy. At the head of the table was seated an older gentleman, a distinguished lawyer. Everyone was probing him for his wisdom. The young man and his wife were sitting at the opposite end of the table. Her father and brother were seated near the lawyer. The brother borrowed the young man's pipe earlier to fondle during conversation. The lawyer noticed the pipe, and the brother'in'law passed it to him. The lawyer remarked, "a nice piece of wood. Danish." After that, someone asked the lawyer if 'he was a slave to his work.' The lawyer responded, "We are all a slave to our nature." The young man thought, 'how true that was.' 

 Years later, the memory of that conversation returned to the young man. He learned more about the lawyer's wisdom, how more true it means. 'We are slaves to our own nature. Some of that nature we know, and can control. For the rest, we do not know. What we are a slave to, is what we do not know.' 

107     Subconscious mind: Has four dimensions.

Imagination: Space..The greater the space, the more dots that can be connected. If one's freedom is infinite, there will be no limit of dots that can be connected.

Instinct: A faint deer path through the forest that can be seen only by inherited knowledge.

Intuition: A faint deer path through the forest that can be seen only by acquired knowledge from life experiences.

Inspiration: Where the subconscious mind is pressured until light is cast where darkness was before, a death and simultaneous birth has occurred. 

108      Pareidolia: Perhaps the most important notion in psychology, though defined as pathos. Perhaps the most important word in the English language, though unfamiliar and difficult to pronounce. Perhaps the most important idea in science, though difficult to test. Implies that what one imagines from vague stimuli or sparing information can be as real or even more real than what exists without imagination.

109      Power: The strong dominates the weak; the weak is inherent in all. In this way, the universe is fail'safe' that, as power increases, in the same proportion, weaknesses are magnified. Therefore, power does not corrupt; it merely magnifies faults, as well as virtues, already there.

110   The doldrums, the tediums...they make my day a purgatory. They give me a gnawing in the gut. I know not what to pull out and throw away. Why so empty are these grey'shadowed moods? that trivializes everything. Was I too much for myself to see? But even so, why not recognize the radiant consciousness that awakens me each morn? the radiance by which, I brush my crusty teeth, and wash my seedy eyes. From the wind, do not I sense feelings gently stroking hair and cheek? And all this space! not I detect a profound mind there? Or all this matter..surely, a greatly convoluted consciousness, a resolute Will is obvious..a sense of conscious presence in every bit of substance. I came to this. I am not alone. Never have been

111   Survival: Binary, in that, in any situation, one has only two choices...effect action as an iocentric individual, or as a sociocentric member of a group. This is why there are two brains; not two hemispheres of a brain.

112    Socialism: The worst form of fascism because it poses itself to be for the people. Once rooted as the only party, anyone who speaks against the party, speaks against the people, and are gleaned from the opiated masses.

113   Artists may be viewed over a spectrum between the pursuit of an objective on the left and the subjective on the right. At the extreme left is 'commercial art,' for which art is executed exclusively in terms of customer requirements; its intent is to please a client.

 In the middle of the spectrum is 'social art' for which, an artist envisions a mission, a theory, and an effect. This involves knowledge of a mission, and some subjective elements of style of the artist; its intent is to inspire society about a visionary idea. 

 Slightly to the right of social art is 'communal art,' in which, through workshop machinations, signature qualities become tempered, smoothed, or otherwise compromised through a process of peer critique; its intent is to establish the support and comfort of an artistic commune. 

 And to the extreme right is 'subjective art,' where art is executed exclusively in terms of the artist..the consummate individualist who is concerned only with their own sensibilities and its expression. The subjective artist allows only themselves to criticize their work; its intent is revelation and expression after death and transfiguration, and simultaneous re'birth.

 The success of subjective art is judged only by the artist. If the artist judges a work to be good, that judgment is final. What society thinks, is irrelevant, most certainly secondary, and being secondary...nonessential. If the art becomes popular, it is because the artist's sensibilities have some relevancy to, and resonance with society, rather than an artist's ability to apprehend what society likes, or what the art pundits prefer...a work better left as flesh and blood, for all the effort an artist makes to breathe life into it, than what critics and entrepreneurs would have an artist think of themselves, using society as meter..for subjective art, as a free'interprise offering, struggles like a tramp scavenger amid the heat, smoke, and confusion, savagely consuming morsels tenderized by apathy, running gaunt until happenstance provides the next carrion. Rather, a subjective work of art has no more responsibility than to be itself, in that, if there is one thought, one iota of sentiment, concern, or any miniscule intent of any kind whatsoever to please a reader, the work becomes irretrievably corrupted, profoundly marred, and doomed to utter failure.

 The success of a subjective artist is a private affair. Its expression is wholly self reflecting, self absorbing, and self evolving. The artist sees, and in seeing, dies. And in that dying, what was dark, has come into the light, and reborn, the artist is no longer, as they were before.

 To know subjective art and its spirit, experience it. Enjoy the rapport or just let it be. If its spirit does not inspire thought or feeling, then enough said. Anything more said, would suggest the false impression that a subjective artist is obliged to express something other than their own, or please someone other than themselves.

 Proposal: In the future, endowments for the art spirits will exhibit what was previously sequestered in obscurity. Their work will emerge from private studios and a local district exhibition, and votes will be cast, and the poem, painting, sculpture, or song with the greatest number of accolades will move on to a city'wide exhibition, to county, state, and national exhibition..and on to an international expo of the most popular art spirits for that year, and each year thereafter, the world will be enriched by its art spirit.

114   American Dream: To secure freedom of imagination; to stimulate ideation, not physical sensation; to facilitate when necessary, transcendence of ingrained engram, not eternal cadence of program; freedom within a society to effect one's intuition, imagination, inspiration, and instinct without persecution.

115   Posit: With the measure one feels individually unique, by that same measure, one is enabled to give as an equal, socially. 

