Mike B.'s Computer Collection

I use a varaiety of PC's every day. Back when I worked in the Visual C++ group, I had a stack of machines--including a DEC Alpha. Now, I just have a couple:

My machines at work have boring names because other people need to see what I'm doing.

The Microsoft-supplied machine, \\MIKEBLAS2 is my main development rig. I've got it hooked to a NEC MultiSync P1250+; it's got a 9-gig Seagate SCSI drive and 128 megabytes of memory. The Dell is pretty reliable; I like it a lot better than the previous Precision workstation that I had.

I built \\MIKEBLAS3 and brought it in because I needed a machine to use as a server for hacking around. The box runs Windows 2000 Server, and has Internet Information Server and SQL Server 7.0 installed. This machine also runs my at-work webcam.

All of my machines run the RC564 client all day; it's the right thing to do.

After twenty-four consecutive quarters of growth, Microsoft still hasn't bought a laptop for me. So, I bought my own--it's a Satellite 4080XCDT. It's really swell--it's lighter than my old Tecra 740CDT, and far more stable than the IBM Thinkpad 755CX that I got rid of a couple of years ago.

At home, my secondary development machine is a Micron Millennia Pro Plus 200, which is a 200 MHz Pentium Pro system. This machine is named \\MOOSEBOY. It's kitted out with:

\\MOOSEBOY dual-boots Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 Workstation. The network card links it with a stack of other machines, and the little network I have at home is connected to ADSL.

My primary development machine is \\MIKEBLAS1. It's a Gateway 2000 box with a 400 MHz Pentium II processor and 128 megs of mekmory. I run a Matrox Mellinium 2 with 8 megs of memory and an 3D Labs AGP graphics card. This machine runs Windows 98 exclusively, and I occassionally use it to play some games. But the real blast is dual-monitor support. I'm running two 21-inch screens (a ViewSonic P-810 and a Sony 5gfe), and it's just paradise.

The main server on the network boots Windows NT 4.0 Server, and runs Internet Information Server 3.0. (It runs it just for my testing and hacking, not for anything that the general unwashed public can play with.) It's got SQL Server 7.0, too. The hardware is a Gateway 2000 P5-90XL named \\MIKEBLAS7. It used to be a Pentium 90, but I've put in a Pentium 200 Overdrive chip. The box also has:

I used to have a 486/66 at home, but I tore it apart when I recently bought a Pentium-133 system. I pulled out most of the parts and rebuilt the machine, and it's in great shape. It's running a Matrox Millenium II card, and a crummy Gateway 2000 monitor. This box is \\MOOSEBOY2, and I use it exclusively for EMAIL.

I print everything on a squeaky little Hewlett-Packard LaserJet IIIp printer. \\MOOSEBOY2 owns this device, so it's on my little network at home as \\MOOSEBOY2\SQUEAK. It has five megs of memory. I'd like to find a high-capacity paper tray for it, but Hewlett-Packard can't get me one.

There's also a little 166 MHz Pentium MMX box there, which doesn't do much. I've just built a 400 MHz Cyrix machine, too. It's got a big old Western Digital 12 gig IDE drive and a Yamaha CD Burner. I use it to cut CDs for backup and build custom mixed CDs for the changers in my cars.

If I can buy all of this stuff for my own bad self at home, why are you letting your boss make you develop software on some piece of junk?

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Last modified on 13 May, 1999