Linda Waterfall
Compositions and Sheet Music 

To order sheet music for any of Linda's compositions, please send her an email.

Fables de Jean de la Fontaine choral, SATB, acapella
Six fables by Jean de la Fontaine, in French, acapella, ranging from medium to difficult. Originally composed for the Seattle Arts Commission's Original Works Program, and first performed by the Seattle Chamber Singers under the direction of George Shangrow.
A Dream is a Gift choral, SATB, piano and percussion accompaniment
Three movements, lyrics by Linda Waterfall, (in English) of easy to moderate in difficulty. The subject matter is mysticism in relation to nature, using a lot of nature imagery. Originally composed for the Seattle Arts Commission's Original Works Program, and first performed by the Seattle Chamber Singers under the direction of George Shangrow. 
 Going to the Water choral, for female voices, piano accompaniment
Originally recorded on Body English, more fully arranged choral parts than the album version. Performed by the Seattle Women's Ensemble, 1992. It's Getting Closer to Me (from Body English) is also available in this format.
So Much Love choral, SATB, guitar, electric bass and harp accompaniment
Approximately ten minutes in length, a piece in two sections with continuous segue. Easy to moderate in difficulty. The text is partly quotations from the New Testament, and partly original lyrics by Linda Waterfall. The subject matter is Christ, His aspect as non-violent, conscientious objector and His loving, passive resistance of political evil and aggression. First commissioned and performed by the Western Washington University Choir under the direction of Dr. Robert Scandrett, 1990.
Tree choral, available SATB or female voices, acapella
Written by Linda Waterfall in collaboration with Maple Elementary School Fifth Graders in 1989, as part of a Seattle Arts Commission/Washington State Arts Commission arts-education grant. First recorded on Flying Time. Moderately easy to read and perform.
Leaves of Grass, for mezzo-soprano and piano
Six pieces, lyrics from  Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, music by Linda Waterfall, ranging from easy to difficult. One of the pieces, the first to be composed, appears on the Body English recording. Four other pieces appear on the In the Presence of the Light album.  All six pieces were composed for the Seattle Arts Commission Original Works Program, first performed by Julie Mirel, with accompanist Bern Herbolsheimer, in 1993.
Guang, for acapella SATB choir
Premiered by the Esoterics, Eric Banks, conductor,  in March 2001.  The piece is approximately five minutes in length.  Howard Xie and Linda Waterfall collaborated on the text, a 4-line poem in a traditional Chinese form.  ("Guang" means "light")
Bear Witness of the Light, for SATB choir, piano, bass and drums
Commissioned and premiered March 2002 by Seattle's  University Congregational Choir, Dr. Robert Scandrett, conductor.  The text is taken primarily from the gospel of Matthew and John, on the subject of Easter morning, with some additional words by the composer.  The style of the piece is a hybrid of classical choral and modern gospel.
That Art Thou: Songs from the Vedas, for SATB choir, timpani, percussion and electric piano
Text from the Rig Veda and the Upanishads, sung in lyric English translation.  Premiered June 2002 by the University of Washington Chamber Singers, Geoffrey Boers, conductor.  Written for a Seattle Arts Commission grant, the 5-movement piece is approximately 35 minutes in length.  The structure is classical in many ways, but the ethnic folk, jazz and popular influences of Waterfall's composing style can be heard throughout the piece, especially in the prominence of the timpani and percussion.
Songs from the Dao De Jing, for SATB choir, piano, percussion and erhu
Five sections from Lao Tzu’s Dao De Jing, the foundational document for the Taoist faith.  The text is approximately half in Chinese, half in English.  Premiered March 2005 by The Evergreen Singers at The Evergreen State College, Marla Elliott, conductor.  Written for a King County 4Culture grant, this 5 movement piece is roughly 20 minutes in length.  In contrast to That Art Thou, this composition is more folk-influenced, following a slightly expanded song form, with brief passages of choral development, and not as demanding vocally.   Recordings of each part, to guide pronunciation and learn the notes, are available along with the score.
Waves, for mezzo-soprano with piano accompaniment
Transcription of the performance on Body English, available now in sheet music.
Reception, for SATB with piano accompaniment
A choral arrangement of this song from the CD In The Presence of the Light
Away Ye Merry Lassies, for female voices with guitar accompaniment
The guitar and vocal arrangement of this Georje Holper song from the CD Flying Time
Song Like a Roar, for SATB choir with piano accompaniment
The original text by Linda Waterfall begins "Song like a roar, of all the voices that ever were, from long before the day they are remembered in our written word": A poetic chronicle of human experience from prehistory to the present,  including love, family, struggle, spirituality, evolution, migration. Level of difficulty for a choir: well-trained beginner or early intermediate. This piece was performed by The Evergreen Singers at the Graduation Ceremony of The Evergreen State College, June 2006.   

You and I Are Waitingfor SATB choir, acapella
This song about peace and justice first appeared as a solo piece on Linda's Body English recording.  This new arrangement is moderately easy to read and perform; the vocal ranges are well within reach of most singers (no unusually high or low notes.)

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