This utility is intended to help streamline the managing of AFCAD 2.x AFD files for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. The program reads ICAO codes from each addon AFD file installed and provides a straight-forward means of identifying duplicate airports and renaming or deleting these files. The program can also search for AFDs within scenery addons and identify conflicting files across different sceneries. The app will also display facilities details from within each AFD (parking spots, parking codes and runways), giving you more information when deciding which file to keep out of one or more duplicates.

Download: ScanAFD.zip (155 Kb)

*** Update ***

After a long period of inactivity, mostly due to work and family commitments, I've finally been able to put some more time in on the project. The most widely reported problem has been fixed (unable to find Addon Scenery in non-English FS versions), and a beta version containing the fix is now available here.

10/18/04 - Version 1.1 beta 2 released
9/25/04 - Version 1.1 beta released
3/10/04 - Version 1.0 released 2/25/04 - Version 0.61 released 2/05/04 - Version 0.51 released 1/27/04 - First release, version 0.5