by DJ Sprague

An Epistema

Of this I am,
this I am that yearns to be,
this thought, this wish,
this word, for which I reach,
this feeling..this light,

Epistema index

Absolute truth: 'Non plus ultra' beliefs; often mistaken for articles of faith. Faith here, is the sense that good things follow by believing that one's beliefs are absolutely true.

Abuse: If one pursues understanding until compassion is felt, one survives abuse, and only by enlightenment is one no longer a victim. 

Academic intellectual: An academic intellectual is measured by dispassion towards concept, as opposed to a philosopher who is measured by passion for the same.

Aesthetics: A subject on which everyone is an expert.

Agape: Sensitivity, sensuality, love, giving, and receiving..all through values shared with others. Does not feel as though one has given unless it is in terms of the receiver. See Eros.

American Dream: To secure freedom of imagination; to stimulate ideation, not physical sensation; to facilitate when necessary, transcendence of ingrained engram, not eternal cadence of program; freedom within a society to effect one's intuition, imagination, inspiration, and instinct without persecution, insofar as one is not a predator of that society.

Anger: In mind, it is good; in the heart, it is bad; in soul, it is ugly. 

Armageddon: A war rages between good and evil within, until the eye sees by reflection where evil truly lives. Only those who by evil see, have Armageddon ahead of them. See Evil, conceptions of

Art:  Dying is requisite to living. Art, dreaming metaphor, merely conducts and expresses the post'mortem.

Artist: Being caught up by the labors of love, the visions of beauty, the need for truth, all of which create great necessity, for which the soul indentures mind, and commands fearful heart to reveal a portion of itself. 

Assumption: One of the ways by which one is known.

Astronomy: Archeology of celestial lights beyond the physically'existent space horizon.

Atonement: Or 'at-one-ment.' To pray or meditate until a state of at'one'ment is achieved with another person, or with one's portrait of themselves, or with one's belief system, articles of faith, or simply...with 'all and everything.'

Atonement, Godhead: Care should be taken about the God one chooses, because when one prays, one atones, and with whom one atones is one's lot and extent of one's peace; if one's God is at war with the world, so will one's spirit be.

Being: One who acknowledges foremost that they are a creature, an animal, and therefore achieves a perspective to it, and lives with carnal knowledge. As beings, we are ignorant where we cannot see; we are vulnerable where we have not adapted; we are a'moral where we have not valuated. Is there any being, therefore, who is not ignorant, vulnerable, and a'moral in some way?

Belief: One of those universal things; it can be based upon something or nothing, wherein, one is capable of being as righteously compelling, as one can be passionately, dead wrong.

Belief empowerment: The ability to empower a belief system is matched equally by the willingness of the many, or the one, to believe that the belief system is true. The greater the many, the greater are its empowered institutions, monuments, and icons. 

Bias: It acts, and after action, is disabled from seeing any contradiction or variation of itself.

Bible: On one side, the Star of David, the Old Testament, the right brain; on the other side, the Cross of Yeshua, the New Testament, the left brain; spin the wheel, spark the flint...the Bible is the fire between them.

Biology: The study of a starry ecosystem continuum of interactive impulses, wants, needs, cravings, compulsions; even with words, the mind senses its environment and hungers after it within a vastly complex and deeply profound body of needs and desires..all competing to be satisfied.

Birth: In life, death precedes a succession of births...birth follows a succession deaths

Boundaries, universe: A closed mind sees the universe in fixed terms of itself; an open mind sees the universe in transcendental terms of itself. The boundaries of the universe are therefore, at once, closed and open'minded, a dichotomy, however small or large a closed mind may ever myopic or far'sighted an open mind can see.

Carnal darkness:  Where a creature does not acknowledge that they are a creature and lives as a slave to their instincts. Denying one's creaturehood is the same as not acknowledging it, as the rest of the animal kingdom does.

Carnal knowledge: Carnal knowledge is the acknowledgement that one is as much a creature as any other creature, which transcends one's creaturehood. Creatures are slaves to their instincts, and therefore innocent by them. With carnal knowledge, one is not. Any creature that acknowledges that they are a creature, transcends creaturehood and becomes a being.

Catholicus: Latin for ‘universal;’ in that, everyone believes equally…that their religion is the ‘one and only’ true religion.

Celebrity: Everyone is producer, director, and the comedy, drama, mystery, and romance of one's life.

Change: To experience change, change the environment, or encounter it.

Children: All those in the world who have no children, serve those who do.

Church and state: From the Constitution's point of view, its inalienable rights, the majority does not rule; the minority is no less significant than the majority; all spiritual paths are equal. Allowing the monotheistic majority to express itself in the public domain turns the Pledge of Allegiance into a prayer, and currency into religious icons.

