by DJ Sprague

Op. 14   Mantras of Love

What is in mind lives brightly.
What is in soul is very old and wise and
does not speak. What is in heart, treasures of
wisdom we seek, and these roses, odes to love,
many plus one to keep


  An ancient memory became a calling. With eternities waiting, a sweet voice from a’far, I am hearing. A memory bred in bone, I bear from world to ending, another beginning. And I opened myself to a new sun, radiant and beaming, casting down unto my umbro’d soul…once again, it has begun, there can only be one

  My first sense of love, its nature..elusive, warm, and sensual, created a magical moment, a feeling both simple and complex. Love is indeterminate, which is how love enables one to live in a world greater than one's self. Love is also the fire that warms, and by its light, see into heart and fathom soul. It is both the compass and mountain peak we seek. From peak to peak, love gives to love, the vessel empties, and with love in return, the vessel fills. Two vessels filling and refilling, the sangraals are full, and in love, heaven and Earth is brought above, so below, love and beloved, love returning doubles love, redoubling every pleasure, every sensation

  The first sound of its voice, I felt it carry over a wide open sea, deep currents ruled by the moon, inflections of love endearing, waiting to journey. In the moon, the vast supernatural stars serve as a trifling muse in passing..waiting for the next current of love. And I flow with it. We are upon the same sea. We catch the same wind..its destiny in my heart I trust. Loving, my soul magnifies, my heart treasures, my mind..its figments combust. From its light, I feel a wondrous spirit between us, permeating all around us. And if there should be a sudden change in direction, it is but us catching the wind, deep in the night. And to whatever direction it may flow, is of no matter..nor in whatever port we rest, because together, we journey anywhere to any place we roam. Together, we are home

  We embrace the night, but in that slumber, the dark knight spoils love, its silky pleasure, its dreamy face. Its victory though, is but an instant hiatus enpassing, whereafter you, in my heart, awakens with me. The freedom that awaits you at my side, gives your imaginary form, the same in my nights, imagining the presence of your sweet aura, your virtual flesh, soft and warm. Even from a'far, we are heart to heart filling, more and more is willing. We are in the night, as the night so ordains, embracing, auras mingling, sweet subtle stings..spirit entwined, pleasures rising to oblivious heights, passion brings

  Whatever seems soul, sol, solely between us, being so far beyond our simple self'aware light. Love so high and unfathomably deep, ever increases each time we meet on the shores of our paradise isle. It is scary...this sensation of falling, ascending..all at once. Together as one, we are doubly enhanced. Apart as two, we are doubly enchanted. Ever enhancing, ever enchanting..yes, we are a little crazy. This rose is a little crazy. A little craziness beyond what we know, familiar with, Earth enclosed.. earthbound, isolated. Together, we maintain a fine tradition, make alive again, a great tradition!..the need to love, but without a little craziness, how can the space between lovers? be greater than themselves

  In me, there is so much that wants, needs, desires...all at once. Loving, all I see, feel, taste..becomes amplified, fresh, sensually enhanced. Loving in all the little ways I see, in all the great, I can imagine..toil happily at the mundane, revel in the sublime. Travel to the ends of the world!..together, we create our own time. We are timeless. Explore the ends of human mind. The silence between us..but ample space for us as one, and separate as two. Symbiotic, never. Watch water trickle down your skin..spread silky soap over. Comb your hair in a candle lit room. Spread over your body, fragrant emollients. By a flickering light, upon the stars in the heavens, we muse...mysteries, wonders, beauty. You and me, just be...the silence, our deep, together we sleep..and in those dreams, we play...gristly metaphysical things, a coffee cafe, night or day, I am drawn, I am forever drawn. We are so mutually rappor'd, it seems we were once before. You then, pointed to the stars. I, to life on Earth. You, with your star'filled soul inspired the life in me, a star'crazed traveler. We have lived and loved before. I am comforted by the warmth of our mutual giving we knew last..for then too, we knew we were once before, beyond the shore of a great sea, by which we lived, beyond the horizon of a great sea of space in which we lived. Knowing we were from other distant stars, many worlds we bring to this new Earth beginning. Our love is made of the substance of stars, their destiny, our love in its midst..our plenty savoring each life. Each day, each night, celebrates a new one, in which once again, we live

