by DJ Sprague

Op.  16  Naked Ego


 Given the plausible logic that what is known to be indivisible is the fundamental element for all that is real, and however much alien its view may seem, a continuum becomes apparent. The all'inclusiveness of this continuum is more important than proof of what may prove to be self'evident, for within its ‘here and now’ eternity, one is always assured some vantage, rather than suffer repeatedly, applied exhaustive escape velocities required for posers imposing their face accept them without reason, and surrender to the gravity of their black'hole oblivions. This continuum conveys no less a mystery of what is so familiar and real, and in terms of mystery, the same price is paid to enable one ultimately, to choose their own guiding or beguiling light, as desire or need may be

 The universe exists in eternity because ego knows not, how not to be, and undergoing an eternal return to its many selves, an empirical continuum ego integration of desperate, if not disparaging notions..each a rogue pursued in eternity to apprehend and incarcerate each within an indeterminate world..a mere concession for all the fright and exhaustion after torturous, circuitous paths..vacuous losses, and impasses too numerous to count, and having been at times, lured and so assured and hopelessly seduced..but upon recovering from the last, its intoxicating stupor and compulsory fast from past and future, what remains after all, are but points of view...that a unified field minimizing ego, leads to that maximizes ego increases sensitivity to 'all and everything,' that the Divine is 'all and everything,' everything is alive..and the physical is real only from the stay of self'reflected light, and limited perceptions of those self'reflections configure the dust we are, the space we journey through, starlight old and new within the starry firmament


 The brightest light radiates across a desert. The dimmest illumines a rose, just enough in its plush environment to see its shadows, its thorns, and suggest an intoxicating fragrance. The darkest night falls within, and only a bare twilight illumines the heart, just enough to reveal what is rarely see'able there

 Ego understand the universe requires understanding the total nature of reality, and once this understanding is achieved, further understanding will be effected by communication with it, far more than experimentation of it

 The study of the universe is the study of metaphysics, which begins with the acknowledgement of two separate realities. A virtual reality of absolutes, and a separate empirical reality of approximations, as they are gathered through sensual thresholds, and the acknowledgement that matter cannot exist without both, in that both are involutions of each other

 Ego thinks about what an object is. An object is an embodiment of some thing that has some kind of relationship with other things, whether the thing has measurable physical weight or not. Ego thinks words are objects and have weight, only insofar as they have a relationship with other words. Not too few, nor too many..focused just right. Ego knows that sometimes, and often times, its luminous objects can outweigh the empirical kind

 How does Ego know that the universe is infinite. Ego knows this because Ego understands the idea of infinity, and if one part of the universe is infinite, then the entire universe is infinite

 Ego is already tired and goes to a nice park to sit. Pondering reality is fatiguing. Even a little bit is arduous, and needs a place where all the symbols of the luminous world have no meaning, no relation with anything at all. Ego knows that to understand anything within the empirical realm, one foot must be out of it. This place where the foot goes, is called the null space. Within the null space realm, each word and each letter of each word exists without any assignment to anything else. A continuous procession of letters and their combinations can be included in this null space reality, but they have no meaning. Nothing does not seem like much, but without it, ego knows that not anything can be, nor vantage gained from which all else to see

Of the Dust We Are

Ego thinks about energy. The ultimate state of energy is indivisibility, which is the 'fundamental element.' The ultimate resolution of energy wavelength, as wavelength approaches infinity, is infinity, and the ultimate resolution of wavelength as it approaches zero, is zero. The ultimate state of energy is therefore, a state of mind, zero'infinity consciousness, and since zero'infinity are indivisible, zero'infinity is the fundamental element of energy, and when isolated, spontaneously transforms to a quantum of light, or photon, as zero'consciousness configures the discontinuous nature of a photon, and infinity'consciousness configures the continuous wave quality of a photon

 Ego loves light. Ego thinks about its own light, and is aware of the great reality beyond. Within its vast darkness, ego's eye is like a beam of light in the midst of its night. Ego thinks, and the beam is switched on, upon the ground nearby. Ego knows that what is focused there, is limited. If the beam is pointed to something too far away, by it no more can be seen. Focused narrowly upon the ground, something clear, distinct, detailed in color and form can be seen, but only at the expense of all else around

  Ego knows about darkness and light. Too much light, seeing anything..blinding lights. Too little light, darkness bites. Those things on the perimeter of a mind beam and beyond, ego focuses only on its center. Ego is comfortable with this because ego knows this center is always small, and contained by a mind always larger

  From the subconscious dust to the self'conscious mind..from the first glimmer of awakening, from ego obsessing, to ego recessing, its imperceptible change..ordered matter, its universe be, until again, an eye opens, and matter sees itself and itself in slumber. All is at once therefore, in its extremes and everything else in between, simultaneously awakened and slumber'd in eternity