116     Losers: Do not know what they value until they lose it.

117   “Theism” is the practice of believing that a supernatural being, God, is the creator of the universe; an idea of a state of consciousness that evolves as the believer evolves.

Atheism denies the existence of God, a supernatural being, especially an anthromorphic one who serves as the benevolent creator of the universe; however, this does not mean that an atheist does not has a sense of religion, for, if atheists were to reflect about their experiences, however brief or long, whenever they lose a sense of themselves, they experience what is sacred to them.

118  The fields are open and inviting. The trees there, set their roots deep where the 'fires of Gehenna' no longer burn. No bogs this time from an ancient lake producing an open field, but rather, from refuse and waste packed deep in haste does hope spring...when the Robin, finely tuned, cocks it head to the ground, and when all creatures of flight there, sing their morning glory song

119    Guru: A well informed and perhaps experienced teacher, but one who knows that conveying truth for truth's sake, does not make truth more true, nor necessarily effect enlightenment. 

120  Once, I received tobacco for my pipe. Life began, a good light was given, I began living. The coal was radiant and warm. From it, I drew pleasure, often and regular. And inevitably, later, the coal died. Slumped in sorrow, I silently cried. Despairing, sighing, I drifted back to my beginning, and suddenly lifted up strong, remembering how I began..and gave, knowing it was good, giving until my heart was full, feeling more whole, though only partially so, until a spirit appeared and gave new light, strange and bright, for my dark wooden bowl. The coal, now warm and radiant, and the sky!..the Earth!..and all the living, with color, splendor!..brilliant candor. This tobacco gift, I love..and love and love, until the last, becomes white ash

121  Fame! Given the right time and circumstances, it could happen to anyone. But most often, it comes to those who have the fire for it. They ascend and peer over their edge after gazing into the heavens, and some know that some day, they must prepare for their launch

 High in the sky, a medley of lights, sequins, and galas for those with want to fan the flame..what will this mini gala bring? Everyone is given a chance to upstage. Even the valets. When someone else has your, be gracious..tip well

 A star is born when from a montane peak, an aspirant looks higher with a desire to be known on a scale greater than themselves. Yet, a star could be a cluster of them, or a galaxy of them, or the light of an ancient past, of a starry body long since passed.  Who knows?..if the lucky star one gazes upon, is real or not 

 Celebridom stretches out as a slow rising mountain range, upon which starry light is easily seen. Each peak rises from its own cauldron of molten fire. Great subterranean tectonic plates move, the peaks rise, but imperceptibly..each according to each, each singular and relative only to itself. A whole range of jutting basalt, igneous mineral, and mongrel granite..all rise high under a heaven full of glittering lights. And the vast many, undisclosed, wish upon them. A few..dare to touch

 Where the air is thin, life's nurturing waters turn to glitzy ice. As the molten fire oozes, the mountain range lengthens, and the highest ones, the most remote can be seen from far away…everyone learns to yodel

 Each peak competes for the lime light. Why it is green, alludes to a celebration, as it may, of a life dream. And sometimes, when there is no yodeling, and the storm winds are still, the glitzy'eyed sees for a fleeting moment..a shark infested ocean nearby, far below

 A storm is coming. Fly..or freeze into oblivion. And each stargazer will launch from their peak, and fly reaching for what is higher than the sky. But weighted heavily with pyrite, inevitably to that ocean they descend, flaming into a night darker than the one within. They will, however, emerge in their own light..if they do not bleed. Others, whose star is real, are never seen again, except by the light they celebridom

122     Posit: Ghost Theory. People who believe that there is no after'life, and after dis'incarnation, roam familiar ground until eventually, they see the light and learn where they are not.

123  From love to love, however much ingenuine, varnished, or tarnished..however much incomparable or incompatible..and once, with one supernatural and super'saturated with themselves..however much prolate was I, or hopelessly late and inadequate, distractions from the heart, mutual dys'satisfactions of soul..however much unconscious a matriarch's heart was, assaulting inalienable rights to be, for the survival of some ancient rite of rule, I endured a history..of frenzied raptures and brooding storms from sea to doldrum sea, only to wreck upon the shores of unfamiliar land. And facing uncertain horizons of wanton appetites, wordless desires, and assaulting hopes, fantasies..and dreams..exhausted and weary, I discreetly retreated..when another beauteous voice, alluring and seducing, raided and invaded, and held me, as the tendrils of her romantic psychosis gently moved to entwine, encirculate..the dark ground darkening, I was imperceptibly, but most assuredly sinking into thick oozing mud. From all of this, I have been delivered to this moment..wise at some level perhaps..but more lucky than wise, insofar as my path always journeyed to something new..for while the 'only one' was, as it were, the 'next one,' the next one could be 'the one,' if from all these adventures through strange lands and stranger hands, had I developed enough to at least see the land in which, the one for me see her there, and with her, just easily it would be, together. Woman is attached to Earth, weighted in search of more weightlessness. Man is detached from Earth, weightless in search of more weight. Is it a man's cry?..the unbearable weightlessness of space over sky, and a woman's mirth?..the unbearable weight of Earth, since birth. Yet, there is enough in common between man and woman for them to be attracted to one another..otherwise, a man would crash and burn, and a woman would become lost in space. As it is then, does life in the human race, mostly takes place somewhere between earthly mud and the distant stars? that, if it takes place too close to Earth, there is a man fallen..if it takes place among the stars..there is a woman lost. Somewhere between Earth and the stars, we would be, by more of how we see, negotiate, and navigate, than what we do. Somewhere between the lightness of stars and gravity of earthly stone, through mere moving lips, a man and a woman quietly speak, and make galaxies any other star, deep in the night

124     Posit: Given the Pauli Exclusion Principle, everything can be experienced and known except one's self. 

125     Within, without: Within...the ego'dominate reality; without...the ego'recessive reality.

126     Psychophysical equivalencies:  Psycho'physical equivalencies serve as a two'way bridge...its toll, 'as within, so without.'