Co'dependency: Having forsaken one's individuality to commit to a relationship in which two become one, individuality struggles to survive with volleys of love and hate, as individuality vies for control of the one; their love is maintained in stasis within a conceptual world, in which they cannot allow one another to be freely themselves.

Co'dominance: Having committed to the evolution of one's self first, two commit to a relationship in which that self continues to be nurtured. The greatest gift they have to offer one another is the freedom for the other to be themselves, however much that stabilizes or not, the relationship.

Common sense: Do not combat irrationality; do not defend common sense, because if common sense needs defending, the antagonist is blind instinct, not reason.

Compassion: Exists in two forms: pity, via an idea of suffering; and empathy, which requires experience of the same suffering.

Composition: Strike the bad, trash the boring, delete the the good. 

Conceptual world: One dwells in a reality where perception is subordinate to concept; from conceptual constructs that collectively become a reality more separated from the original perceptual reality that was made. Used to simplify one's environment, enough to emotionally navigate through it. 

Conscience: Only when it perceives its own shadow, does it incarnate; only with limits and context does it live; conscience without context is fascism.

Consciousness: Consciousness is light.

Contentment: A temporary thing; if continuous..involves more compromise of one's self than one can ultimately live with. 

Control person:  An adrenalin junky preoccupied with controlling their relationships; the easiest behavior to predict, and therefore the easiest to control, if necessary. 

Copesetic: Good rapport; a state of mind where one is in an agreeable or pleasant association with another, others, one's environment, or an aspect of it; an adjective that takes the preposition 'with'; ~from the Creole French word coupersétique, 'able to cope with." 

Cosmogenesis Continuum: The generation of the cosmos within a continuum is the construction and deconstruction of the cosmos ad infinitum, in that, as matter deconstructs in one place, it is simultaneously created in another. See WP "Cosmogensis."

Cosmology: The study of total reality, which includes ego, zero'infinity consciousness, and all energy systems. 

Courage: Containment and control of fear, in contrast to the fear'driven who ridicules the fearless, and the fearless who regards the fear'driven with contempt.  

Criticism, art: Analyzing art is a way of shielding one's self from the influence of art.

Cult, Religious: A spiritual belief system distinguished by an anthropomorphic supernatural being creator, and judgment of where the divine is, and where it is not.

Cynicism: Disappointed idealism.

Dadaism: Just when a movement thinks it knows what art is, the grim reapers appear...each Dada one of them.

Death: A change in one's character, however dramatic or subtle; experienced during the course of life, and therefore, a notion enabling life, rather than ending it. 

Determinist: One who believes that free'will does not exist; an indecisionist who allows their circumstances to deteriorate until all options disappear.

Dialogue: Rap in search of context; the best sharpening stone for the mind.

Dichotomous being: An equilibrium between two equally stationed general frames of reference where information, sensual or conceptual, is mapped iocentrically and sociocentrically. Iocentric...a tree in the forest who sees other trees only in terms of itself; sociocentric...a tree of a forest who sees only what it shares with other trees; seeing both ways, one is equally stationed in the forest; one is a dichotomous being. See Indeterminism.

Dichotomy of Being Principle: With the measure one feels individually unique, by that same measure, one is enabled to give as an equal, socially. See Co'dominance.

Dreamer: Feeling sentimental about something that has yet to happen; often confused with visionary.

Educated: Those who are not embarrassed about their ignorance.

Emotion: Not a slave, nor a slayer, but rather, a master of it.

Enlightenment: Enlightenment is achieved by owning one’s every thought, feeling, and everyday experience. With ownership, one will always be true to one’s self, and everything experienced will be as real as real can be.

Entropy: An energy form within an adiabatic environment undergoes a process where the energy of its form diminishes and approaches the asymptote of “maximum entropy” to stabilize at some point in an “entropic ground state equilibrium” [from Schrodinger]. For example: the human race, self’aborbed and self’occupied with powers limited only by its imagination to subjugate all life, soil, and rock, is isolated within an adiabatic system of its own. What will remain? to avert its asymptote of maximum entropy, or extinction.

Epistema: A map of ideas and beliefs. 

Epistemologist: A cartographer of ideas and beliefs. 

Eros: Sensitivity, sensuality, love, giving, and receiving..all through values unique to the individual. One does not feel they have given unless it is something they value, something of themselves given. See Agape.

Essential cuisine: Metaphysical: Consume only what the spirit body needs, in the proportion that it needs; do not stay hungry; let appetite rule. Physical: Consume only what the body needs, in the proportion that it needs; stay hungry, rule appetite. 

