Books and Articles by Mike Blaszczak

"Understanding Placement New and Exceptions." This 2400-word piece for the December, 1998 issue of Visual C++ Developer Journal examined the new ANSI-compliant support in Visual C++ for placement syntax operator new and operator delete, and their relationship with C++ language exceptions.

"Introducing Visual C++ 6.0." Another piece for Visual C++ Developer journal, this September, 1998 article discussed key new features in the latest release of Microsoft's flagship development tool. Approximately 3200 words in length.

Wrote "Stunt Debugging: Understanding Debug Builds" for Pinnacle Publishing's Visual C++ Developer journal. This two-part series, totalling 7000 words, published in December of 1997 and January of 1998, examined the details of debug builds in the Visual C++ environment. The article focused on the techniques applicable to modifying and utilizing debug-specific settings in the compilation of applications.

Published "Stunt Debugging: Using Call Stacks " in Pinnacle Publishing's Visual C++ Developer journal. This article examined the use of the CPU stack in the execution of a Win32-based application, and discussed tips for using the Call Stack window in the Visual C++ integrated debugger to gain insight into various failure causes. This article, with a July, 1997 cover date, was over 3700 words in length.

Authored "Professional MFC Programming with Visual C++ 5 " the re-titled third edition of "Win32 Programming with Visual C++". Published by Wrox Press, Limited, in July of 1997. This book features two new chapters, a rewritten chapter, and extensive edits and updates. The books contains over 275,000 words, features a CD of sample programs, and totals over 1000 pages.

Wrote "Stunt Debugging: Understanding the Debugger" for Pinnacle Publishing's Visual C++ Developer journal. This article explained, at a high-level, the way the debugger, the operating system, and the application under test interact in the Win32 environment. Aimed at a developer interested in advanced debugging techniques, the article totaled approximately 3500 words.

Wrote "The Revolutionary Guide to MFC 4 Programming with Visual C++", the re-titled second edition of "Win32 Programming with Visual C++". Published by Wrox Press, Limited, in June of 1996, this book featured two new chapters, two completely rewritten chapters and extensive edits. Over 250,000 words in approximately 850 pages. This work has been translated to Japanese.

Wrote an article on writing ISAPI extensions for Microsoft Internet Information Server in Microsoft Systems Journal's May, 1996 issue. This piece contained approximately 6500 words and included two complete samples.

Wrote "The Revolutionary Guide to Win32 Programming With Visual C++" for Wrox Press, Limited. A total of 900 pages and approximately 230,000 words. This book sold its first print run of over 14000 copies and was a best-seller in its genre for two months in late 1995. The title was published in April, 1995.

Wrote an article on developing OLE Control containers (without MFC support) for Microsoft Systems Journal. Published in the April, 1995 issue of the magazine, this article included a sample application and was almost 10000 words in length.

Developed four chapters for Microsoft Press' "Running Windows NT", released in November, 1993. Contribution of over 10000 words.

Developed one chapter for Que's "Killer Windows Tricks", released in December, 1992. Contribution approached 3000 words.

Developed six chapters for Que's "Tuning Windows 3.1", released in November, 1992. Total contribution approached 20,000 words. This work has been translated to Portugese.

"Standard Power Windows 486/33: Top-Notch Windows Horsepower", Computer Buying World (June, 1992). A hardware review of a machine billed as "optimally preconfigured for Windows". A 750-word piece.

Wrote "Untouchable 1.0", Computer Buying World (April, 1992). This 750-word review treated an innovative virus-protection package.

"Hard Disk Help", Computer Buying World (December, 1991). A 2500-word piece comparing the features and examining the uses of major hard disk utilities for IBM PC's running MS-DOS.

"Borland C++ 2.0: Watch out, Microsoft C", Computer Buying World (October, 1991). Reviews Borland's C++ compiler in 750 words.

Wrote "PC Tools 7.0: A Well-Rounded Utility Package", Computer Buying World (August, 1991). This piece was a 750-word review of Central Point Software's PC Tools package.

"Norton Utilities 5.0: A Hard-disk Helper", Computer Buying World (June, 1991). This 750-word piece reviewed the industry's leading hard-disk utilities package.

Wrote "A Disassembler for The Curious", Byte Magazine (March, 1990). A 750-word review of a disassembler for use with MS-DOS programs.

Wrote "Quick C Smoothes Quick Assembler Programming", Byte Magazine (November, 1989). A 750-word review of the Microsoft QuickC Compiler with QuickAssembler.

Wrote "Three Assemblers for MS-DOS", Byte Magazine (February, 1989). A 2500-word comparison review of the three leading macro assemblers for MS-DOS.

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