Baking Day

It was Bill's birthday party and we borrowed the wood fired mass oven at the bakery down the street. (The Blue Heron Bakery) We invited folks to bring bread dough and other stuff to bake in the oven.


Bill built a fire in the oven and we made lots of sponge, storing it in the fridge so the yeast beasties could go to work..


Back to the bakery early in the morning to build the fire back up. Meanwhile we made bread dough, lots of bread dough!

The proposed cooking list was:
herb slabs
Olive Bread
Garlic and Cheese bread
lamb stew
baked apples
and anything else people brought. We also took potatoes, tomatoes, zuchinni and a delicata squash.

Since the oven is outdoors at the Bakery, we setup the kitchen tarp, tourney tables and a hand washing station (note, if we do this again, get a beverage cooler for the hand washing station instead of a big cooler filled with really hot water.)



Bill made a peel, a mop and some other tools, we grabbed the rake and hoe and we were off.


Pizza and Foccacia breads went in first.


A grand food time was had by all, we are still recovering from the carnage in the kitchen....