How many chomps does it take for a black lab puppy to chew
through a Xbox controller cable?

Only one.

The cable to one of my Xbox controllers found unhappiness recently. It was the victim of a teething (aren't they always) black lab puppy. One well placed toothed and I was greeted with "Please reconnect controller #1..." My first thought was "Uh, wha?" My second thought was "Where's the dog?" Alas, he was right behind the ottoman...chewing on my controller cable.

It was not that difficult to repair. The cable has several layers, the first being the plastic outer sheath. Under that is a layer of finely woven wire and under that is a layer of rolled foil surrounding the wires.

There are five wires in an Xbox controller cable. One black and one red (I would surmise that these are the positive and negative leads) and three finer wires; one each of white, yellow and green. I didn't dismantle the controller to see where these wires lead.

I took pictures after the fact, next time (Ha!) I'll take pictures during the entire process.

The wires

The wires

The tools

The debris

The result

The end result? A working controller. All functions tested out ok, though I bet the cable is not as sturdy as it used to be.