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NOTE: Unlike the rest of the material on the Big Dog site, the Word documents on this page require payment. These documents are part of a set of "Shareware" training package, which means there will be a fee if you decide to continue to use them. You have a trial period of 30 days to use the material. After the trial period, payment should be made if you decide to continuing using any of the documents.


This package includes two Microsoft Word documents: To download, right click on the document links above. This will bring up a dialog box that will allow you to save the document to your computer. Or you can simply click on it to download it to your web browser and then save it to your hard drive.


1. The cost is $49.00 for organizations and schools. This fee allows you to keep one electronic version (plus backup copies) and print as many copies of each of the two documents as needed by your organization or school (you may NOT give copies to outside sources or organizations). The printed copies may be used in classes, libraries, handouts, references, etc.

2. For individual users (such as a student or for individual study), the fee is $10.00. You may keep one electronic version (plus backup copies) and print one copy of the document for your personal use. The document should be treated as a book. That is, you can pass the printed version on to a friend, but you cannot make a second printed version for someone else unless the appropriate fee is paid.

Payments can be made through Amazon's Paybox

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You may contact the author at DonClark1776@gmail.com if you require additional information or to make special or other payments arrangements for the use of the documents.


Once you have paid the fees, you may download updates for free. On the second page of the documents, below the copyright notice, there is a version number and a date. You may check it with the version number and date above to see if you have the latest version.

Modify the Documents

Additions and deletions may be made to the documents as long as the copyright notice by Donald Clark (shown on the second page of the document) remains somewhere within the first few pages. You may also insert your own copyright notice in the document to cover your works. However, my work remains mine, while your work remains yours. This allows you to customize the documents to fit the needs of your clients and/or organization. However, if you resell the modified work, then I expect to receive a fair share of the profits. Contact the author to obtain permission prior to reselling the modified work.



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