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for June 5, 1996.


I find these images and sound files to be just bovine.

MooCow pattern wallpaper for Windows.
Click here for the Aerosmith Cow udder.(59K)

Click here to see some cows acting like hams.(45K)
Click here to see thenuclear cow.(24K)
Check out this concept of floating holsteins.(32K)
Want to hear a cow wave? click here or for a whole herd click here.
Here's an image of a cow at a computer.
Ever seen a cow skiing??(7K)
A close up cow face.

Check out my Ultimate Farside Cows Collection.
Stranded cow and man.(6K)
See what happens when cows drink.(6K)
Here's one that strayed away from the herd.(5K)
Ever wonder how a cow has fun?(21K)
Download this file and play Cow Wars!


Some of my favorite cow links guaranteed not to be a bum steer.

Cows Caught in the Web
Gateway Users International
Holy Cow! and other stuff
Cow Pie Awards
Cow Gallery
Moo's Place
Virtual Cow Tipping
The Cow Liberation Army
The Black and White Animal Pages
MooCowMoo's Barn on the Net
Marius' Cow Tipping Page
Whole E Cow
Honey Hill Highlands
Cow Poetry
Cow Productions
Laurie Sue - Bovine with an attitude
COWZ, New England's Cattle-Oriented BBS
COWS of Prince Edward Island
C.O.W. - Cattle Offerings Worldwide
Holstein Association of Canada
Tucows - The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Apps
The NetVet on Cows

Well, I guess I've milked this topic enough. If you have any comments, contributions or links you'd like to add to this page, please email me.

This page is dedicated to all my friends on CompuServe's CB Similator Adult Band 1 Channel 7 and the IRC Undernet #ChaosBar&Grill.
Not that I want to single any one person out as an inspiration for this page, but.....MoooooOOooOooHugggsssss, *Rickster*!

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