In the middle of Kansas, just north of where US-34 is about halfway through its route across the state, there's a small park with a monument indicating that the geographic center of the United States is very nearby.

Since I've ridden to all the four corners, the notion of being at the center of the United States thrilled me. While the true center is about four miles off the highway, I couldn't find it—I rode around for almost half an hour hoping to see it.

The sign says:

Kansas Historical Marker

The Geographic Center

"In a park three miles north and one mile west is the exact geographic center of the 48 continuous states. The location has been officially established by the U.S. Geological Survey. It is the point where a plane map of the 48 states would balance if it were of uniform thickness. Transcontinental highway mileages are:", and proceeds to list the milages to various cities.
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Last modified on 3 September, 1998.