  What does ego look like? Ego is like the shadow of a thing, but ego can leave a thing where a shadow cannot. Also, ego can attach itself to another thing and give that thing a sense of presence that no shadow can do. Ego has some weight, however difficult to measure, being made of freely associating light..yet, ego is something self’aware, something deliberate, and attached. Ego incarnate knows that ego is a creature like any other creature, naked in the fur

 Ego thinks further on this. The the fundamental indivisible element upon which the universe exists is zero'infinity. Infinity, the, the discontinuous, like two hands drawing each other into existence, zero and infinity co'exist. There are no paradoxes by this. There are difficult choices perhaps, or choices that only instinct can make, but otherwise..only ambiguities, unqualified statements, or pens in hand with equally valid points of view set to compete with one another. With zero'infinity stereo'vision, there are no paradoxes..only a dichotomy of limited realities within an indeterminate universe

  Moreover, is the conception of zero and infinity?..any less real than the perception of the pen that is writing these words. The fundamental reality, Rf, is a function of zero in operation with infinity, in operation with energy, or Rf = fcn ( zero * infinity *  E) where zero, infinity, and energy are states of consciousness. With the fundamental axiom that 'everything is alive,' and one state of consciousness or another, where the ego, zero'infinity, serves as the fundamental element for the universe, matter is to one degree or another, self'aware, self' reflecting, self'comprehending, and therefore, self'evolving. As with energy in the empirical reality, where energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another..likewise, only from consciousness can consciousness spring

 Life is the stage upon which metaphysical, I, lives the nature of reality, R, as it is empirically sensed or abstractly realized, since R is ultimately defined by how it is sensed as much by what is abstractly conceived, of which, sincere examinations may lead to speculations upon questions of R that science cannot answer, in as much as R beyond science could or would be revealed...which precludes taking very seriously any a'priori inductive chrysanthemums or a'posterori deductive roses. This, ego knows, leads to one form or another of existential oblivion

  Given that the fundamental element of matter is zero'infinity consciousness, and that all matter is one state of consciousness or another, if ego needs to experience another state of consciousness that is truly alien to its own, ego simply touches the nearest physical object..and feels it push back

 All matter exists in various states of consciousness. Matter with the least ego is the most advanced state or ego'recessive consciousness. Matter with the largest ego, is the least advanced state, or ego'dominant consciousness. All matter is ego'driven. The most advanced is the most recessive, the most predictable, the most un'selfaware, the most useable by the largest, the most ego’dominant, the most un'predictable, the most selfaware. Ego'dominant driven matter uses the convoluted light of the most advanced states of consciousness to extend its existence for as long as possible. The most advanced state of ego'recessive consciousness, having set aside ego countless times to survive, and having become evermore diminished, and evermore recessive in the process, evolves in complexity throughout an un'interrrupted environment until ego’dominant matter awakens. In the bosom of the most advanced, the least is born and evolves and becomes the most advanced

 Within I, fundamental elements reside...nothingness and ever'on, both utterly separate, yet symbiotic. In that instant of wakefulness when one senses ‘all and everything,’ nothingness is simultaneously inspired by the rift between one's self and all that is. In that instant, infinity and nothingness becomes internalized, personalized, they become I, and with that first ray of light, I'am

  Holding to the default position that everything is alive, what ego can be, is ‘all and everything’ that has an energy system..however small or large that system may be. Every system in the universe, from the smallest to the largest, has egos, which exist within a spectrum between ego'dominant and ego'recessive matter. Ego is a sense of self as an individual and perceives the universe in terms of itself..or as a member of a system, who, through a unifying idea or vision, perceives the universe. Ego means 'I am and we are.' Survival is binary..either as 'I am,' with individualistic initiative, or as 'we are' with group sensibilities and their initiatives. So important are these mutually exclusive means of survival that two brains evolved for each. One brain for sociocentricity, left, where the group is the center of the universe, and all associated information is mapped with regard to ego's sociocentric experiences. The other brain for iocentricity, right, where 'I am,' unique as an individual, is the center of the universe. Separate and mutually exclusive brains evolved to facilitate both, which are enabled to see from the vantage of one or the other, or see with spiritual depth..stereopsychically, seeing simultaneously from two mutually exclusive frames of mind, the sociocentric and iocentric nature of all advanced and complex energy systems

  Configurations and continuity of matter are configurations and continuity of consciousness. Since all matter is made of light, and light is consciousness, of the dust we are, we are the dust of stars..the first embodiments, the first volitions of light..hv, the first convolutions of consciousness

  To hold that the universe is based upon a fundamental element infinitely divisible, is a universe forever in retreat from itself, forever torsioned a'try'in to make something finite out of the infinite, but as the diminishing progression approaches its limit, zero, matter hyper leaps to zero'consciousness, where all physical laws disappear, where there is nothingness in eternity, a separate reality that spontaneously creates a fundamental quantum of consciousness by which matter compounds. From nothingness without energy to something with energy is utterly incomprehensible, a fundamental requirement for the divine