Eternity: Given that the universe exists without a timeline, feeling no sense of time is to experience eternity. Remembrance of eternities recalls at once, a sense of instant passing forever long.

Evil, conception of: Is all that is "evil," not of God? If so, then God is not omnipotent, omniscient, nor omnipresent. Conceptions of evil are self'impassioned, self'imposed limitations of understanding, and thereby, the means to simplify and emotionally negotiate the world. 'Evil' is what is conceived; it is subjective, even if popular; a notion that gives dignity to ignorance. To recognize 'evil,' look not at the object of the accusing eye, but into the eye of the accuser, into its fire and ice of fear and hate. To conceive, adopt, and deify notions of 'evil' is to fall from the grace of a child. Any promulgation of 'evil,' however exalted or sublime the good may be, inspires hatred, and hatred, the progenitor of the seven deadlies, is the bane of the world. 'Evil,' like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and only when that eye sees where 'evil' lives, will 'evil' die. 

Execution penalty: The policy of a society that approves the killing of a human being as revenge or punishment through litigation cannot be infallible, and consequently, pays for itself with the lives of those who were innocent. 

Existence:  We are given existence, Ex = 0 * * Eenergy.. From absolute restriction and absolute freedom, everything in between manifests and becomes so enlightened and so darkened into feeling that conception spirals, coils..condenses, coalesces..collates, configures and confines..regulates and shapes into ordered niches of mind...a dream within a dream within a dream..until one becomes incarnate and existent with the degrees of freedom that one needs.

Experience: A requirement of knowledge. Average intelligence with experience can understand intelligence. Intelligence with experience can understand talented intelligence. Talented intelligence with experience can understand genius; therefore, while information is the gate, experience of that information opens a gate to greater understanding.

Failure: Only failure teaches. Own it. Use it. Capitalize. Make it pay in some way. In this way, failures become assets, for if "I do not own them, they will own me." See Learning.

Fallacy, common: What is good is beautiful; therefore, what is beautiful is good.

Fantasies: Artificial connections between cause and effect.

Fascism: ~from Latin, ‘fasces;’ a bundle of rods containing an axe with its blade protruding at the top, which symbolizes ‘power and authority.’ Fascism is when one member of an ecosystem dominates the rest; e.g., within the eco’economic system of commerce, allowing government and its favored corporations to dominate the commerce system, which, if allowed to dominate, will evolve commerce to become either extinct, or chronically debilitated as contemporary events prove, and as history has repeatedly proved. When passion for one's values preclude sense and sensibility for others, one becomes moribund bound, enhancing the value of one's life while devaluating another; hence, where there is intolerance, there is fascism. The fail’safe to fascism is that fascism always underestimates the intelligence of others. See Natural Eco’economics.

Fear: A component of courage; something to confront, but not to eliminate; something to define, so the un'defined will not rule..because the grip of fear on one's choking throat is only as strong as the fear in one's strangling hands; when faced and challenged, fear without basis disappears..others are put into context and weighed accordingly. 

Feelings: Keys that unlock the meaning of dreams.

Field requirement:










belief system





Flora: Dreamstates. ~from Stuart Ness.

Forgiveness: If one does not condemn, one does not need to forgive. 

Freedom, degrees of: Degrees of freedom are  known by the price one is willing to pay for them; maximum freedom is paid by owning all of one's thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Freedoms, inalienable: I can think and feel anything; I can know freely, with choices of experiences; I can be 'I am that I am' without any sense of thinking, feeling, or knowing.

Free thinker: State of mind based on inalienable freedoms; one within whom the value and pleasure of thinking freely is willingly paid with the isolation it may cause from thinking independently. 

Free will: Objectivety; determinism is a function of energy and its system analysis, in that, the more concrete the analysis, the more and more there is predictability, and less and less free'will; however, as with all empirical data, there is always some variation of sensual thresholds, plus and minus this or that. A sense of free'will may diminish, but never disappear, no matter how small plus and minus this or that may be. Subjectivity; free'will is a sense related to choice; as long as there are two or more choices, there is a sense of free'will. One with free Will tends not to act until there is at least two choices. One without free Will tends not to act until there is no choice. One locked into free Will, feels safe only with a sense of freedom. One locked in otherwise, feels safe only in confinement. Free'willists like open space within which to intuit what choice should be made. One otherwise, likes confinement because decisions are already made. 

Gnosis: Innerspace wisdom or insight. 

