Suzuki RE5 Rotary Motorcycles

About the RE5 mailing list

The RE5 mailing list is a community of rotary motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world, who share their experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the RE5.

RE5 Mailing List Archive Forum

This archive of correspondance from the RE5 mailing list provides invaluable information on the care and feeding of the world's most esoteric motorcycle.

New! RE5 Restoration Documented Step by Step!

Jess Stockwell shares 68 photographs documenting every detail of his restoration of a 1976 RE5A.

RE5 Picture Gallery

RE5's belonging to members of the RE5 mailing list.

RE5 Tuning Procedures
(Service Bulletin RE9)

This vital mid-75 update provides the most current tuning procedures for the RE5 rotary engine.

Table of Contents for RE5 Service Bulletins

Shows the subjects of the other service bulletins. Everything from oil choice to delivery details. Note the really important one is RE9, above.

RE5 Tech Topics

Technical information from the RE5 mailing list.

RE5 Restoration

Paul Wilcox's step-by-step restoration of a 76 RE5A.