  To experience the empirical reality requires sensual upper and lower thresholds, and such experiences are measured as plus or minus this or that. For matter, there is no measurement without variation. For matter, self'aware, no sense without limitation of sense. With the immense number of energy forms that exist, ego’dominant matter exists in its midst with a configuration of senses, narrow thresholds through which the extant universe is experienced. All knowledge is based on upper and lower limits of sense thresholds, including extended thresholds invented. Information is gathered, but that information collated, is only a very small portal into a greater world. Ego’s reality is not only limited, but also only relative to the thresholds through which it senses. Thuswise, ego feels exactly, or thinks absolutely, but knows, only approximately

 Quantum physics is an effect created by diminishing ego. Once ego awakens within the midst of advanced ego'recessive systems, it progressively diminishes, being only what it can be..itself, and in that continuous irrational, discontinuous rational be, not knowing anything else it can be, for as long as it can be, paying with the cost of itself..itself diminishing, in exchange to be for moments, days, or years more. A unified field continuum exists as an equilibrium between relative degrees of matter self'aware..the ego'recessive and ego'dominant, and the vast paranormal between them

  The preponderance of all bears down upon ego, because ego newly awakened to itself, remains connected and senses ‘all and everything.’ To negotiate a sense of so much with so little, the great rift between them causes the little to fail, and fall from all. The isolation absolute, ego plus or minus zero, is the result of what feels to be the unbearable everything to which it is connected. Thus, infinity, the cause..and zero, the effect, are simultaneously awakened and energized. The ego, plus or minus zero, shuts out all but itself to avoid oblivion at the cost of isolation. As much as these may be feelings and impressions, passions, and diversions, the newborn awakened to the universe is equipped with a faculty, zero'infinity, and enabled to evolve, alternating between isolation and atonement with ‘all and everything’..evolving as much as diminished ego allows before it is once again, ready to become newly awakened within an un'interrupted environment. As the body of the most advanced ego'recessive hosts the birth of the greatest ego'dominant consciousness, energy is conserved, and the starry firmament is simultaneously fail'safed

 Perceiving with zero and infinity, its stereo'perception makes matter and mind equally real, equally stationed.  Zero and infinity are symbiotic. Both manifest simultaneously. Out of the void, or zero, and by the omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence, or infinity, all exists in a steady'state continuum, wherein, as zero and infinity are, the processes of construction and deconstruction in relativity are symbiotic. Ego exists within, as a dichotomy, oscillating between zero and infinity

  Matter then, is qualified and stayed by ego's inertia. Matter is the effect of ego's limited sense perception, as the universe of egos’ intent within a vast continuum..compliment, supplement, or conflict with each other. Ego, however manifested, however systematized, exists in a timeless reality..however much change it undergoes. Existing in a timeless reality is what drives ego to be what it is, from birth to birth..from pain to pain, pleasure to pleasure, ego can be only what it may ever be..itself, because in eternity, it knows nothing else but itself, which is why ego can do nothing else, but continue to be, simply because it knows not, how not to be. This inability is why evolution tends to favor greater awareness, greater consciousness with better means to endure longer. So it is, ego knows that the evolution of greater consciousness is a matter of necessity, not mission

 Since all is alive, the form of whatever has become self'aware was formed from what is so readily available and formable...hv mass. Ego self'aware is a photon being, a luminous being. The luminous being develops throughout the course of its life, developing its supra'conscious body, which survives the ego'recessive body system at the time of dis'incarnation. The ultimate destiny of a luminous being is to evolve, as reluctant or not that may proceed, and inevitably become un'selfaware enough to be a part of the ego'recessive collective, within which, the first awakening of ego re'initiates another evolution of a supra'conscious luminous being, after which, self awareness is directly proportional to the degree that matter is ego'dominant. Self'awareness is a more unique and significant phenomenon than what familiarity might otherwise suggest. Unique in its relative scarcity among the stars..significant in its awakening of the zero'infinity faculty and subsequent genesis of ego'recessive matter and supra'conscious luminous beings. Of the before' or after'life, we know not, but in dreaming..a day, as the world turns, likens to life as the soul turns..from dawn to twilight, twilight to dawn, where between, per chance to dream of a past life..or envision the next 

 Photons, the simplest of diversions, are associated and organized into ego's complex self and ego's environment. As supra'conscious beings, we are luminous beings made from the substance of stars..our body, thoughts, beliefs..feelings, and dreams

  Zero and infinity, being outside the empirical reality, is continuously present and continually creating the universe. It only, exists absolute in eternity. The rest has a half'life, down to the smallest particle, of which the entire relativistic universe is comprised. That which gives fire to empirical equations is zero'infinity. In every particle, a zero'infinity state of consciousness exists. For anything to be, zero'infinity is present. At the core of substance therefore, is nothingness and the infinite timeline to which it belongs

