Suddenly there she was, looking at a flower on the window sill.
He quickly ducked behind the corner again so as not to startle her. As 
quietly as he could he peered around the corner to get a good look. 
Long, dark red hair curled and draped it's way down to the back of her 
knees.  He wondered how she could manage to walk if it were wet. She 
wore a short dress made out of suede, lashed at one shoulder and at 
both sides.  It was a crudely made garment, but it seemed to follow and 
accentuate her slender, drawing curves none the less.  To look at her 
face one would scarcely notice any other features for her eyes were such a 
vibrant blue.  He admired her firm, shapely chest for a moment, though it is 
rare to find a female of her type without these perfect breasts as gravity has 
so little affect on beauty of such tiny magnitude.

   Some wandering thoughts went through his head for a moment, and he 
imagined how it could be if  things were different.  But destiny is set, and a 
job is a job. One quick strike with his fly swatter and she fell motionless to 
the ground.

   "Damn fairies," he thought, "ya let 'em get a hold in a place 
and you can never get 'em out!"

   -Bowker 9/25/92