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Attitudes & Competencies

Attitudes change with various events in a person's life. These emotional changes also vary in length of time. For example:

Many definitions of competency include attitudes, such as beliefs, values, traits, and motives. But, as shown above, people ride an emotional roller coaster throughout their lifetime, which makes performance a combination of competencies and attitude. Emotions are more than a mood of feeling up or down. . . they include desires, ambitions, traits, etc. that guide our every action.

On the other hand, some would say that competencies fade away over a period of time if they are not used, thus they fall in the same category as attitudes. However, if it is a real competency, then it take an extremely long time for it to weaken. For example, I consider bicycle riding as one as my personal competencies. While serving in the Army, there was a six year period where I never came near a bicycle. Yet, when I returned to riding, I rode as if I never missed a day. A competency is a skill buried deep within you, and it takes an extremely long period for it to weaken significantly or turn into a liability.

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