  The distractions that manifest systems of atoms into molecules, molecules into tissue, and tissues into a body are driven by two imperatives...the dread of infinite nothingness, and the need to escape it. All that exists in relativity are distractions to escape the eternity of nothingness..each with its own half'life existing in a state of pleasure, that pleasurable state of distraction, for that most dreaded pathos

  So, ego has two brains...iocentric right, continuous wave, and sociocentric left, discontinuous particle. As two brains alter with one another according to circumstances, each with alternating abstract or sensual perceptions, ego feels a sense of itself from the interference patterns of action between them

  Ego wonders how nothingness becomes somethingness. There is no comprehensibility here, only the logic that given that the fundamental element of matter is irreducible, and that zero and infinity are the only known objects that are irreducible, the fundamental element of matter are the symbiotic zero and infinity states of consciousness

 Logos knows that objects in the abstract reality are as real as objects in the empirical reality, and that cosmogenesis is fired by elemental ego, zero'infinity, spontaneously and continually into zero'infinity diversionary objects and their interacting systems, which are needed to escape the most dreaded of circumstances

  The universe is a system of zero'infinity objects that construct systems within systems, dreams within dreams endlessly nesting until ego becomes lost within a separate reality of its own. The objects of zero’infinity consciousness pushes back with a Will of its own whenever something else touches it. Since all matter is predominantly empty space, pursuit of the final bit that is not, will discover in the end...the dread, nothingness in perpetuity. All that is something are objects created by zero’infinity consciousness, which has no mass, no space, nor time

 'Everything is alive.' Everything is one state of consciousness or another, every state of mind, every subatomic particle, every atom, every systems of atoms, and the myriad of the bodies they make within its eternal cosmogenesis continuum. Again, only from an environment of one state of consciousness or another, can a state of self'consciousness spring

Of the Space We Journey Through

 Ego loves to journey, and many of the things that ego sees are far as the nature of reality can be comprehended, or 'good and bad' can fit, or causation..fathomed. All what ego sees, ego knows how to get there and back. But most importantly, ego knows there is always more than what can be seen because so much of all must be sacrifice, shut'out, profoundly nulled..just to see a portion of all. So many limitations are required to see even one thing. This is why ego feels so comfortable while journeying. There is always something to learn about what ego does not know, what ego thinks ego knows, and about what ego knows about knowing. Through all of this, ego negotiates through the emprirical realm, and of course, prompted by the least bit of fatigue, ego enjoys the peace of null space, especially in a pleasant place. With such peace at hand, there is no reluctance to journey

 Wherever ego journeys upon a path of logic, ego is like Logos, but if assumptions were tourist stops, Logos would travel only through them. Ego would not, necessarily. Ego loves adventure and insight. Logos loves axioms and proofs that popular tourist stops provide

 Failing to decide what is alive and what is not...ego believes that everything is alive! The default position. A failure that works better than what dreaming or any reasoning can conceive, for definitions of what is alive and what is not, will lead only to irreconcilable mind'body problems, and oblivions of paradoxes, too numerous to count. Occum's razor is needed here

  A resonance, a codominance between two mutually exclusive frames of mind creates the philosophy of indeterminism, by which perpetual motion perpetuates itself. Each with its own instinct for survival, each with its own criteria for transcendental metamorphosis. Between two codominant exclusive frames of mind with equal ability to bind, configure, and direct energy, does a state of eternal energy exist..does the Chi eternally flow

 Ego knows...evolution leads to consciousness comprehending simultaneously, zero and infinity. This zero'infinity within, that permeates and surrounds all energy in all its forms, is a state without form and exists without space'time. These two realities together form a continuum, each begetting each. Zero'infinity and energy. The space we journey through requires expansion of consciousness, and a destination is chosen, and consciousness contracts and incarnates within another body, and I am there

  Infinity comprehends continuity, which leads to irrational things and its understanding. Zero comprehends the quantum, which leads to rational things and its understanding. Gravitation is comprehended by infinity because this force is continuous. The gravitational relationship between all things is one of rational parts and their irrational connectedness. The separation of parts is from a zero point of view. With the force of gravity directly proportional to the relevant masses, and inversely proportional to the communication between them, and since there must be always some distance for this to apply, all matter in the universe is connected..from an infinity consciousness point of view. Everything, however diverse, however dense, convoluted, twisted, or un'twisted zero may be, is connected by infinity, and separated by zero. The universe, as zero'infinity suggests, is simultaneously separated and connected. As ego'driven matter increases or decreases, continuity and separateness remains. The universe of matter is a stereo zero'infinity perception. As this perception sees, the universe is equally finite and infinite, ordered and chaotic, separated and at one, where the greatest ego is always nurtured by the most evolved ego within a dichotomous indeterminate world

