Pictures of Stuff

I know a little bit about cameras, and I know even less about photographic scanners. I don't know anything about computers, but I can guess my way through most of that. These pictures are all JPG files, and are all less than fifty kilobytes in size (unless I've noted otherwise).

You'll find links to some of these embedded in my trip reports and elsewhere on my pages, but they're here in one place in case you don't like the way I write and just want to flip through the pictures.

Sorry, all of the pictures are decidedly G-Rated. Maybe, if there's enough interest, I'll take a picture of my soft white ass and post it here.

Four-Corners Trip Pictures

Cross-Country Pictures

State by State!

Olympic Penninsula

Mount Saint Helens Pictures

Pictures of My Ugly Self (and My Friends)

Other People's Pictures

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Last modified on 12 April, 1999.