God, necessity: Proposition: "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him." ~Voltaire. Basis: With loss or fear too terrible to bear, a god is conceived, an omnipotent, omnipotent, and omnipresent supreme being who gives life and freely takes it away. How is this conception possible? does a newborn infant perceive its parents?

Good sight: Perceives the shade of an idea as readily as its reflected light.

Governing dynamics: A dichotomy between socialistic and capitalistic agendas, where socialistic agenda works only within an environment of limited government, whose primary economic function is to facilitate and protect the people’s commerce. Socialism or capitalism by themselves…too much of one or the other to the extent that both become oppose one another, will cause the system to sputter, faulter, and fail. See Old Glory Philosophy.

Guru: A well informed teacher, but one who knows that conveying truth for truth's sake, does not make truth more true, nor necessarily effect enlightenment.

Hate: Puts one into bed with strangers. One does not suffer from anger; one suffers from hate and strange bedmates. 

Heart: Keeps the soul from over'reacting, and the mind from under'reacting. 

'here and now': See Eternity.

Hiatus, the: Where one is between awake and a dream; one is non'being; one, self'aware, has ceased to exist. Is the oblivion of dreamless sleep, the only hiatus, the only repose? Is life?..the only way to experience it. See Pantheism.

Hinterspace: ~from hinterland, n: a remote and underdeveloped area. Hinterspace, n: Two arguing about the same territory from different vantages are in hinterspace.

Honesty: When communication puts the relationship at risk.

Human being: Made of a very fine substance that had folded into itself until self aware, and once self aware, begins upon a critical path, for which some is self'created, some is absorbed from the labors of work, some is borrowed, some is broken, a bit is stolen...ever wanting, ever needing..feeling unique, but un'knowing how unique, while a thought may say one thing, a feeling, another..and an experience, yet something else altogether, alien. Human beings do not distinguish themselves from the rest of the animal kingdom by denying that they are one of them. Denying that one is a creature, does not make it so..and innocently so, do they live in carnal darkness, and become far more dangerous to themselves and the rest of the world, than they would otherwise be, in carnal knowledge.

Idealism: Only realists make good idealists. 

Identities, existential: 'I am that I am'; 'I feel, therefore I am'; 'I think, therefore I am'; 'I know, therefore I am'. Existential identities are distinct from identity persona, in that they have no restrictions of what one can feel, think, know, or just be. See Freedoms, inalienable.

Illogic: Created by differing assumptions; therefore, question a path of illogic by investigating its assumptions, and a new path of logic will be discovered. See Logic.

Immortality: Given an eternal universe, and therefore an eternal return of everything in it, everything is immortal.

Incarnation: When the luminous body attaches itself to the carnal body with first breath, the luminous body is incarnate at the birth of the carnal body. 

Indeterminism, philosophy of: Two brains, each with exclusive frames of reference that exist in an equilibrium state. A resonance between two mutually exclusive frames of mind, by which perpetual motion or eternal energy exists; one, mapping information iocentrically,'I am'; the other, sociocentrically,'We are'; both with its own instincts of survival; each with its own criteria for transcendental metamorphosis; not one or the other…be both. Only with two independently sustained and mutually exclusive frames of mind can a state of eternal energy exist, can perpetual motion be, does the universe exist, eternally.

Inertia: Ego'recessive matter is so preoccupied with itself, so passive within its environment that it moves only when moved, and remains in uniform motion unless otherwise moved; the tendency for one to remain the same until affected by force of experience, by which one is reconfigured, or accelerates and stabilizes or not, within a greater consciousness. The greater one's complexity, the greater is one's matter..the greater is one's inertia.

Infinite patience: The exercise of patience until one undergoes a death and transfiguration, from what one was, to what one has become.

Infinity: When ego senses 'all and everything' bearing down upon it, ego conceives infinity to protect itself; the cause of zero

Information: Creates awareness. Often confused with knowledge.

Information mappingRight and left brain information mapping; each an eye through which to see, enables stereo'vision of reality.


Left Brain

Right Brain


New Testament

Old Testament








innovate upon

create new










identity extremes



info view



info conduction



info processing














non thinking







pathos icon



perception mode






reality extremes



reality perception

absolute, +/- 0

sensual, +/- a

Star Wars



survival tactic












Innocent: Relative only to one's conscience, the absence of feeling guilty..however much one may be held culpable for one's action or inaction. 

Intelligence, general: The ability to achieve and sustain a steady'state relationship with one's environment. 

Intimacy: A night in just sharing a bed with one person can be more intimate than a day of fever'pitched congress in the same bed with another. 

Intimacy, modesty: If nudity is false intimacy, then clothing is false modesty.