 Time is merely the measurement of motion. Time is motion self'aware. Without a definition, time does not exist. Time is a cognitive thing, a dimension of matter that affects 'all and everything' to the extent that the ego'dominant collective exists. Fortunately, for the universe, this collective remains relatively small. Without a ray of consciousness speeding throughout the universe, time and space would not exist at all

 Is the force of the substance ego occupies..its push, pull, and dormancy, the result of a weightless property of mind? The focus of its Will..being so small, only its self in focus, but all else, equalized for its mind to be...the very small becomes null, the very large..infinity, and these and infinity, become properties of mind..weightless, yet the concrete objects with which, matter compounds

 For matter to be, something..anything cannot be relative or have energy, but rather something indivisible, something concrete by which the force of matter comforts us, conforms to our hands, or pressures us into submission, or nourishes us, or rains down upon us. We feel it, and immediately in response to it, deploy our bumbershoot for an otherwise overwhelming saturation. By zero, we sense space. By infinity, we feel the dint of alien Will, as it attracts, inerts, or repels. By our zero’infinity faculty, we sense the dichotomy of matter. To experience substance, we experience the sensibilities and values of foreign realms..profound alien realms intimately connected…darkly so, next to our own

  Time and forgetfulness is the only reprieve from the unbearable infinities, for infinity is required here, to contemplate the notion of 'eternal return.' Given the particulars of a story, and given a 'here and now' without beginning or end, it is a certainty that those particulars had once been, and will be again. Given an infinite past and future for any variation of those particulars, they too, most certainly have materialized, and will materialize in every detail, and in every diminishing or expanding detail again. So it seems, everything that could be imagined to happen has happened and will happen again because in a timeless eternity, old and new are meaningless unless qualified, referenced, and labeled in the here and now. In eternity, all what could be, has been before. For something new, forgetfulness is enough

  Ego thinks, "Of all things, there are the very small and the very large. Whatever there is to be, it must also be of the very large and the very small. But whatever I choose in between, I eventually lose. And a ray is given. Many rays I readily give, and in return I shall see, I shall know at least, a bit of me. For every experience, I must first, sacrifice something. To experience anything, I must so much. And so much I would readily give, if only to become so limited..estranged, gain the experience, and know that I am. I, now, so very, very limited, the very small, the very large...all but ego folds of relativity"

  Ego knows, even for motion, I can imagine that all matter had disappeared in the universe except me and some moon. As I pass the moon, it suddenly disappears, and there is only me. I hit the thrust control and begin accelerating. I feel pressure, but am I moving?

  And one day, all words had been lost, but two. There were only two words, and then the definition of one was mislaid. For the remaining word, what would have to be done to make it meaningful? More meaningful? Focused just right

 All epistemologies are relative to one another because they develop through the same sensual thresholds. We round'off aspect to the nearest integer. Epistemology is created with truncated values, approximations, averages, mean values..impressions from limited senses. We have limited means through which to experience. Lmited awareness, and unlimited therefore, in all that may un'expectantly happen..until ego, divided into oblivion, screams into the night as it separates into the very large and the very small..for in the beginning, the primal scream ever increases, until the very large becomes equally stationed with the very small

 Energy equals its mass multiplied by a very large constant. Mass is is mass of zero'infinity consciousness. From  dimensionless zero'infinity consciousness, ego’dominant and ego’recessive mass energy co'exist symbiotically within an eternal dynamically changing continuum

 Ego feels. Ego thinks. Ego knows. Ego is that it is. In each of these dimensions, is ego connected to 'all and everything' upon a course limited by its sensitivity and by what it knows. Limited by what ego can sense and perceive..unlimited by what ego can conceive. Therein is the rift..the precipitous cliff above, if conception is exclusively venerated..or a lush valley below, if it is not

  Of the space we journey through, chaos creates the gradients against which, consciousness expands and transforms chaos to order through greater understanding. Through ordered niches of mind, order and chaos exist in a steady'state equilibrium, in that, with too much order, ego'dominant matter will not survive. With too little order, ego'recessive matter will not survive

Starlight Old and New

  In eternity, ego knows that everything, everyone is eternal. The simple is no less evolved than the complex. All is..only a matter of changing shapes, colors..and moods. Life long or brief, is equally re'occurring, equally immortal within a universe ever'present and eternal

  Ego thinks...”What does it mean to be able to conceive of zero and infinity?”..something that cannot exist in the physical conceive of something that has no energy, to apprehend something that cannot be physically experienced, but how is this possible!?..this zero'infinity beyond the physical. Reality is!..more than the physical. Perfect is absolute abstract and non’physical, but as existent and real as anything physical. All that is physical is in constant motion, in a state of eternal resonance. No thing is perfectly still except zero, and by zero variation, what it conceives. Zero and infinity are faculties. However separate they may be regarded, they are symbiotic in that one cannot be without the other. Twist zero, there is infinity. Twist infinity back, there is zero. alternating currents, from left brain to right, right to left. At the core of the universe is zero'infinity consciousness, and all the continuous and discontinuous things that spring from it

