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I'm a Software Design Engineer in Microsoft's SQL Server Business Unit. I'm responsible for a bunch of different development tasks in the group, but I'm working right now on SQL Server's Data Transformation Service and some related tools. I joined the SQL Server team after eighteen months in Microsoft's Hardware group and more than five years in Languages Business Unit. There, I worked on MFC and its related tools.

No matter where I'm working, I add value to my team by thinking of new patterns of ones and zeroes for our product's binary images. All developers do this, really, but I'm one of the best. Last week, I came up with the sequence 00100100111010111010111. According to my manager, nobody else on the team previously thought of using this same sequence.

You can use this page to learn about me (for whatever reason you'd want to do that) and the things I've written, or you can browse through it to find cool jumps to other things you might not have found elsewhere. That is, rather than just being the typical vanity page, this really isn't a bad place to start surfing (for whatever reason you'd want to do that).

Since I'm working hard to get balance in my life, you might not see me in the places you used to. That includes the MFC Mailing List, Experts Exchange, and the various comp.os.windows newsgroups on Usenet. In keeping with that interest in balance, I've divided the stuff on my webpage into things that relate to my professional and my private life.


I'm still working to get some software written for my new web camera. You can see a teaser that shows off the new, high-res colour pictures I'll soon be posting. Hopefully, it'll only be a little while longer before I can find the time to get the software hooked-up.

Personal Stuff

Kuba Szmigielski was the person kind enough to send an authentic Polish pronunciation, by the way.

Professional Stuff

"I catnap now and then ... but I think while I nap,
so it's not a waste of time." — Martha Stewart

Some of the topics discussed on these pages aren't pleasant: if you're easily offended by the sick little things that sometimes happen in real life, maybe you shouldn't read these pages. Sometimes I cuss. Sometimes, I even sneeze while my head is helplessly strapped inside of my motorcycle helmet.

These web pages were created by me, Mike Blaszczak—they do not reflect the policy or opinions of Microsoft Corporation. The products and services and beers mentioned on these pages are for reference only. No endorsement or recommendation is implied. I am not affiliated with the Orlando Police, the Hartford Whalers, Honda Motor Corporation, Wendy's, or Madonna.

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