Psyco'Physical Equivalencies




Fundamental element



Belief system



Magnetic field



127     An intellectus can think outside the book. An academicus cannot.

128   Upon a clear evening, I gaze upwards into a universe greater than me when I need to know seek nourishment, some experience, some adventure for the faint light dimming within me. I stand facing outer space, facing the light of stars on a clear night. These stars are points of light set in a black sky. They are conscious bits of matter born years to millions of years past. Completely surrounded am I, by a vast history of stars as they once were, a very long time ago

 Gazing intently in one direction, I feel passageways through emptiness. I am struck with a sense of unending, and engaged with a single extension of intuition, I attempt to comprehend something finite about the infinite. I gaze from a position, from a minute portion of space looking out from the rim of a starry metropolis. And into the periphery of my mind, do I place all matter, all radiant I keep only this dark emptiness in the center of my sight. And soon, I am moving swiftly, having found the same darkness within, as that before me. And I move out, tripping out through its passageways upon a course, steering by dead reckoning, keeping ahead of me, the darkness..seeking where it goes..if it ends

 What is this reality that I am in? Did I partially arrive with the birth of my body, or some time after? And will I ever feel at home on this Earth? In the universe..are there some far reaches of darkness where light has not yet reached? Is the entire universe of matter completely surrounded by emptiness?..or does the emptiness exist like vacuoles in living tissue? Is the darkness of emptiness but interstellar clouds? Is the shape of the universe, in part, actually determined by the speed and course of my perceiving eye? Can light exist without space? Can space exist without light!? Can the universe exist?..without being perceived, conceived, or believed to be there

 To what end the universe is, is the mission of this trip, the purpose of mind'fasting now. Programming my ship's navigation controls to auto'seek the weakest g'forces of space and time, I steer a course to some uncertain end, of this universe I am in

 Feeling my smallness in this vastness, I accelerate to break free from the hold of matter. I need to be relieved from the dint of light. I wish to escape this entrapment. I must accelerate. I must leap and grasp for deep blackness..its vast emptiness! I must find its stillness. Brief eternities come and pass, and from faraway within, I begin to see, the light of galaxy clusters dim

 Knowing that all light will soon be gone, I ponder upon darkness, itself. And no sooner did I begin to see the confusion between darkness and emptiness, do I realize within this query enveloping me, that without my body, I cannot know space at all. And quickly do I separate and become more attached to the boundaries of my body..touching, feeling these familiar borders with unfamiliar feelings. Within the grip of passion, there is an infinite number of choices in any given moment. Turning in each direction of space, I feel no difference wherever I face. All directions are the same in this void, this place of un'light

 My mind is racing to keep track of the enormous number of moments and directions that exist..but lost, they are meaningless, knowing only one point that is I, unable to see any bit of substance. Alone, I am listening, and hear only silence. It penetrates deeper. A stillness far beyond the means of my senses to feel coldness. Having broken away from the universe of matter, I feel nothing but I, a consuming stillness, yet still alive

 Space is without light. In every direction, I perceive pitch darkness. Perception is dark and empty! Feeling only emptiness around me, I have ceased to move. Far distant, forever away, I am no longer in motion even though the pulsing power of my heart, pounds against my ears. Estranged from all, I sense acceleration only as some ghostly wall pressing upon me..a force that is real, but impotent and meaningless, in the foreverness of this utter un'light. I am suspended in space because all directions are the same. My coordinates are only those I had with the last bit of light I knew. The arms of my time piece..they appear to move randomly, backwards and forwards. Have I only blacked out, yet remain self aware? Self aware in this uneasy stillness, this emptiness, I, a self'aware mind, absolute time

 All at once, did great waves of matter expand and microwave diminish, accelerating, hyperleaping towards infinity as amplitudes approach asymptotes. As my vessel accelerates and approaches ultimate speed, I infinitely expand and diminish in all directions of space, until...where else can the infinity of things be realized? Where else can absolutes be conceived? So it is. So this is it?! The ends of the universe!..but a simple state of a self'aware mind? How so very far, I had to go, to learn the significance of something so close..for as the energy of us expands to an infinite dimension, do we simultaneously diminish to zero, do we approach our own event horizon, the station of our mind

 Pangs of fear grip. This trip now endless, seems hopeless, even though I departed confident that I had enough energy to return. I realize now, while I have plenty of energy, I have no motion, no time, and an infinite number of directions, all the same, having arrived with a self'aware mind, made more intense by discovering its significance. Curiosity abandons me, and quitting bone and flesh seems more pleasant than this conscious void, this utter vacancy around me! Yet, before I become more disintegrated than what I already am, I feel there must be some way to bring change back. Sweet relativity! My earlier thought of after'life is of course, out of consideration, since I have had enough of the unknown and points of no'return. And being now with a very strong urge to be a bit less knowing, I retreat from my eyes. Without change, there is no inspiration. Without inspiration, there is nothing new. No boundaries of darkness from which mornings break light! In the heaviness of this emptiness, feeling drowsy, heady and light, slowly I go to the only place I can be, in this deep silent sleep, within the vastness of this darkness..away from the stress of power and teasing imagination. To sleep!..and perhaps dream, and in that dream find myself back to the wondrous worlds, stars, and galaxies, I left behind

 Upon waking, it was then I realized that being self'aware can be a hazard..if not, a burden. The hazard of finding the end of the universe, I, and discovering it to be also a center, I, with the burden of a universe within me. And, I was not forsaken!! Only mistaken. The darkness I sought, was not emptiness at all! Caught by the heaviness of thought, I sought the never'ending in the midst of a mere space cloud, and from its midst, did I re'enter the cooperative dream, this universe, relative to other ends of the universe and their dreams. Being an end of the universe, I feel at home anywhere. Thinking on this, I know that I am. And the place I know where light had not reached, became enlightened. Being one among many, the ends of the universe are at once, inside and outside, depending on where one is. As these ends shape the universe, it becomes apparent, that light and space are symbiotic 

 Can the universe exist without perception of it? Without perception, there is no question, conception, or belief. Without a self'aware mind, there would be no questions at all, and anything existential would be moot. But most importantly, within a far, far better dream in my midst, I looked back into the dark..and knew that any sense of isolation is easily remedied by remembering that time and motion and all valued be, would cease within a reality, made only of me

129    Nirvana: In order to get to nirvana, one must set aside desire. Desire not, want not. Is there anyone in nirvana that feels alive?

