Presentations Mike Blaszczak has Delivered

This is a list, in roughly reverse-chronological order, of presentations that I've done over the years. These are only talks I've done at big-ticket conferences: the list doesn't include presentations made to users' groups (where I often test out new speeches and tune older ones) or classes which I have taught.

WinDev West 1999, San Jose, California (September, 1999).

WinDev East 1999, Cambridge, Massachusetts (June, 1999).

Teched '99, Dallas, Texas (May, 1999).

Visual C++ 1999 in Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (January, 1999)

The 2nd Visual C++ Developers Conference in Japan, Yokohama, Japan. (December, 1998).

Visual C++ Developer's Conference V, Palm Springs, California. (November, 1998).

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, Denver, Colorado, (October, 1998).

WinDev West 1998, San Jose, California, (September, 1998).

Microsoft TechEd 98, New Orleans, Louisiana, (June, 1998).

Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, San Diego, California, (September, 1997).

WinDev West 1997, San Jose, California, (September, 1997).

Visual C++ Developers Conference, Anaheim, California, (September, 1997).

Microsoft TechEd, Orlando, Florida (May, 1997).

Visual C++ Developers Conference, Orlando, Florida (March, 1997).

WinDev 1996, San Jose, California (October, 1996).

WinDev 1996, Cambridge, Massachusetts (June, 1996).

Microsoft Tech Ed, Los Angeles, California (April, 1996).

Microsoft Internet Professional Developers Conference, San Francisco, California (March, 1996).

WinDev 1995, Santa Clara, California (October, 1995).

WinDev 1995, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts (June, 1995).

Microsoft TechEd, New Orleans, Louisiana (March, 1995).

Software Development (East), Washington, D.C. (October, 1994).

WinDev 1994, San Jose, California (October, 1994).

WinDev 1994, Boston, Massachusetts (June, 1994).

Microsoft TechEd, New Orleans, Louisiana (March, 1994).

Microsoft TechEd, Orlando, Florida (March, 1993).

Pen Computing Conference, San Francisco, California (January, 1993).

Microsoft Sales Conference, Hartford, Connecticut and Boston, Massachusetts (April, 1992).

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Last modified on 20 September, 1999.