Intolerance, religious

Tolerant, non'judgmental, private, personal

Normal, optimal

Intolerant, judgmental, social, mission to convert non'believers by friendly persuasion

Alpha'male or female imperialist

Intolerant, social, mission to convert non'believers and subjugate the rest by force, and maintain believers by force

Militant alpha'male or female gone a'muk

Intoxication: An altered state of mind induced by drugs such as images of one's self, complexities of guilt, or over'bearing fears. See Self Image.

Iocentric: 'I'..'I am'; 'o'..phonetic tool; 'centric'; Biblically, Old Testament, of ‘the lion and the lamb,’ the lion; for information mapping, the individual qualia serves exclusively as the general frame of reference for mapping one's empirical knowledge in terms of who one is, as an individual; associated with the right brain and functions as one's individualistic ego. See Sociocentric

Irony: A result, effect, or state of affairs opposite than what was expected. Ironies are torsions between two mutually exclusive frames of reference that serve as road signs to insight. For example, by acknowledging, accepting, and embracing creaturehood, one transcends creaturehood and distinguishes themselves from all other creatures.

JHVH: A tetragrammaton of consonants used as a tool to demonstrate that JHVH is not a word, concept or idea, nor any supernatural being. Attempting to comprehend JHVH, or God, is like trying to conceive of the infinite in terms of the finite, or the finite in terms of the infinite. Therefore, JHVH inspires atonement, and to atone, one must be both simultaneously, the infinite and the finite. A state of at'one'ment with all power, all knowledge, all places, and all nescience achieves a state of peace or grace, however long or short, with the universe, as a child continuously does. 

Judgmental: One who devaluates or supervaluates another into a conceptual construct with fixed and limited attributes that may or may not reflect the reality of that person.

Knowledge: What is learned from experience; what is not, is of a lesser emotional order, or information. What is of greater emotional order is wisdom, gained from extensive experience. Only by chance or what may have come by information, with ease, even pleasure, or at a cost, cheap or expensive, even very expensive, or by pain, slight or searing, or even by a near death experience will knowledge be gained.

Learning, principle of: Success confirms; failure teaches. 

Liberalism: Often confused with socialism. The term “liberalism” is not an economic term, but rather a psychological term, meaning “open minded.” To appeal to the masses, the term “liberalism” was hijacked by the socialist movement. Liberalism is a doctrine of diversity that requires tolerance of diversity on the part of individuals in a diverse society. Liberalism cuts across all political parties because it defines itself in terms of inalienable rights. The U.S. Constitution, designed to avert big government socialism, is the most liberal document ever written and ratified by a state in the history of civilization. See Socialism.

Life: Simplicity in nothingness is equally stationed with complexity ad infinitum between which, life is a fleeting moment in eternity, yet the opportunity to experience many of them.  

Lifestyle: Less in what one does, than how one negotiates and conducts their relationships.

Light: A state of consciousness. 

Logic: Everyone is perfectly logical; we differ only in assumption..what is conscious..what is not; what is more relevant or traditional..what is not; given this, analysis of logic is analysis of assumption, where the wrong one can be in one's backyard, and the right one, on an alien planet. See Illogic.

Losers: Do not know what they value until they lose it.

Love, unrequited : Poison to the proud; a muse for the wise.

Lovers: Greater intimacy requires greater communication, without which the lover with only hope is the fool, and the beloved's reticence is the sin. Even in this way, does love also serve, fools and sinners.

Luminous body: Made of aggregated photons, which assumes the form of a carnal body after it incarnates

Magic: When something sensational is experienced beyond one's knowledge or understanding. All Zodiac signs are true for everyone, which is why any one of them is true for one. If one does not know this, then magic and astrological belief. 

Marriage: Exists beyond words; therefore, anyone who can be talked into it, is a fool; anyone who can be talked out of it, is lucky. 

Marriage boundaries: Man and woman, too much in love, too attached, children become neglected; man and woman too detached, too far apart, children become neglected.

Matter:  All is one state of consciousness or another and therefore would reveal itself more by communication, than by experimentation. 

Metaphysics (met'e-fiz'iks): The study and mapping of belief systems, which does not require logic, but rather, an interest in them, after which formal logic may be applied to reveal the congruencies, incongruencies, and eccentricities or character of what was mapped.

Metaphysical principle: Mind and matter are separated by limited means of communication.

Monotheism, polytheism: Attendant with beliefs of 'good and evil,' breeds insensitivity to everything except itself. 

Morality: Comes last, not first, in that, it cannot be taught, only inspired; cannot be imposed, only adopted.

Mythogenesis: The inability to allow a coincidence to be trivialized. To the proportion of self'esteem one holds for themselves, one is given to myth or to mytholize.