130  30 He was wandering by himself throughout the community center house. He wandered'up to a policeman, and the policeman asked, "What's your name?" He unbuttoned the straps of his over'alls and revealed the Superman decal on his t'shirt

 Sweet fresh spirit charged with so resolute assurance! Such wondrous Will spreads throughout, and I suddenly feel in touch throughout the heavens. This wonder pervading, disarmed soldier..great metropolis! This greater cosmos!..all but a slight muse for this small wanderling's query 

131     A scientist, intoxicated by so many dark adventures, so many bright probabilities..the power of reason, the edge of oblivion when a simple emotion becomes light, causes its bearer to be compulsive, addictive..addicted to ensight.

 What matter is, is the matter of what one, self aware, wants to know for a special need alive and well, at a particular place, among specific things, at a certain time in respect to day and night, by a sea under a sun, and the position that the Earth has around it. Science is relentless, selfless, and unforgiving. Between cause and effect, not one signature of rhetoric is allowed. But the empirical reality reminds us that while the self'perceiving eye does its best to detach itself from the rest, it cannot, and remains matter how fine that tether may be. Inevitably, an evolving science makes that tether, finer and finer..but no finer than what is needed to predict with acceptable confidence, or margin of variation, plus or minus this or that. And should someone's thumb print be discovered between cause and effect, causing a cause to have its own irreproducible results, it is immediately identified, and if measurable, deported as a data point..isolated, as it were, and absorbed if deserving, by some measure, analysis of error. The objective relentlessly stalks the subjective. Search and destroy. Take no prisoners.

 Science has imbedded work a'constantly, keeping the space between cause and effect as clear as possible. And it can be argued that a scientific perch is as aesthetic as any other. But what aesthetics indeed! for which an aspiring scientist must pay. To know, one cannot be spontaneously, of the world they know. The researcher is cloistered by a passion for insight, a passion to predict. And the price to know is paid with the removal one has gained..from feeling the life. A researcher readily offers feeling for objective insight..and umbro'd ego for the high of light.

  As unforgiving as science may be, as ruthless as it may seem, stalking subjective personality, and as painfully exact it strives to be, its selfless almost irritating nature does deliver. One of the merits of its colorless mind is does not know failure! A venture never fails. Science has no personal values. Whether thesis or antithesis, whether accepted or rejected hypothesis, science always moves onward..with the wind, or tacking it forward.

201    Dreamer: Feeling sentimental about something that has yet to happen; often confused with visionary.

202   General evolution strategy:   As nature favorably or unfavorably selects, what does not live longer by wit, lives longer by greater numbers.

203    Social null space postulate: Social culturalists end with zero; associated individualists begin with zero.

204  The grey squirrel was sitting on the fence closeby. I have seen him before, a'running back and forth on it. He likes the crunchy peanut butter, the seed'stuffed suet, and whole peanuts that I leave for him and all the others. He was fatted, and his fur was thick. He glanced at me, but was mainly looking at the birdies feeding, with his hands buried deep in his fur. The air was very cold outside. When he was ready, he took his hands out of his mittens and descended. The birdies scattered, and this time, he went for the suet.

205      Relationship truth table:

Relationship               Feels         Union is:
Good                    Good          True
Good                    Bad             False
Bad                      Good          True
Bad                      Bad             False

206      Posit: The virus, the original life'form familiar to us, survives by praying upon its descendents. Are we simply a virus mutant with an uncertain future?

207      Wisdom: Over the course of one's life, extensive experience of one's knowledge develops one's schema of wisdom; for example, wisdom is knowing when truth should be revealed, if at all. 

208   Relationship, romantic: For those wanting a romantic'construct the significant other's spirit'body in terms of one's values, as the other is able to inspire; relate to that, disregard the rest. Then, do not let the rest spoil the wine, nor the brandy that romantic images make.

209   Raising children: The bronc'd bronc their own, but the gentle'broken gentle break their own for them to acquire as much spirit of their own, as possible.

210  Haley was born into a stormy family. She never knew when fighting between her mother and father would erupt. Haley was raised by them with fear and force. This was all she knew, and throughout the tumultuous years of fair weather and foul, she adapted to it. After Haley came of age, she left to be on her own. She liked the sea and worked as a member of a sailing yacht crew, but whenever the sea was calm, Haley became unsettled and worked fitfully. Something wrong, the crew always knew. One day, a sudden squall came upon them and swamped the ship. The crew and Haley had to abandon the ship on its life boat. The crew upon the stormy sea was terrified and scrambled for a safe place of their own, but Haley was quiet and clam and comfortable where she sat. The storm passed as quickly as it came. The sun appeared, and the sea became calm and flat, though the crew was still afraid because the yacht was no where in sight. As the crew became calmer with provisions and a radio, Haley became more nervous and agitated. In a fit of temper, she would rock the boat until it would nearly capsize. In those moments, the crew suffered fits of fear, but Haley sat calm, nearly serene, in a boat she rocks upon a calm flat sea.

 A child coming of age in an un'stable environment adapts, and therefore, afloat upon a peaceful sea, the militant child will rock the boat until the child feels normal and free.

