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Top ten things to rot your brain, 052204 Top Ten reasons why mudding is better than sex, pre-1998 Top Ten reasons why sex is better than mudding, pre-1998

Top ten things to rot your brain

My friend Troy and I came up with this one through several years of hard collaboration and serious testing. Ok ok, it took about 20 minutes.

Oh, yea, Troy's a real idea man...

1 Acids, and bases
2 and 3[Tie] Girls, and Super glue
4 Hit in the head
5 Poisons
6 Utter Nonsense
7 Television
8 Cosmic Rays
9 Video Games
10 Homework
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Ten reasons why mudding is better than sex
1 A computer can't get pregnant
2 You can't catch a computer virus (yet)
3 You can MUD for 24 hours straight
4 When you MUD, you can do it with as many people as you want, sometimes with 20 or 30 people
5 You can (usually) MUD whenever you want
6 A MUD (almost) never says no
7 MUDs don't get jealous when you experiment with other muds
8 If the MUD is no good, you can quit and go someplace else.
9 MUDs get harder as you play
10 A MUD won't ask you to do anything illegal (or dangerous, or disgusting)
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Ten reasons why sex is better than mudding
1 You can't MUD from the backseat of a car (ok, maybe now you can)
2 You can only MUD in one position (unless you are _really_ creative)
3 "Lag" can't kill you. Hurt really bad, maybe
4 You can't tie up a computer
5 Whipped cream and chocolate syrup _really_ screw up a keyboard
6 It doesn't matter if the power goes know what I mean
7 During sex, you don't have to look at your partner(s)
8 Experience in sex doesn't count as points
9 With sex, nothing can erase the experience
10 With sex, you _can_ leave when you say you will
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