Mystic vs. Scientist: A mystic does not believe in coincidence; a scientist does.

Nakedness: A tradition of clothing nakedness creates traditions of occult hearts over which, wolves may dress in impeccable suits, as easily as the righteous in old rags.

Narcissism: Angry when given no attention, and when given, ignores it.

Negative capability: ~from John Keats. The capability of living with a mystery without having to reach for some rationalization or myth. Without this capability, the deeper the mystery, the more powerful becomes the myth, or the more nested becomes the rationalization. 

Nirvana: In order to get to nirvana, one must set aside desire. Is there anyone in nirvana that feels alive?

Non'thing: Consciousness of zero and infinity, from which all things spring.

Occult principle: Given the Pauli Exclusion Principle, everything can be experienced and known except one's self. 

Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny: As ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, developments of the luminous body in previous lifetimes are repeated in the current incarnation. They are re'experienced until the luminous body fully reincarnates, after which a sense of mortality is felt, and the prospect of new developments, if necessary. 

Opinion: The more blunt and unfocused an opinion is, the louder becomes its voice.

Organism: High tech.

Paganism: Anthropocentric divinity, wherein humankind, having consumed the fruit of the tree of good and conceptions of evil, has assumed divinity, and presumed overlord authority to judge and condemn, as necessary; describes JHVH as omnipotent, omnipotent, and contrast to pantheism, which describes JHVH as all'power, all'places, all'knowledge, and all'ignorance. See Atonement, Godhead

Pantheism: The default position for one who has failed to decide where the divine is, and where it is not. See Pantheism.

Panvitalism: Pan'vital'ism, n.; pan: all, 'is' implicit; vita, vital: life or alive; -ism: doctrine, system, or theory; panvitalism, or the belief that everything  is alive.  'Panvitalism' is the default position for one who has failed to decide what is alive and what is not. ~term suggested by Andrew C. Millard. 

Pareidolia: Perhaps the most important notion in psychology, though defined as pathos. Perhaps the most important word in the English language, though unfamiliar and difficult to pronounce. Perhaps the most important idea in science, though difficult to test. Implies that what one imagines from vague stimuli or sparing information can be as real or even more real than what exists without imagination.

Pathos: Noun. Pathological condition that causes suffering or maladies. Pathology is the study of pathos, spiritual and physical. ~from Greek: pathos = suffering, malady. Literally "what befalls one."

Patience: A measure used for passionate sense, and compassionate sensibility.

Patience, infinite: Infinite patience effects a death and transfiguration. 

Patronizing: A compliment with an agenda.

Peacock theorem: Among unwitting creatures, the greater the ego, the greater the stature, and upon mixing with its own kind, the greater the popularity and choice as leader. [proof] Given panvitalism, let ego equal a rock, and a large rock is a large ego. Shake the ground of mixed sizes of rocks, and the rocks will sort themselves out, with the largest on top.

Perception, principle of: One perceives initially only in terms of what one already knows; for something new, something must first be sacrificed.

Perceptions: Created from a reality of limited senses, which aggregate into a separate reality. 

Personality'character: Pre'empts analytical intelligence, yet gives meaning to all else.

Philosopher: A philosophy architect and developer. If one is self'aware, one is predisposed with an inherent need or love of wisdom beyond what was inherited in bone to meet the demands of their environment. The time one spends searching for wisdom and developing one's beliefs and its system, subjective or objective, idealistic or empiric, into a world view is the time one is...a philosopher.  See Academic intellectual.

Philosopher's Stone: A philosopher's stone within a world we know not of, transforms common metal into precious gold; within a world we do know, transmutes liabilities into assets..for the philosopher's stone and its sentiments, the sun and moon, the stars, earth, and wind..all that a mountain knows reaching for a cloud, refreshing a tree, have no vanity, pride, nor truth absolutely to live'by..nor envy, lust..greed or hate as fate of feeling...only the knowing of wisdom, and the fear it cradles, while telling a bedtime story. 

Philosophy: “What we cannot speak about, we must pass over in silence.” ~Wittgenstein. Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus”. Therefore, retask philosophy so that philosophers are developers of belief systems, and logicians serve as analysts for them. Granted, a logician will reveal falsehoods of fact, incongruencies, contradictions, inflections, indirections too numerous to count, and truisms approximate at best, but revelations more interesting than what would be passed over in silence, and what would be passed over in silence, would not preclude the following:
Metaphysics: The nature of reality; everything is made of photons, which spring from the fundamental element, zero'infinity consciousness.
Ontology: The nature of being; everything is alive; everything is one state of consciousness or another.
Epistemology: The nature of knowledge; how we know; in absolute values +/- zero, and in sensual values +/- a.
Semantics: The greater the context of a word, the greater is its resolution, and if the context is infinite, a world becomes infinitely resolved, and once infinitely resolved, a word become alive.