211 30 Beauty from ashes! Oils of joy for mourning. Surely some garment of praise for its heaviness! How can this dark valley? where ashes and oil, soil my garment, have a way out

 A bolt of lightning leaves a scorched path and enough afterlight to see the revelation. Mortality, but only at last..I am not ready! but acknowledge you, I must..that it is natural and life'giving, I trust. From before perhaps, is the need to sleep into oblivion, but only by living, and from the life, traveling back, only a leap of faith can face mortality's end

 It has been kindly said,"We can rejoice in problems, for we know that they are good for us." Problems require tolerance. Tolerance permits patience, enough perhaps, to trust in the natural process of things. For, is it not true?..the eternal spirit within, does not burden one more than what one can bear?" I wish I could appreciate this kindness, or be sure of this burden

 If it is true that life breeds more wisdom than happiness, what then? if one takes no pleasure in learning wisdom. What then, if bits of wisdom are not golden nuggets to be sought after and collected? Like gold, would I not be? purified by fire

 Is not the eternal in all and everything? Is not all the suffering I do, the same that 'all and everything' simultaneously undergoes? Is not all who pass away from me, of the eternal..and all who mourn?..also eternal

 Is there anything felt that is not of the eternal collective? Nevertheless, what is suffered, is suffered alone. I want it, I own it, it is mine! matter if it has been suffered before, or shall be suffered again, or is suffered now by everyone. Even the heavy air in this dark valley is mine. A sweet eulogy to a beauteous incarnation, and to mortality at last

212    Irony: A result, effect, or state of affairs opposite than what was expected. Ironies are torsions between two mutually exclusive frames of reference that serve as road signs to insight. For example, by acknowledging, accepting, and embracing creaturehood, one transcends creaturehood and distinguishes themselves from all other creatures.

213   I should not hope for love. Why make overcast days? for I am difficult enough to see. I have enough trouble seeing. And only her, who can see me, and I her, can love be. For my greatest need, I dare not hope. Without hope, there will be broken skies. I know the dark clouds shall pass..and only by the blessed sun can I see. And she dare not hope either. Love deserves better than hope. It is better this way. No hope for love, but..there is always a new day with a broken sky, with a new sun shining through

214   Love, unrequited: Poison to the proud; a muse for the wise.

215   Lovers: Greater intimacy requires greater communication, without which the lover with only hope is the fool, and the beloved's reticence is the sin. Even in this way, does love also serve, fools and sinners.

216    Lifestyle: Less in what one does, than how one negotiates and conducts their relationships.

217  To live, to feel that I have lived, I am foresworn to give all incarnations of light and its radiant extremes, its time and place of expression, an occasion for all within. Love is need, compelling me to do what I never thought I could do, to be what I never thought I could be. And in love, I am given foreign eyes to see familiar places

218  Art is beyond normal reach. Stand and stretch as hard as one may, it can never be grasped by what mere ego can apprehend. There has never been any question about it. The ego must go to wherever it goes when one sleeps. From the ego's point of view, execution of the art is when ego sleeps.

 The passion for beauty or insight is great. Ego's passion for itself is considerably less so. As the production of art begins, the ego sleeps, which enables a deeper, more penetrating light to gather and apprehend. What is produced is utterly without sun'lit ego, and its shadow.

 Yet, after the work is completed, after all objects for the body of the art have been apprehended, and its streaming captured to satisfaction in words, and laid bare..after all this, it is clear and fresh in the light for the first time. The ego returns, and gazes upon it..awed initially, like from some wondrous alien..heavy, mysterious, more precious than gold. Ego reads and re'reads, and re'experiences it until the light becomes vivid and familiar. At that point of epiphany, the ego knows what to do, and proceeds carefully to clean, refine..make implicit or explicit, as necessary.

 What emerged from the depths, what ego sacrificed itself for, and allowed to be, brought into the ego's world, all it could ever need...purpose, value so profound or so beautiful that its sacrifice only becomes easier and easier with each for the next, regardless of how difficult the work may be. Its value is sensed, but its difficulty is not. 

 Ego willingly sleeps, knowing it will not awaken the same. Something has changed. Ego refines the art, enhances it..but knows not, from where it came.

219    Biology: The study of a starry ecosystem continuum of interactive impulses, wants, needs, cravings, compulsions; even with words, the mind senses its environment and hungers after it within a universe of galaxies with all its needs and desires..all competing to be satisfied.

220  When the world makes itself new, remnants of the old, rear as a deadly snake. In the beginning, everyone fears..fears the snake, fears the new. Fear unites humanity. United, the snake will be stunned and gradually fade, and in its wake, the world new'made, continues on..not united by fear, but by what is human

221     Governing dynamics: A dichotomy between socialistic and capitalistic agendas, where socialistic agenda works only within an environment of limited government, whose primary economic function is to facilitate and protect the people’s commerce. Socialism or capitalism by themselves…too much of one or the other to the extent that both become opposed one another, will cause the system to sputter, falter, and fail.

222     Carnal darkness:  A creature who does not acknowledge that they are a creature, lives as a slave to their instincts like the rest of the animal kingdom does.

223    Carnal knowledge: Carnal knowledge is the acknowledgement that one is as much a creature as any other creature, and embraces their creaturehood. Creatures are slaves to their instincts; with carnal knowledge, one is not.

