Modifying K12 barbacks for extra handlebar sweep

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22. The finished barback, ready for the handlebar to be reattached. (torque the big bolt to 20 nm = 177 inch pounds) It looks pretty good- there are some irregularities, but I carefully checked the fit and the handlebar end meshes tightly with the barback. Now my handlebars have the far-forward, swept back configuration that is so useful for long-distance comfort. Plus, the grips now tuck neatly into the fairing's airstream. These barbacks are trick- in only a couple hours' effort I've greatly improved the K1200GT's usefulness as an all-weather combat touring bike.

Disclaimer: this is how I did it, proceed at your own risk. Obviously anything you do to your bike could potentially cause hazardous conditions. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

(Just don't ask me to make a set of barbacks for you- if you want somebody else to do it, these instructions should tell any competent machinist what to do. Expect to pay them extra hours effort for a nice clean job.)