Phoenix: Metaphor for the creative process. With enlightenments, one dies and burns, and from the ashes of each, emerges with new feathers. 

Photon: Created by the isolation of the fundamental element, zero'infinity consciousness; in isolation, only speed can serve as diversion from it. With speed, it becomes mass, by which all matter compounds. 

Pleasure, Pain: A zero'sum lifestyle, lest one becomes spoiled by too much of one or the other.

Pleasure principle: Never cut a great sensation short; never beat a pleasure to death.

Politics: Why is common sense so controversial? See Politics.

Power: The strong dominates the weak; the weak is inherent in all. In this way, the universe is fail'safe' that, as power increases, in the same proportion, weaknesses are magnified. Therefore, power does not corrupt; it merely magnifies faults, as well as virtues, already there. See Weakness.

Power, age of











Presidiary: Highest station, authority, or importance. ~from presidium:  "an administrative committee, usually permanent and governmental, acting when its parent body is in recess but exercising full powers." -WNUUD, 1996

Presidiary left brain: A tree, with all the world to see, only in terms of the forest does it ever perceive; in terms of receiving, there is no sensation unless it hurts. 

Presidiary right brain: A snake consuming its own that, with all the world to see, only in terms of itself does it ever perceive; in terms of giving, there is no sensation unless it hurts. 

Privacy: When mutually granted, the binding force of friendship or marriage.

Psychophysical equivalencies:  Psycho'physical equivalencies serve as a two'way bridge...its toll, 'as within, so without.'

Psyco'Physical Equivalencies




Fundamental elements



Belief system



Magnetic field



Raising children: The bronc'd bronc their own, but the gentle'broken gentle break their own for them to acquire as much spirit of their own, as possible.

Randomness: Apparent disorder caused by many opinions of order encountering many other differing opinions. The interference patterns from colliding remotely connected ordered systems. The less remote one ordered system is to another, the more predictable is the relation and its outcome..and therefore, less chaos and more order; chaos is a function of mis'perception and mis'understanding..differing opinions of what order should be, poor communication, and values that disagree.

Rap: Derivation is from 'rapport;' to discuss freely and at length, establishing a rapport in conversation using one's intuitive ideas and challenge belief systems, including one's own, for the purpose of evolving and refining them, to become more insightful and sensitive to one's self and one's environment; or in short, the aerobic conditioning and weight training of one's mind.

Regrets: The means by which remorse repeats itself.

Reincarnation: A process of successive incarnations and dis'incarnations as the luminous body evolves from lifetime to lifetime. 

Relationship, romantic: For those wanting a romantic'construct the significant other's spirit'body in terms of one's values, as the other is able to inspire; relate to that, disregard the rest. Then, do not let the rest spoil the wine, nor the brandy that the romantic images make.

Relationship discussions:  Two discussing their relationship, must first sacrifice having a relationship. 

Relationship matrix: Possible relationship outcomes between person 1 and 2.










Relationship truth table:



Union is













Relativity: One thing  moves only relative to the motion of another thing. Without relativity, no thing moves.

Respect: When respect is demanded, half merits; when it is not, imagination limits. 

Reverence: What one experiences when one loses a sense of one's self; to whatever causes one to lose a sense of one's self, one is reverent, in a state of grace, and experiences eternity. 

Romance: Adventure. 

Satan: No stronger than the authority granted to him by human; no more a supernatural overlord than what has been delegated by human congregation; no more alive than human articles of faith breathing life into him; strongest, only when forgotten who is creator of him.

Sentimentality: "Those were the days." How nice it would be to know in those days, that "those were the days."

Singular event horizon: A regiment of lofty angels is mixed, each with their pyramidal belief system refuge, and each with a sword. Some white, some black, a host of miscellaneous others, all vying for the single eye, progress backwards, imploding from a straight or crooked path into its own singular event horizon. 

Social null space postulate: Social culturalists end with zero; associated individualists begin with zero.

Sociocentric: 'Socio'; 'We are'; 'centric'; Biblically, Old Testament, of ‘the lion and the lamb,’ the lamb; for information mapping, the group to which one belongs serves exclusively as the general frame of reference for all of one's empirical information; associated with the left brain, and functions as one's social ego. See Iocentric

Socialism: The worst form of fascism because it poses itself to be 'for the people.' See wp-Socialism.

