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I ride my motorcycle all over creation. Everwhere: I mean it. The United States offers an incredibly diverse landscape, and I mean to see it all before I die. More importantly, I like dragging my own bad self across the whole place to meet people who I'd never otherwise run into. You have to go far away from where you are to get a different perspective, I think, and that makes you different even after you come back to where you started. I'm going to divide the United States into 525-mile little strips and ride one every day for the rest of my life.

While I'm riding (or, for a couple of the trips, driving) I keep a journal. I like to write down what I think and feel as I travel the coutnry. Sometimes, the stories aren't that interesting. Sometimes, they're funny as hell. Sometimes, they're even more than a little embarrassing. They're always very cathartic and soothing for me. Whether you read these pages just to pass time, or for help in planning your own trip, or to see what I think of this big huge show, I hope you enjoy them.

If you don't like words, you can look at the pictures I took.


I've taken several substantial motorcycle which you can read about here: While I've ridden a long way, sometimes in a very short time, I'm not yet where I want to go. I still haven't ridden in all 50 states, and I'm still not an official member of the The Iron Butt Association. I've only driven one long trip in my car: Traveling's fun, no matter how I do it. I'll keep adding trip reports here as they happen!


I've also taken a few other, shorter trips which I think are worth documenting because they're either great rides or changed my life somehow: I'll keep updating these as I find better ones or do them again. If you only have time to read a couple, please read the Mount Saint Helens reports.
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Last modified on 1 June, 1999