   The relationship of one ego system to another is a function of one multiplied by the other and divided by the distance squared between them. If the distance is zero, an ego system is at one with itself, the same, and the relationship is zero. If the distance is infinite, the relationship is also zero since anything divided by infinity equals zero. Therefore, the nature of the fundamental ego, zero'infinity consciousness, is simultaneously at one with itself, and from itself, infinitely removed

  Without zero’infinity faculties, ego cannot count. To get to a number, an infinite progression of approaching numbers is needed..yet, without simultaneously perceiving by zero, each of a progression could not be conceived, nor the ultimate limit towards which the progression is approaching..a counter, plus or minus zero. With zero and infinity faculties reciprocating through a progression of counters, ego is busy counting along an undefined line with no width, nor bounded length

  Ego wonders...what is the form of the universe? An atom takes an electron, internalizes..I died and reborn, I. Light energy from the sun penetrates the Palisades Palaces of the evergreen. The light, the evergreen internalized...I died, and reborn, I. Elements gather until it rebels from its own weight, and become light. I died, and reborn, I. The stars, the planets gather elements by its own weight..internalize, and become I, I'am

   The stars and planets gather by the motion of their own mass and become galaxies..I, I am. By their weights, they move high and low, up and down, to and back again..within and without, substance to substance, I to I, in ever'flowing streams, eddies, deep space lakes, and oceans of starry light, and delicate minute substances in flight, and the beliefs and systems of emotion, their action, the spirit energy between them as I, I'am again, and again. Moving to within, moving to without, the most delicate of substance is taken up and gathered by an ordered niche of mind, gazing perchance, out at the starry heavens. Starlight internalized, I, I died, and reborn I, I'am

   All is internalized in the starry firmament. Ego, I, I'am..sharing nothingness and infinity with everything else, the form of the universe exists without boundaries

   Therefore, the form of the universe is a matter of what is, in the moment, a'constantly changing in an instant of eternity, bounded by where everything is flowing to within, flowing to without and back again within one, a sun, a galaxy of stars or systems of them..bounded by the eternal elementals, zero and infinity..I, 'I am'

  Ego much the universe weighs. Given that the entire universe is made of zero’infinity fundamental elements, which have no weight, the universe has no weight. When weight is experienced, a sense of weight is created by the belief systems of egos. If an ego’s belief system can be altered to ignore weight or force between one ego and another, then no weight, nor force between them exists. As it is then, once a belief system creates a mass'energy effect, insofar as the belief system holds, mass'energy is conserved within a universe bounded by zero'infinity and ego. Conservation of energy applies, yet if zero'infinity, attendant with ego, increases or decreases, so would the weight of the universe, as it would be presumed...if not proved, certainly as it would feel

  Order is a function of intelligence, information, and intent, which is evident in every system. Lack of order, or randomness, is a function of limited senses, in addition to differing opinions about what order should be..manifested as interference patterns from colliding, remotely connected ordered systems. The less remote one ordered system is to another, the more predictable is their relation and its outcome..and therefore, less chaos and more order. Chaos is a function of perception, communication, and understanding. More recessive ego, more order. More dominant ego, more chaos. All matter perceives, communicates, and understands in terms of itself..iocentrically and sociocentrically

  A unified field that excludes ego, becomes a puzzle where one piece must be sacrificed to see the rest. Ego thinks that a unified field theory cannot be formulated with the empirical reality alone, because physics is not the total reality to which ego belongs. A unified field theory is not a physics problem, but rather, a psychophysical one

 Ego thinks this energy conservation notion cannot be proven, and therefore, all science is based upon assumption..that no energy can be lost, only transform from one form to another, ego notwithstanding, with measurement plus or minus this or that..that energy being conserved remains the same..cannot be added to the reality of the relative state of things, nor subtracted in anyway, such that the totality of the universe appears to have minute fluctuations of energy. Fluctuations determined by how large or small the one piece is, that had been sacrificed to see the rest

 Time and space, zero and infinity..are but effects of ego's overwhelmed mind. Self'aware for the first time, equalizing all beyond itself, 'all and everything' bears down upon ego. Ego, having realized the limit of an infinite progression bearing down upon itself, transforms to zero. Ego is conserved, and a paradigm of a continuum is implied

 These objects, zero and infinity faculties, sustain the continuum, an equilibrium between zero'infinity and light. An equilibrium from which all matter is produced and compiled. Light and matter..but extremes between the continuum’s ego collective where light configures, and matter does not become light without ego. Every ego contributes to cosmogenesis

