Lake Washington Hydroplane Winners

The PICO's boat won in 1997 despite actually sinking to the bottom of Lake Washington after being towed to the pits following a collision on the course.

The unlimited hydroplanes victorious on Lake Washington since 1951 (we hope to sample in audio clips soon):

1951 Slo-mo-shun V
1952 Slo-mo-shun IV
1953 Slo-mo-shun IV
1954 Slo-mo-shun V
1955 Gale V
1956 Shanty I
1957 Miss Thriftway
1958 Hawaii Kai III
1959 Maverick
1960 Miss Thriftway
1961 Miss Bardahl
1962 Miss Century 21
1963 Tahoe Miss
1964 Miss Bardahl
1965 Miss Bardahl
1966 My Gypsy
1967 Miss Bardahl
1968 Miss U.S.
1969 Miss Budweiser
1970 Miss Budweiser
1971 Pride of Pay 'N Pak
1972 Atlas Van Lines
1973 Pay 'N Pak
1974 Pay 'N Pak
1975 Pay 'N Pak
1976 Miss Budweiser
1977 Atlas Van Lines
1978 Atlas Van Lines
1979 Atlas Van Lines
1980 Atlas Van Lines
1981 Miss Budweiser
1982 Atlas Van Lines
1983 Miss Budweiser
1984 Miss Budweiser
1985 Miller American
1986 Miller American
1987 Miss Budweiser
1988 Miss Budweiser
1989 Miss Circus Circus
1990 Miss Circus Circus
1991 Miss Budweiser
1992 Tide
1993 Miss Budweiser
1994 PICO's American Dream
1995 Miss Budweiser
1996 PICO's American Dream
1997 PICO's American Dream

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To a saintly man

--So goes an Arab tale--

God said somewhat maliciously:

"Had I revealed to people

How great a sinner you are,

They could not praise you."

"And I," answered the pious one,

"Had I unveiled to them

How merciful you are,

They would not care for you."

From: A Poem for the End of The Century

Czeslaw Milosz