Soul: One's luminescent body; the luminous being; one's true self'body constructed from freely associating photons.

Space: The ultimate resolution of outer space is innerspace; the ultimate resolution of innerspace is outer space; and the point where both reach their ultimate resolution is the same. 

Stereo'perception: Spiritual depth perception; the ability to see reality simultaneously from two mutually exclusive frames of reference...sociocentric and iocentric

Strangeness, wierdness: Incomplete perception, in contrast to wierdness, is a result of one's limited senses. Both have similar effects; for the former, senses may be extended and information gathered, but for the latter, an inability to gather beyond sensibilities. Expressing 'strangeness' or 'wierdness' is a dramatization of one's limitations. For the former, research; for the latter, express. Yet, to be, a limitation of sense and sensibility is always inherent; therefore, clarity can only be expressed in the form of a question, or state of confusion, and while the universe can eventually be very well understood, and however small or trivial the strangeness may eventually become, one's sensibility of it endures longer, which is why the universe always feels a little weird, more than a little strange.

Subconscious mind: Has four dimensions.

Imagination: Space, and the greater the space, the more dots that can be connected. If one's freedom is infinite, there will be no limit of dots that can be connected.

Instinct: A faint deer path through the forest that can be seen only by inherited knowledge.

Intuition: A faint deer path through the forest that can be seen only by acquired knowledge from life experiences.

Inspiration: Where the subconscious mind is pressured until light is cast where darkness was before, a death and simultaneous birth has occurred. 

Supraconscious reality: The cognitive reality that the luminous body experiences between successive incarnations.

Survival: Binary, in that, in any situation, one has only two choices...effect action as an iocentric individual, or as a sociocentric member of a group.

Terrorism: An assault by dint of charismatic doomsday imagination, or brunt of blood, bone, and devastation with the intent of over lording by fear for profit, control, or both. For the former, without verification by science, doomsday prophets, current and past, are prophets who profit from terrorism. For the latter, such terrorists are merely alpha'males from the Serengeti plain, in the name of God or not, out for traditional control, incarnate from generation to generation from old world times whose time is coming to an end.

Testing Love: If love is put to the test, passing or failing, love becomes the property of intellect. 

Theosis: The process of making something divine.

Thought: Irony. The key to deeper thought is to not think, which accesses the subconscious mind.

Toleration: Toleration is the key to peace; not “oneness in harmony.”

Trade: Not wise to do the most for the least, nor the least for the most; the former causes unrealistic expectations, and the latter…demoralization.

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil:  To have knowledge of 'good and evil' is to have a conception of evil, which includes an object of evil. And for objects of evil, procedures of retribution are established..without forgiveness, compassion, nor understanding. For objects of evil, there is only hate, judgment, punishment, or execution. Creation has been divided into good and evil, into where god is and where god is not..what God is, what God is not, which requires a station of God to be effected. See 'Tree of Life,' Fruit of the Serpent's Tree.

Tree of Life: If one does not condemn by good and evil, one does not need to forgive. Where the Tree of Life is, is the divine in all that is. 

Truth: Stereo vision with a focus of light that is subjective and objective. Truth without subjectivity is boring; truth without objectivity is maddening. 

Unified field theory, general: Empirically, the only puzzle where one piece must be sacrificed to see the rest; in total, the only puzzle that requires ego to complete. 

Virus: The original life'form? that survives by praying upon its descendents.

Weakness: Developing strength simultaneously develops weakness; one is a complex of both. Weakness is inherent with strength. See Power.

Why anything?: That the universe exists, serves as proof that it eternally exists, and diversion from isolation in perpetuity within an eternal universe, is the cause of why anything or everything exists.

Wisdom: Over the course of one's life, extensive experience of one's knowledge develops one's schema of wisdom; for example, wisdom is knowing when truth should be revealed, if at all. 

Within, without: Within...the ego'dominant reality; without...the ego'recessive reality.

Writer's block: Writers, as artists, do not dream of being a writer. Writers write...a phrase, a sentence, or whatever at its own mercurial pace, but when little earthly ego tasks grand subconscious mind, writer's block results.

Yeshua, Jesus: Essentially, a psychologist, prosecuted and matyr'd, was made into a god to preserve his teachings, but only when de'deified and made human again, shall his vision and teachings be accessible and assimilated. To accept him as a human being, one must accept the divinity in everything; "God is within you and outside you." God is all and everything. 

Zero: Ego's sense of itself after sensing the infinity of 'all and everything' bearing down upon it. Infinity, the cause; zero, the effect. 

Zero'sum lifestyle: Let pleasure and pain balance, lest one becomes spoiled by too much of one or the other.

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