224 32 The day was sunny and full of haze, like a new day, but very heavy, heavily blue. All submitted to the protocol of the Rabbi. Only he was normal that day. For him, that day was a work day

 A father and a son. A son, profoundly estranged. A father more estranged than he knew. The father overwrought, ends with a pecuniary gesture. The son, moved darkly deeper, returned the gesture, the pecuniary paper placed carefully upon the heart of his sleeping father. And the son moved heavily, became mournful of life, became moved darker and darker

 The elegy took place inside a large spacious building. Beautiful colored windows surrounding. The Rabbi said, “Beauty in the eye separates that eye from the animals on Earth.” Is it beauty? the pleasure of beauty, what life is about..and spiritual beauty, the deepest, and the longest lasting pleasure of them all

 Remembrances and sentiments were given. The coffins were rolled into the hearse. A long limousine procession began. It creeped crookedly through the back streets of the city, proceeding upon paths of least resistance, least imposing, silently, for many miles north of the city, past a grand graveyard park with stately marbleheads and manicured lawns where the gentiles are buried. I am a gentile...true, and a Jew, well hidden. A guest, to witness this solemn occasion

 Onward we moved, on past to a place less obvious. The limousines suddenly turned. I could not see the cemetery. We proceeded down a secluded off'beat street. To the left was a high rusted wire fence. Old broken down buildings were being dismantled by overgrown brush. The long black limousines turned onto a dirt road, which lead through some tree'shadowed thickets and brambles into a small court. A small hut of a chapel stood in the middle of an orchard, cleared as necessary, to receive narrowly packed caskets. The pole bearers were quickly summoned. I saw the caskets. Not a silk'lined copper tomb for the ground, but something from cut pine, constructed like a shipping crate fashioned for a long rugged journey. The boxes were quickly lowered into the ground. The pole bearers and the Rabbi shoveled dirt over the boxes. They worked fast and passed the spade. And when the boxes were completely covered, flowers were laid, while the Rabbi sung prayers. The ceremony was diligently carried out. There was no tarrying about. It was quickly over, and everyone left this orchard dedicated. The remains were neatly packed along side a history of others. In due time, headstones will be placed on strips of concrete laid long. Mourners stood upon other graves freshly made. Headstones have not yet been made for them. Only broken strips of sod marked their remains

 The black limousines departed bearing its heavy occupants. I looked back. I saw broken, old falling down buildings and cleared stretches of orchard grass. I saw disappearing, rusted wire fences, a modest chapel and parking lot. Clearly, these people do not spend much time, nor resources, on the remains of those, no longer here and now. Their passion is elsewhere, and as it were before, even here, where everyone mourns, there is only the truth of each that mourns, and they do not want to dally, nor remember now. And I did not want to tarry. I too, for the moment, had no more need to look back. The ground is green, cold, and sacrosanct. We will remember, however..each in our own time  

225   A young artist worked his whole life as a house painter. This provided food on the table for his family, and time to paint just for himself. Throughout the years, he put his heart, mind, and soul into his paintings, and they were good, but time with his family always came first. As he aged, his wife went her own way, as did his children with their own families. The artist contemplated his life, and felt that it was well spent. He believed in reincarnation and karma, and upon passing, he entered his after'life world. There he learned he had no karma to pay for any reservations or regrets in his past life. There only remains the question of his paintings. If they were to be regarded with any value by society, his next incarnation would have karma. Alas, his paintings were treasured by his children and his children's children, but then, they began to disappear through generations, one by one, until the last became destroyed in a fire. All that he spent a life creating was gone. He had no karma for the next incarnation. No place compelling to go. All the heart, mind, and soul..the moments of loving and caring..and his children's children flowing into a future of their own..and his paintings, his essence, the signature of his existence, gone with the last flickering ember of a piece of canvas ascending high, and divvied up and consumed by the deep night there.  

 The world may lose an artist, but all that was important was that this artist did lose himself, and in this eternal universe, as value as value be, the art of an artist will be created again and again, in every detail, everlastingly.

226    Existence:  From absolute restriction and absolute freedom, everything in 9between manifests and becomes so enlightened and so darkened into feeling that conception spirals, coils..condenses, coalesces..collates, configures and confines..regulates and shapes into ordered niches of mind...a dream within a dream within a dream..until one becomes lost, and incarnate, and existent within a world where one must find their way.

227  33  Negative capability: The capability of living with a mystery without having to reach for some rationalization or myth. Without this capability, the deeper the mystery, the more powerful becomes the myth, the more nested becomes rationalization. 

228   Once, a young actress aspired to be a player in a film. With any luck, she thought, maybe a film star, but if that star did not shine for her, she would be satisfied to just make a living as a supporting actor. She diligently auditioned for many roles, and felt confident that eventually she would get one, and prove her salt. Until then, just to be a part of the show, she hired on as an extra. On this day, she had an epiphany, and began to wonder about her ambition, an acting profession, after the director yelled, "Action!" As she maintained her gate on the sidewalk as an extra, she wondered, "Am I upon a stage? along with everyone else who are players, but do not know they are. Am I upon a stage? for an audience to see, we cannot see. Am I upon a stage? for all to see, urging everyone to remove their masks and costumes. Yet, if a play, how can the players, having lost themselves in the role, become convinced that they are but players? Should I be deaf and mute? and remain as a faceless sidewalk extra. With this program, one would think that ET would have yanked me off the stage by now, unless there are more interesting things on Earth than earthly human drama, except perhaps, to resolve that drama for a purpose. And what better purpose is there? than to have generations of beings, especially adapted to Earth, join an intergalactic society of beings and become caretakers of Earth to maintain its eco'garden, the fertile soil and its environment, from which so many different directions evolution can take..a DNA factory! as it were, that can export biosystems and their strategies for survival to other worlds in the universe."

 Then suddenly awakened, she heard, "Cut!...and print." 

229     Writer's block: Writers, as artists, do not dream of being a writer. Writers write...a phrase, a sentence, or whatever at its own mercurial pace, but when little earthly ego tasks grand subconscious mind, only writer's block will result.

301     Pleasure principle: Never cut a great sensation short; never beat a pleasure to death.

302      Zero: Ego's sense of itself after sensing the infinity of 'all and everything' bearing down upon it. Infinity, the cause; zero, the effect. 