  Dear mantra of love, life now ever mysterious began self'aware, and later, self'knowledged. And soon after, I sought, far distant from me to let you know, deep in your soul, I am here, on Earth, searching for you. And in my search, was I readily deceived by solitary attributes in those who proved to be someone other than you. An all'consuming passion is not an irritating mote in the is a blinding beam! Yet, with each beneficiary, after discovering you not there, forsaken I have never felt..for I sensed you yet, after so many mirages and impending grief..for each, suspending disbelief. Within the throws of self imposed fiction, in fantasy I would remain. My rapture for what was not there, would sustain, until heart and mind are compelled to bare its sight, pull out the beam, and see the light

  I remember. I remember awakenings upon Earth, many and distant, upon which I once spread supine for my arms to embrace it. And another time, high a'top a great tree in a deep nighted moon shining, moonglow made trees visible to me. The wind through them, I sat listening. At one with the wind in their midst, its spirit entered me, through me, and beyond. It carried my nighted heart..."if only I could be the wind," and wander more freely in search of you. Who are you? for whom I eternally search throughout the galaxies of stars. Who are you? whose voice floods my mind, rocks my heart, rubs my soul. What is this deep haunting canon? that awakens me daily from reluctant sleep. Who are you? whose every thought soars..the bounds of my mind, unbounded for you. Who are you? who ever'seeks the light, and is ever'ready to give light wanting, whose spontaneous outpouring flows with the strength of a great river separating rainbows..upwardly moving toward a sun'filled dome, I call home. Who are you?..a song without words, its sensation. I feel its need, and love to exhaustion. Who are you? but the one with whom, I am with..from life to life, spirit to spirit, gift to gift. Loving the same way, we need the same. You are the one with whom, love consumes, and be freely what it may

  And who am I?..a dreamer in search of gold, and for its luster, I have traveled far..many times into my own event horizons. Imploding, exploding, I have seen the best and worst of human conditions. From these visions, black and white, I learn their colors in all that lives and grows. I want to soar with you in mind. Search the caves through the darkness of humankind. Savor the aroma of montane heather..made greater, us together. Dip our fingers in the sea. Anoint one another with its primordial essence. Feel together, the warmth of each other, body and feelings, said and unsaid, love carried from a'far through a rose so red. Who am I?..the one for you to keep, my love so steep, to fill your heart and mind, and woo your soul so deep

  Over ancient memories are new ones made. We are already made. It is inevitable, we shall once again be together. With lives given, though death and dearth driven, we bring to each other from a heart cleaved long ago..its memory in my soul. Through your eyes, the memory will awaken, and the sun will rise, and a new day will begin, the moment we meet. And in its dawn, to each other, our hearts and souls complete. Two halves of a heart surfeit..two independent yet complete, our bodies meet, through which our spirits hidden, enlighten and warm. My spirit form, conforming to yours. My spirit, gentle'd for yours. I feel your gentleness moving, its silky presence, its radiance..and for a momentary eternity, we shut'out the world. It has been so long. For you, my wait is deeply nighted with what is so clear. Seeing you from a'far, I wait to draw you near

  In my heart, I have been stirred, I am moved. I have no love to prove..for you see me clearly. A life'bound mortal waiting to give. A simple caress, my affection, I wish to express. My night has carried the deepest unknowns. What would otherwise be dark and dank, becomes sweet and warm, just with the memory of your charm. Instead of sleepy unrest and soul uncertain, an unbroken sky fills with light. From horizon to wide horizon, I see you there..silken hair freely arrayed..eyes brightly, and full of, supple and warm

  Love mantra, under a wide open sky, you are my guide. I shall always need you, for you to be at my side

REV:  Oct 2017

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