 If reality is seen without time, then there is no beginning nor end of reality. Only is'ness. If there is only is'ness, then reality has always been and will always be, simply because it is here and now.  Application of past and future can only be made within the context of infinity..that is, the history and future of some window of time into reality is bounded by infinity in that time..that a finite thing becomes meaningless when compared to an infinite thing..for when reality bears down upon a life a hundred years long, or one of a thousand years long..both are but fleeting undetectable moments in eternity. Such apparent insignificant moments become more significant because they are destined to return by chance re’ infinite number of times..each occurrence, as though it has never been before, nor will ever be again. Within the vast sink of eternity, what is new can never be known. Only ego knows what is new or not..from what a moment's significance is, what a new sensation was, for as far as ego cares, ego cares not, whether or not, the new sensation has happened before, or will happen again evermore

 Since a time reality can only be such a small part of the eternal reality, to avoid becoming too imaginary, or momentary, ego does not date itself too much. Time is marked by events, and the events are held onto for as long as possible. Time is not a passive variable of reality, but an intended invention. Otherwise, there is only the dulling 'eternal return' and the prickly pungence of eternity..where it seems, no thing is new under the sun. Time is arbitrary, but necessary, and in eternity, forgetfulness is bliss 

  The universe may be mapped according to any point of view. Universal order is the sum of all world views. And the universe may look odd, or seem mysterious, but the creators of world views love their respective epistemologies, and are endowed with the authority and freedom to exercise whatever vision suits their need. Subsequently, universal order is relative to a spectrum of ego vantages created by limitations of perception. By that same limitation, as ego vantages ever increase and engage one another, universal disorder becomes ever apparent by the interference patterns between them

  Universal constants are based on relative ego systems of matter. When the ego systems are relatively large in respect to one another, such that the large is large enough to equalize elements of the small within its influence, a universal constant is created. It is out of this 'principle of equalation' that universal constants exist. Constants such as light with which we blend, we hide and ride high, and passing by, become enabled for an instant, to see a rocket in the sky become frozen in motion. Or the Earth's gravity, the objects upon its surface to which a great building falls equally fast as one of its bricks beside it..for relative to the Earth, the brick and its building have insignificant differences in weight. Relative to the speed of light, we are all equally slow. Relative to some vastly distant place in space, two other places differently distanced from it, are equally far away. Relative to the entire energy spectrum, sensual portals into it are equally weighted

  To be, limited thresholds permit ego to sense the light, to feel a ray brightly and know it is feel space, experience thought and motion in isolation..and know it is there. From egos isolated are all bits of matter created, is all of the universe sustained. Un'dimensional ego, isolated within the convolutions of light, is ego incarnate, happy to be forever relative, for the many diversions, relativity provides

  Here and now in eternity, the least evolves through the host, the most evolved. In this way, ego'dominant matter is embryonic. We look to contact those from faraway and far advanced for what they know and can do, while we evolve in diminishing ego, through the matter of the most diminished and advanced that ego can be. Within this universe, its diverse array, no ego is ever alone

  Ego ponders…there is no past’time, except in the form of memory, nor any future’time, except in the form of probility..only the ‘here and now’ and transitions between conscious and superconscious realities..existential shifts of the luminous body as it undergoes birth and rebirth, like the Phoenix who will not burn, unless another within, is newborn

  As ego in matter diminishes, the quantum effect of that matter increases. As ego in matter increases, the quantum effect of that matter decreases. Within the continuum of the ego spectrum, ego'driven matter speciates ad infinitum. The preponderance of all bears down upon the least, and the indivisibles awaken, as ego courses ever on. The existential theorems rule

  In the vast systems of things, its eternity..there are systems within systems, within systems within systems, and under the right conditions within an un'interrupted environment, systems of ego'recessive matter evolve to ego'critical matter until quanta of light or photons aggregate and become self'aware. At that epiphany, conscious of itself, a separate reality is created. At the core of this separate reality is a sense of nothingness in eternity, when 'all and everything' bears down upon ego returning

 A supra'conscious luminous being is a part of the supra'conscious collective. The supra'conscious collective is created from the accumulation of successive self'aware lives. What ego self'aware makes conscious and self'aware becomes a part of the supra'conscious collective, and evolves through incarnation and reincarnation until the soul becomes ego'recessive enough to serve as medium for new'born ego'dominant matter. The destiny of the evolved soul, is to become the host, the fertile soil within which, a new soul is born

 The stars create elements and elements aggregate into stars. The stars produce photons, which feed the element systems and luminous beings. Element systems in an un'interrupted environment create the conditions for the perigee gate through which self'awareness is born. The luminous body exists on through successive incarnations of expanding consciousness, as necessary, until it passes through the apogee gate and becomes a part of the ego'recessive reality within which, new luminous beings are born. The eternal cycle continues on, ad infinitum, within the cosmogenesis continuum. The continuum is conserved, self perpetuating, and eternal