303   Posit:  God, the universe, is a continuous state of consciousness and self'consciousness, except in life, where a dreamless sleep is God resting from God.

304     Romance: Adventure. 

305   We are self aware. We become aware of our own existence. If success and leisure does not facilitate it later in life, being stared at, brow beaten, or dotingly's attention drawn to themselves, most certainly will turn the eye inward. And then, like prickly spines of darkness pressing upon one's form..what is the purpose of life? What is the mission, the program? Que pasa? Who am I? Why am I here? Why should I be here?.why is there anything at all?! These are the queries of one who has become hyper'aware..that one is alive.

  Once so born, while general answers are sought, the questions can be more important than the answers because such existential queries, once posed, represent a special event. The eye has opened. One has embarked on their own. One feels alone, but equally free to the same degree. And as a free thinker, one has as much existential authority as any one else, self aware. 

 Self directing, self programming, self consciousness a'new, burdens the answers to existential queries with the requirements of its own want. And ultimately, answers need not be so precise perhaps. Self'directing, but not so exclusive. Self'programming perhaps, but with fuzzy logic, or self'conscious, but without the sweat.

306     Relationship matrix: Possible relationship outcomes between person 1 and 2.

1-benefited      1-benefited      1-benefited
2-benefited      2-harmed         2-unaffected

1-harmed         1-harmed         1-harmed
2-benefited      2-harmed         2-unaffected

1-unaffected   1-unaffected   1-unaffected
2-benefited      2-harmed         2-unaffected

307  Days are warmer. Daylight is longer. The black bib woodpeckers, the blue jays, the white bill starlings..chickadees and crows are on the go for sustenance, for that need is more urgent as winter night spreads its icy blanket everyday. The need to breed and tend to their own is impending. It is true for all life continuing, and all who have no offspring, also serve all that do, to pass through the next winter night, and each wintering night thereafter

308    Peacock theorem: Among unwitting creatures, the greater the ego, the greater the stature, and upon mixing with its own kind, the greater the popularity and choice as leader. [proof] Given panvitalism, let ego equal a rock, and a large rock is a large ego. Place them in a large bowl, which become their village. Shake the ground of mixed rocks, and in the chaos, the rocks will sort themselves out, with the largest on top.

309     Rap: Derivation is from 'rapport;' to discuss freely and at length, establishing a rapport in conversation using one's intuitive ideas and challenge belief systems, including one's own, for the purpose of evolving and refining them, to become more insightful and tempered ever'better to one's self and one's environment; or in short, the aerobic conditioning and weight training of one's mind.

310   Personality'character: Pre'empts analytical intelligence, yet perhaps, gives meaning to everything else.

311  Wrought with conflicting passions of want, in darkness are children begetting children. The alien light shines, and we are reluctant. The naked soul is not seen. Otherwise expectant, tradition is embarrassed, yet relieved..and compelled to harden, willingly dwells in unabashed darkness, from which the cycle of life, once again, recycles

312   Theosis: The process of choosing where God is, where God is not.

313   Stereo'perception: Spiritual depth perception; the ability to see reality simultaneously from two mutually exclusive frames of reference...sociocentric and iocentric. 

314  Narcissism: Angry when given no attention, and when given, ignores it.

315    Paganism: Anthropocentric divinity, wherein humankind, having consumed the fruit of the 'tree of knowledge of good and evil,' has assumed a station of divinity, and presumed authority to judge and condemn, as necessary; describes JHVH as omnipotent, omnipotent, and contrast to pantheism, which describes JHVH as all'power, all'places, all'knowledge, and all'ignorance. 

316   Pantheism: The default position for one who has failed to decide where the divine is, and where it is not.

317  34 Panvitalism: Pan'vital'ism, n.; pan: all,  vital: life or alive; -ism: doctrine, system, or theory; panvitalism, or the belief that everything  is alive.  'Panvitalism' is the default position for one who has failed to decide what is alive and what is not.

318   Randomness: Apparent disorder caused by many opinions of order encountering many other differing opinions. The interference patterns from colliding remotely connected ordered systems. The less remote one ordered system is to another, the more predictable is the relation and its outcome..and therefore, less chaos and more order; randomness or chaos is a function of mis'perception and mis'understanding..differing opinions of what order should be, poor communication, and values that disagree.

319  Posit: Waiting for the moment that will change everything, will always take longer, if not forever, than seizing the moment to change one little thing.

320   Liberalism: Often confused with socialism. The term “liberalism” is not an economic term, but rather a psychological term, meaning “open minded.” Liberalism is a doctrine that requires tolerance of diversity in a diverse society. The U.S. Constitution, designed to avert big government socialism, is the most liberal document ever written and ratified by a state in the history of civilization.

321  Fear fell in love, but to live in love, Fear knew it must not hide, be denied, or put aside. But there were too many things evil and unknowable. So, Fear sought understanding and felt more at ease. And Fear gained some understanding and felt pleased. And then inevitably, Fear became wise. The word, 'evil' disappeared! It was simply turned a'right to read 'live'

322    Experience: A requirement of knowledge. Average intelligence with experience can understand high intelligence. High intelligence with experience can recognize talent. Talent with experience can apprehend genius; therefore, while information is the gate, experience of that information opens the gate to greater understanding.

323     A low self'image is not good because of its expectations. A high self'image is not good because of the stress required to maintain it. A mediocre self'image is not good because it guarantees mediocrity. 

 Once a self'image is created, the instinct for survival shifts to its preservation and preoccupation to maintain it.

  With no self'image, one relies upon self'confidence from one's knowledge, wisdom, and skill...those things that accumulate from every day living. If there is no self'image, or limited identity, then who is one?..but all what one feels, thinks, and knows without limitation.

