Virigina to Washington State in 1995

After a bad wreck and a lot of long, hard thinking, I decided to buy another motorcycle. I read lots of magaznies and talked to a few friends and took a couple of joy rides and ended up settling on the Honda VFR-750F. This bike is very sporty but, more importantly, well-balanced.

I visited several Honda dealers in the Seattle area in March and April of 1995, and ended up getting the shim-sham from nearly all of them. They'd say that the bike sells incredibly well and that Honda only gives them a few each year, and all of their allotment had been spoken for. One dealer even accused me of not being serious—I guess, because I wasn't walking in to plunk down a cheque for whatever he asked for right at that minute.

I stumbled into University Honda and assumed the worst: there were no VFR's on the floor, so I started whining. A salesman (who, as it turns out, was actually the owner) came over, and said that he had dozens. There were four in the back, one just being picked up and one just being uncreated to get set up. We negotiated a little, and then I popped the question: I wanted to buy the bike here and have it delivered to my brother's place in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Things got a little wobbly, but we struck a deal. I put a bunch of money down and stopped by a couple of times later with the balance. I bought a plane ticket. After two long months of waiting, I was finally ready: it was time to fly east to pick up my new bike and ride it back to Washington. Here's detailed accounts of what happened on each day of the trip:

Date Start City Stop City Mileage
Friday, June 23, 1995 Seattle, Washington Virginia Beach, Virginia (flown)
Saturday, June 24, 1995 Virginia Beach, Virginia Henderson, North Carolina 217.0
Sunday, June 25, 1995 Henderson, North Carolina Gainesville, Georgia 401.0
Monday, June 26, 1995 Gainesville, Georgia Gadsden, Alabama 204.0
Tuesday, June 27, 1995 Gadsden, Alabama Clarksdale, Mississippi 362.4
Wednesday, June 28, 1995 Clarksdale, Mississippi Texarkana, Texas 274.4
Thursday, June 29, 1995 Texarkana, Texas Wichita Falls, Texas 309.1
Friday, June 30, 1995 Wichita Falls, Texas Tucumcari, New Mexico 344.8
Saturday, July 1, 1995 Tucumcari, New Mexico Tuba City, Arizona 591.5
Sunday, July 2, 1995 Tuba City, Arizona Las Vegas, Nevada 394.4
Monday, July 3, 1995 Las Vegas, Nevada Orem, Utah 408.9
Tuesday, July 4, 1995 Orem, Utah Boisie, Idaho 395.1
Wednesday, July 5, 1995 Boisie, Idaho Bellevue, Washington 517.3

Some of the days don't have jumps because I'm not done transcribing my notes yet.

These are transcriptions of my real journal entries. I did not bring a computer with me: my vacation was to get away from computers. I'm not a nerd, and I'm not really that important anyway: there's no reason to for you to see what the view would be from the top of my front fender every five minutes of the day. My journal entries often contain personal reflection and sensitive insights. When I've felt uncomfortable with their content, I've edited them before posting them here. What's here is still the work of my own two hands, so please treat it (and me) with respect.

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