 As an incarnated luminous being, ego is embedded in an ego'recessive system and perceives its environment through the senses of its host. Once a luminous being is born at the perigee gate, successive lives, successive incarnations evolve. Within each incarnation ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. Ego's general realm of consciousness remains so unless, for the purpose of survival, it expands. Expansion for expansion's sake of consciousness, makes expansion temporary. Only expansion out of necessity, does ego keep throughout successive lives, throughout the occasions of ego's work and play. From such work and play, and love, ego evolves, as necessary. The pleasure principle rules here

  And so it is about starlight old and new, a luminous being assimilates starlight through successive incarnations until, in that night, the starry firmament generates ego'recessive matter so self'defined and self'assured that it needs but minimal cognitive facilities to interact spontaneously. Ego'dominant matter is so un'defined and un'self assured that it not only needs to process information to exist, but needs an un'interrupted environment to do it in

The Starry Firmament

 Ego thinks about eternity. How can it be? Eternity exists because ego does not not to be'. This nescience is why anything exists..therefore, fundamental ego, zero'infinity, exists in perpetuity, and to avoid the dreadful pathos, light is created and compounded into diversions ad infinitum.

  The purpose of existence therefore, is to escape from isolation in perpetuity, and maintain that escape with diversions that intuition, imagination, inspiration, or instinct apprehend

 Ego knows that the general reality of 'all and everything' is psychophysical..therefore, everything that exists is alive. Everything exists in one state of consciousness or another

 Since everything in the universe is made of light, ego sees the universe as a holographic one, which is boundaryless. Look into the starry night. The only boundaryless space that is known, is a mind bounded by zero'infinity consciousness

 Within the general reality, ego knows special realities are created and evolve for ego to be, for as long as it can be, because like eternity, ego knows not, how not to be. A special reality is created with limited sensual thresholds through which, small portions of the general reality are perceived. Within this special reality, two separate yet symbiotic realities exist...the abstract reality, which reasons through absolute values, and the empirical reality, which reasons through approximate values

 Ego believes there are three dimensions of space because there are only three fundamental states of, infinity, and light quantum. A quantum of light is spontaneously created to escape the dread of the first two. Such a diversion creates a sense of three dimensions within the empirical reality. Stereo'perception through zero and infinity states of consciousness enables ego to sense greater depths of the universe

 And so it is about existence, a sense of zero or nothingness exists as a result of the universe bearing down upon anyone just awakened to it. Matter exists because of the universal pathos, isolation in perpetuity. And the existence of, and relationships between everything in the universe are divine relationships with which, one atones when re'attaining a state of grace with 'all and everything' is necessary

  Ego thinks further on this. Given that zero'infinity is indivisible and the fundamental element of physics, and given how zero'infinity hyperleaps from the virtual reality that does not have mass or energy to an empirical one that does, is incomprehensible, which meets the requirement of atonement with 'all and everything.' In this way, the fundamental requirements of indivisibility and incomprehensibility for science and religion respectively, are met, and a unified field theory becomes apparent

  The empirical reality cannot account for the abstract reality, no more than the abstract reality can account for the empirical reality. So, ego defies the law of energy conservation, and embraces the proposition that somethingnes can spring from nothingness. By accepting this incomprehensibility, supported by the un'provable theorem that he fundamental element of matter is indivisible, and that the indivisible objects, zero and infinity states of counsciousness combined, is the fundamental element of matter, a unified field theorem that includes both abstract and empirical realities is at hand

  By accepting the conservation of energy law, science and technology will evolve. Defying it, permits ego to see the universe as a psychophysical one with which, to communicate

  From universe to universe, life to life, from sleep to rise in the morn, ego knows that the hiatus, long or short, is always the same. With no sensation, there is no sense of time passing, there is no time. The hiatus connects twilights and dawnings..connecting lives and days of a life as they course throughout the living universe. When the body lives, the mind can rest. When the body dies, the die is broken.  Incarnated, life is a series of interrupted dreams. Disembodied, existence is...unreflected, unspoken. Only in life incarnate, can one undergo a death and transfiguration, and thereby, experience change. How ego is bound, is as far as ego can be without becoming 'all and everything,' and disappearing altogether. And so it is about all, the eternal state of things, ego knows. Take away thoughts, feelings, and knowledge, there is only ego in eternity, with utter nothingness surrounding. So, ego is busy

 Ego is tired and looks across a desert. The light is bright and intense. Rocks and remnants of life are blanched and parched. Life sucks water and keeps it. All lives from light to light, shade to shade. Ego walks the desert and sees the openness and feels enlightened by the radiance, and magnified by its expanse. Ego passes from desert to lush oasis where the dimmest light illumines. Ego sees a rose, just enough to perceive its velvet wine'soaked pedals, its umbro'd thorns and jagged leaves of life'giving green. Ego knows that it is naked. And the rose, being so readily warmed by the immediately cooled from the shade, knows too, that it is naked


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