324  They called themselves “The Chosen,” and they were claiming their Promised land. The dwellers there...if they did not understand, spill their blood in God’s name. And live kosher, by the law. Repent unrighteous ways! or perish. To be of them, one can only be so born. No others were welcome, no others were the Chosen

 After driven from their Promised Land, they lived on. They must live by tradition or perish, and always bring prosperity to their children’s children. No one except born of them, could be of them

 Burning their books, persecuting their children, "What else to do? but dwell in a strange land. No one in. Only commerce they gain. Live by tradition..or perish

 Of a Teuton land, they had been for so long amid slow wit, and slower commerce. They have survived, covenant intact. They are the diaspora. The godless expelled, the goyim banished. No one in! Live the tradition, or perish

 But this foreign land against them was rude.“Why so crude and harsh?!” the Chosen cried. Herded like cattle, whole families crippled or died. A holocaust in their midst. The Promised Land, they were driven to regain. And once again they cried, “The people there..if they spill our blood in God’s name, in God’s name to them, we shall do the same”

 Then one day very bright, they sang into the night and following day, “This land is ours, so small it is. This land is ours, so great it is! This land is the Promised Land, and it is ours”

 But for the Chosen, for their tradition to continue, they must always remember, they must learn to understand, lest all who died..the Chosen, the goyim, the foreign in foreign land..died for naught and vainglorious mourning

  Zion will not awaken, until the Promised Land be king, no queen. Tradition will embellish, not impoverish, and the Zion dwellers there, will make tradition new..that love of life, l'chaim! not just for the chosen few, but for all to this, righteous and true

325     Posit: To create a focus of power requires a weakening of the environment of that focus. It follows that developing power simultaneously develops weakness. Weakness therefore, is inherent in power, and in this way, the universe is fail'safed.

326   A young man lived in a house with housekeeping rooms nearby a university. He lived on the main floor, which served as an apartment for him. He waged a relentless war on the cockroaches who lived there also. One day, he saw one crawling across the table in the middle of the kitchen and went after it. He had a spatula and was whacking the table. Each blow would just miss its hind end. The creature knew those were deadly blows and was scrambling for its life. The creature was moving in a frenzy as the young man repeatedly attacked with a whack after whack. After the last hard blow, the creature bolted so fast in a desperate attempt to escape that it bulleted straight off the table out into thin air and nose dived two and a half feet to the floor. This little creature, about three quarters of an inch long and about one’quarter inch high, high on its legs, made a dead run of a mesa bluff, which is equivalent to about seven hundred feet high. The creature had no sense about what was ahead or how far down was the ground because it had more important things to do...surviving the deadly wrath of the young man. That creature took an urgent path right off the top of that high mesa bluff, landed, tumbled a few times, and kept on running. When the young man saw this, its desperation to live, a wave of admiration and respect passed through him. Life was precious to that little creature, and the young man did not have the heart to pursue it any further.

 The meaning of life? The more bouts of self’consciousness one has, the more one is driven to find the answer. To solve the problem, either provide some answer without any worrying about whether or not that answer will change, or have a lifestyle that keeps bouts of self’consciousness to a minimum. That cockroach had no existential problems.

327    Life: Simplicity in nothingness is equally stationed with complexity ad infinitum between which, while life may be a fleeting moment in eternity, life is the opportunity to experience many of them.  

328  Salome had a journey to make, a destination to achieve. Early in the morn, and prepared to leave. Salome positioned the leather piece she made for her shoulder, as she always did, before setting out into the world. She left her place of stay to pickup and bear her heavy cross. She felt that the cross will be very heavy that day because how long it would take to reach her destination, is uncertain. Fully awake and ready to make the day, she lifted her cross onto her shoulder. Salome groaned and sighed, and started to cry, but was resolved that day to reach for the sky. She began wearily, with cross dragging heavily. With such forbearance to bear, she began her long journey. What a wretched sight was she. Plodding slow over rutted dirt and stone. Alone, the weight seemed unbearable, but this journey she must make. For the sake of all Salome loved and cared for, she must bear her cross. It was the uncertainty of the journey and destination that caused her to transform somewhere on the road. At the point of no return, her cross began to lighten! until it disappeared altogether. Salome was last seen by those who knew her before, but did not recognize her. She was flying freely upon a journey, but her destination was already reached, with the sprouting of wings.

 The cross to bear is one's self, and as the burden lightens, wings begin to show.

329     Philosopher: A philosophy architect and developer. If one is self'aware, one is predisposed with an inherent need or love of wisdom beyond what was inherited in bone to meet the demands of their environment. The time one spends searching for wisdom and developing one's beliefs and its system, subjective or objective, idealistic or empiric, into a world view is the time one is...a philosopher.  

330   Once a dreamer was dreaming of a burning mountain. He gazed at it, and something odd struck him about the fire. He went closer to see it. From the mountain, which was located in an arid savanna, a fire was coming out of an opening at its base, and the dreamer noticed that the opening was getting wider. He became alarmed after realizing that what was burning was rock itself, which did not need air to combust. It seemed strange to him, rock burning and disappearing, but more strange than that, while alarmed, he became suddenly aware…if rock can radiantly turn, it must be made of light, and began to search for the light that makes everything everywhere illuminated and bright, but could not find it. Nevertheless, he was compelled to warn everyone.

331 35 The twelfth night is made from a timeless substance that warms everyone when the world is cold. You are formed from all the old that is good, and all the new that would venture into the future. You bear a good weight in your heart, which makes you..beyond your time. Such a course is ordained by the eternal. Your path may seem crooked and sometimes blind, but it is your heart that matters..and in you, it is straight and true, and more kind, than you know. You are created from a light that brightened my soul. This light and you, I honor..on your twelfth night 


1   524: .  from Greek: pathos = suffering, malady. Literally "what befalls one."

2  603:   from hinterland, n: a remote and underdeveloped area.

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35 331:  for Noah Sprague's twelfth.

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